It has efficient Hardware with good performance and a fantastic selection of displays. Dont go anywhere to hear all about it. The laptop has a stylish aluminum chassis with black finish, that weighs only 1.3 kilograms, while the profile is measured at 16.1 millimeters, the device is incredibly durable, as both the lid and base dont even budge. The lid is a bit difficult to open due to the stiff hinges, while the rounded edges dont allow you to grip it properly. However, once you find the strength to open the lid, you see a keyboard with Long Key travel and clicky feedback, which is very surprising. Considering the thickness of the machine, the touchpad is great as well as the surface is large and smooth, while the pad itself is very accurate. The laptop gets generally good input output coverage with an audio jack, a Micro SD card slot and a full sized 10 gigabit. Usb port on the left, on the opposite side, there are two Thunderbolt 4 ports and one more full sized USB port. Both ports are jawed to shave, some extra millimeters off the profile. The nvx 36013 comes with three display options: all with a 1610 aspect ratio. The first two use IPS panels with either fhd Plus or QHD plus resolution. Lastly, theres a 2.8k OLED panel. We went with the fhd plus option, which is excellent for both daily work and Creator work. The unit reaches 413 nits of brightness, while also covering 98 of the srgb gamut.

The color accuracy reaches really good levels with our design and gaming profile with a Delta e value of 0.8. Well have links to our profiles in the description below the 66.5 Watts hours battery pairs really well with the core i7 1250u lasting for 17 hours and 51 minutes of web browsing or 17 hours and 13 minutes of video playback. These are exceptional results. Only two per 100 people watching this video are subscribers. If you decide to just start following us, well be able to reinvest more in our laboratory, thus making even more helpful videos for you. Thank you. Youre awesome. While the core i7 is very efficient with a base TDP of 9 Watts, it also manages to deliver good performance. It still gets outperformed by the i7 1255u and the i7 1265u in 3D rendering, but the chip is very competitive. In 2D, rendering trading punches with the aforementioned CPUs while being much faster than the ryzen 7 5800u and ryzen 7 6800u Music. The laptop keeps itself cooled with only one heat pipe and one fan. Despite the low profile cooling, the core i7 1250u runs really well. Maintaining a sub 25 watts power limit in long runs at only 74 degrees Celsius as for Comfort, while the hotspot does go to nearly 49 degrees Celsius, its isolated in one spot, so it doesnt affect your use. Noise isnt a problem at all, even during an extreme load. Like most other tiny laptops, the memory is soldered, so any configuration is final.

You can get up to 16 gigabytes of lpddr4x RAM storage, wise. You have 1m.2 slot with support for Ultra fast generation for ssds. You can check out our teardown video in the description below Music. The HP nvx36013 is a compact and Powerful convertible that can be used for a variety of scenarios, including simple office, work or design and rendering tasks thanks to the beautiful display.