The Specter is the only lineup to feature cut out corners. The Specter x36014 is the latest in the family, with Alder Lake hardware and a crisp display. The laptop has a stealthy black chassis, which is entirely made from metal. The edges of the laptop are now curved with a silver line in the middle. The black and silver combo does look quite good, including the HP logo on the lid durability is fantastic as the lid and base provide a lot of flex resistance. The hinges on the lid are quite stiff, as they should be, since they will take their fair share of abuse. It opens with one hand revealing the base there. We can see the input devices. The keyboard has black keycaps with good size, Long Key travel and clicky feedback. The pad is massive and the glass surface is really smooth the accuracy and responsiveness. However, while good werent as good as some of the Specter X, 360 14s competitors, the i o on the Specter – is limited, offering a single 10 gigabit, full sized USB port and an audio jack on the left, along with two Thunderbolt 4 ports and a Micro SD Card slot on the right, interestingly, the Specter x36014 is equipped with a 13.5 inch OLED panel with a 3000 by 2000 P resolution. The panel is excellent for all types of work showing comfortable viewing angles: a peak brightness of 412 nits and full srgb and DC ip3 coverage.

The color accuracy is exceptional as well, thanks to our design and gaming profile, which lowers the Delta e value to 1.5. The display shows pwm usage up to 100 nits, which is easily fixable with our health guard profile. Well, have links to all of our profiles in the description below with a 66 watt hour battery pack and a core i7 1255u inside the laptop lasts for 11 hours and 40 minutes of web browsing or 10 hours and 9 Minutes of video playback, which means youll Be fine for a day without a charger only two per 100 people watching this video are subscribers. If you decide to just start following us, well be able to reinvest more in our laboratory, thus making even more helpful videos for you. Thank you. Youre awesome, the core. I712 55u is great for short, bursts like 2D rendering and image editing with Photoshop. However, in 3D, rendering its nowhere close to the ryzen 76800u from AMD, the cooling setup inside is quite good for a 15 watt chip with three heat pipes and two fans its safe to say that the CPU is working hard, showing 3.03 gigahertz on the P cores. While running at 90 degrees Celsius, Comfort is great, as the two fans cant make that much noise, despite their best efforts. As for the hot spot on the keyboard, it only reaches 36 5 degrees Celsius, which is more than comfortable upgradeability isnt. That good, which is fine.

Considering the small stature of the laptop, you can outfit the laptop with up to 32 gigabytes of lpddr4x soldered memory, while theres one M2 slot for storage. We have a detailed teardown video for you to check out which shows how to access the inside of the Specter X. 360. 14.. The Specter x36014 is a fantastic small device that comes with the traditional drawbacks of smaller laptops, mainly the lack of upgradeability everything else about it from the design to Performance to even battery life and cooling is exceptional.