If you have the cash to spend the thinkpad l13 yoga generation 3 makes a pretty tempting offer, especially if you need a laptop to double as an office device in a daily driver Music. The laptop reaches great portability status, weighing 1.32 kilograms and having a profile of 17.1 millimeters, despite using an aluminum lid and a plastic reinforced with glass fibers. For the rest, the body is twisty showing poor durability. The lid by itself is rigid and its held by a 360 degree hinge which needs to work over time due to the two in one nature of the laptop. It also doubles as a lever giving the cooling more access to air going down to the base. The keyboard is a traditional thinkpad unit with long key travel, clicky feedback spill resistance and a track point with physical buttons above the touchpad. The pad itself has a mylar cover, but the clicking mechanism gets tougher. The higher you go along it. The sides house the input output, which consists of two full sized usb ports, one of which works even when the notebook is turned off one usb type c: 3.2 generation, 2 port 1, usb 4 port with thunderbolt for support, hdmi 2 3.5 millimeters audio jack sim card Slot and a stylus pen the front has an optional smart card reader, which ups the security tremendously. The panel on the front comes in with a 1610 aspect ratio, a fhd plus resolution and an ips panel.

It is pretty good having a max brightness of nearly 300 nits 99 srgb coverage and amazing accuracy with a delta e value of 0.7, with our design and gaming profile, which you can find in the description below theres. Also zero pwm usage, which we greatly appreciate. The laptop comes with a 46: what hours battery that lasts for 11 hours of web browsing in six hours and 47 minutes of video playback when paired with the core i5 1235. You only two per 100 people watching this video are subscribers. If you decide to just start following us, well be able to reinvest more in our laboratory, thus making even more helpful videos for you. Thank you. Youre awesome, speaking of the core i5. Unfortunately, it doesnt deliver good performance in this case being outperformed by several tiger lake cpus in 3d, rendering, while the processor is faster in photoshop Music, the setup on the inside has a single heat pipe with one fan and one heat sink. The thing doesnt take good care of the core i5 with low clock speeds and high temperatures in prolonged loads being a part of the mix. The base heats up quickly, as well, with the hot spot, reaching 50 degrees. Finally, lets check the upgradability. Unfortunately, the laptop has soldered ram, but due to its portable nature, you should expect such stuff. The storage is accessible through a single m.2 pcie x4 slot, which fits 42 millimeters generation 4 drives. If youre interested in what the tear down process looks like well, have our detailed video down in the description, the thinkpad l13 yoga generation 3 does have a performance deficit offering similar benchmark scores to a lot of last years.

Tiger lake q series devices on the bright side, its stacked with features useful to business users.