I was, or i have installed windows 10 on this tablet, and now i wan na show you how to make micro usb installation. I mean micro, usb installer in this micro usb, and i use this modem to make a micro, usb installation windows installer. I mean – and it has micro hub like like that – and i have to insert this micro usb in here, so i can make a micro usb installer for windows 10 on my old windows. Tablet: okay, let’s sew together, hello, good everybody! Now i will show you how to make a micro usb installer for windows studio on hp, edit path, alt, the old windows tablet with the screen. Okay, we need drive first or we need drive first and iso master iso file. It means like that windows. 10. 32. Bit and then we need and the light set up and then we need to rufus and i have installed it and daylight version. Free version like this and the light wait moment: okay uh: this is a free version, it’s enough for make a new additional drivers on iso file. This is a free version, limited and non conversion. Okay, uh first way or first thing. We have to copy all of files in the iso installation file to to new folder like this. We have to mount here mode and then copy all of them copy here and copy okay, oh no, no copy, ctrl c, and then we go to folder go here here we make a new folder and i name it, and i give name iso.

No, no, like this iso, okay and then pasta, wait moment. You can use your iso file from your cd window, city, installation or installer, or you can get iso files for installer windows 10 from Music official website, and we have to unmold it. First, click, right click and adject and we go to enter light. And here we add windows, image to the list, choose image directory here and then iso file we have copy here; okay, so and then select folder. There are many uh windows files installations; first windows; 10. Pro version blah blah blah and then put set up, put dot w. I m – and we have to add drafers here and here so both here and here we have to add, drive first before a driver. We have a load first click here and then click load and wait for a moment. Click here and then load Music, okay, and we will wait for uh several minutes. Sometimes it needs uh, 10 minutes or 20 minutes. Okay. We will wait first, okay, finish and we go to here. Dry, first click and we we will add some stray first tracers file or directory containing trayforce here and we go to uh here. Try first, okay, try first folder and we have – or we will add some straight first like bios, newbios and bluetooth. Drivers cut reader, does clean and does hd tray for external. This is, then we we will add them into the iso installations windows.

Okay, back, go back and click tray first and select folder error and warnings. Drivers, integration – this pop up is not matter, so we click, ok and then this drive first will at automatically on iso files will uh by applying uh this one. Okay, click apply and then here it will so like this. In the grid tray, first 26 drivers will be installed on new iso files. Okay and then we go to process here. Click and click. Yes, usually it needs several minutes. It depends on your pc and then save change to the to the image these presentations have to sell like this zero percent, one percent super cents up to 100 percent. Okay, wait: okay, 26 drafters was were integrated successfully and then we go to source here and we will add, touchscreen driver on put or set up put dot. Wi m here is number two number one and number two and i use number two and then load. First, click here load and wait again for a moment and okay after microsoft, windows setup was loaded correctly. Then we go to trayforce again here. Click here and click here add for adding new drivers directory containing drivers and then we go to drivers, folder click and then we choose task screen tray first for elite pet here and select folder and Music a play, and then here we’ll integrate one driver. I mean uh touchscreen driver for elephant and then process click here.

Yes, the instigation integration is done and then save change to the image is run. Okay. It depends on your pc specification now. The second integration drafters on windows, uh setup installation, is finish successful and then we go to source again and we click here and here click here and then create iso click here this folder and then create iso here and we go to new folder. I choose make, and here we have a make new folder here for new iso files. New iso, okay click enter and then open, and we have rename. We have to rename it windows 10, 32 bit 32 for hp, l path, g1, okay and then save here – save well windows, 10, 32 bit for hp, elliptic, g1. Okay, we will wait until it’s quiet in your iso file. Okay process is finished and we can close it directly here close and we go to folder um here folder microsd card okay, new iso is here. New iso was created. It was created – okay windows, 10, 32 bit for hp, elitebeat, g1, iso. Okay, so we can use this iso for make a new installer in microsd with microsd card, and then we have next. We have code to the next.