Blackview said this to me at no cost so its free of charge. To me. Thank you much blackvue, just a small disclaimer there. So ive got no idea really about this tablet at all. I havent done any research on it im just going to try using it im, not a big android user. I actually use an apple os so im using a mac computer, iphone us or stuff thats. My ecosystem is apple yeah, its harder to maintain that, with these days with the philosophy, though, anyway, im going to start using this thing im going to use it for a little while and ill come back and dig some more video after actually had some experience with It – and i can then give you some informed opinions rather than estimates so im going to actually try using it and see how it performs for me and see what i think of it in the end check out whatever features i can, it seems to do quite A bit so anyway lets open the box. This one is nice fitting once so, theres tablet we get a usb to usbc cable, a little manual. We have a charger which is i dont know is that us charger? Is it but its a five volt one amp usb charger? So if this isnt the right one for you, you can choose any folder its nothing too special about that. But here we have a little ejection tool which is used for sim cards.

So thats curious. Does this have a 3g system out as well or 4g or 5g, or something so lets have a look english manual tf sim card? Okay? So, yes, it does take a sim card and a transfer styles sd card micro, sd card. You can take two sims or sim in a trans flash, interesting sms and mms messages: okay, thats. What that covers a little quick, getting started, guide, dont forget to click like and subscribe. If you like, review videos, i dont normally do tick videos. I dont really do reviews on products like this are more electronics based. So if you found me because this is a tablet review its surprising hello check out other stuff, it might interest you here we have the actual tablet. This is truffle grey, this one its got. The led and camera back there, its five megapixel camera weve, got a peel thing to do here. Weve got to do a peel. I dont have any music still. I dont have any music for this. Yet hopefully ive got some music but ill edit. This i need to find some nice sort of sexy, peeling music. You know so some notes about usage here. An emergency of low battery state cause pad cannot power on. Please keep the charger connected to the device at least 30 minutes before doing anything. Okay. Here we go im gon na use, my tweezers Music. So i think this things got three gigabytes of ram and 32 gigabytes of rom, which im guessing is just like an sd storage effectively.

So ive got a power button just here on the side and potentially, i think, thats, probably a volume button, its like a double button, so probably is volume dual speakers on the bottom and on the top we have a usbc connector this card slot here and what Looks like a 3.5 millimeter audio jack youve. Seen this apple look apple, see this 3.5 millimeter jacks. You can plug headphones in. So lets start by ejecting this, so theres the tray thats. It sim card thats memory card, so im going to get memory card and put it in it ill put this back up the right way. So when i put it back in doesnt it well, so you guys popped a memory card in that tray there we installed a tray. I dont have a spare sim card or anything to put in this yet, but if i end up liking this, i might go and buy a sim card for it and actually um invest in it a bit more its got. Fingerprints all ive already got terrible. Okay lets pair it up yeah its building up now my lights, arent gon na do see much justice when its booting up ill get your angle a bit better. My help lets see we go. Is it there? We go. English united states lets see what weve got in here. Theres lots of languages in here goes the subcategory. So can i do english new zealand? Yes, i can nice start.

Okay, its mobile network yeah skip that. What about later on kids on the wi fi? Okay, they get the wi fi network, okay, connected to network. Getting tablet ready. Can you feel the suspense? It might take a few minutes whilst youre waiting when you click like and subscribe. So what you want to do is get into the settings of this thing and check the specs inside the setting info. Google account i do have google account lets do it, you can do it back up from an iphone device. Okay, so google sign in okay, well, ive assigned it to my google account thats all done theres a basic initial configuration. I didnt really show you that, because its pretty simple to follow through anyway, i didnt really want to dock myself. So anyway, its working. We have a scrollable screen, lots of apps already built in and also your google play store and stuff on there as well. So it does a lot of usual stuff done down the bottom. There lets go to youtube tubes, whats he doing huge youtubes crashing. Maybe stop talking because it was doing downloads, maybe its doing an update, as i was trying to launch it or something ill, just see it doing, downloads and stuff up top here. It showed it downloading. Updates there we go on the tubes. Very dave is a santa claus. Laughter, hey dave search for me. Just fine lets quickly watch something see how it plays.

Dont forget to click like and subscribe is your first time here. Thats really life is actually to exit swipe down from the top okay thats curious. What were doing wrong all right, so its detected the sd card i found, which is a good thing, its just habit, storage, apps files, media on this tablet – only use for portable storage to transfer files and media between devices, which one should i use yeah im a Bit concerned about it, because i i do want to put files on this – i suppose im going to change him later ill still pause about. Why i couldnt get rotated views, move content, sd card, yeah, sure move content, whatever just use the sd card. Ive done it right thats that done. How do i get out of this stuff? Android setup, a few more steps to finish? Oh great! No skip there ill come back. Okay, there you go theres the information about tablet. Four coil processor display size 800 by 1280. Doesnt say what speed the processor is. I dont have that referenced anywhere didnt. I silas probing around the settings here and theres a direction block im guessing that should be turned off thats, probably where i can rotate in youtube all right. So now ive changed that setting down a little bit lets. Try it again. Weve got one more videos playing hey. There we go alright. Can we do full screen, not that? Yes, we can thats much better awesome.

So its now a week or two later, ive been playing with this a little bit and had some time with it and tried using it and things like that and its actually not a bad little tab, but it seems fast enough. Ive been fairly happy with it. Im still trying to use the whole android operating system and the way it works battery seems like it lasts, a decent amount of time that sort of thing screens good enough. All the rest apps i wanted to use were available and downloadable. You know, because weve got the app store perfectly happy with that. I was able to get this to link with my mac computer, which is my fair fee actually and transfer files between. So i was actually able to do things like put circuit diagrams on here. I could open the program up so circle, diagrams and service manuals are transferred from my computer on here as a pdf, so that works fine. One little thing i did find on here, which i was surprised by i have to say i was actually quite surprised by this – is the camera ramp. It seems fine, but when you do video its maximum resolution is 720p. So if i take it around still 720p so ill, try going to settings here and the only options weve got are 720 and 480, so it doesnt actually do 1080p, which is a bit of a shame. It would have been nice if it did, that i mean 720p is generally pretty good anyway, its not too bad for stuff, but it would have been nice to have 1080p because thats so common these days, lots of devices support that.

To me. That was a little bit of a youtube notification so to me theres a little bit of a letdown. I didnt do the 1080p resolution for video i mean i dont know. Does it really matter, maybe maybe not depends what youre using it for. I think that was like a missed opportunity. There really and you can change. The aspect ratios up here, see there 4×3 16 by 9 aspect ratio for photos. So thank you very much black. If youve seen this team at no cost, ive actually ordered a leather case for this, so you can actually buy accessories for these things on there at express page. So ive already learned the cases, because one thing i did notice that the common trait these days is the camera sticks out slightly all right, so you got the flat back and thats, actually protruding im kind of worried about putting this down and scratching the camera lens Up so ive actually leather case for this, which um hasnt arrived yet but itll be here soon i expect, and that will help to protect the camera aspect of it and ive been pretty happy with it does all the stuff i wanted it to do anyway. I dont have any demands, though, watching a bit of youtube viewing some service manuals. I dont intend to use this to do video or photos really i may do, but i dont intend to maybe, when im working on equipment ill better, do things on it check out the other review, videos and stuff like that and playlist at the end of the Video theres some play just like down there in the corner down here.