If i said anything wrong, please forgive me k, okay, so the device that we are going to look up today is the xiaomi pet 5. So xiaomi pac 5 was officially launched at malaysia at 1’9. Lets take a look at the device now in terms of design. The xiaomi p5 comes in two colors, black and silver, both of which are very slim and slick. It is also made using materials such as aluminum, which makes it feel really premium, despite its affordable price. In total. There are four speakers, two at the top and two at the bottom. On the front. Xiaomi pac 5 comes with an 11 inch lcd display with a resolution of 2.5 k. Whats most important here is that it also supports 120hz refresh rate, and this makes every interaction on the display. Super smooth and responsive the xiaomi pad 5 is great for watching movies. Tv shows, and the best part is netflix on the midpad 5 – is supported with full hd. That means you can enjoy crystal clear and high resolution movies on netflix. The experience is even better with the 4 built in speakers as it is both loud and clear. Moving on powering, the xiaomi p5 is a snapdragon 860 processor that is packed with 6 gig of ram and 1 to 8 gig of internal memory. This processor used to be a flagship processor, but it is still very powerful. Today i was able to enjoy my favorite game of mobile legends on high graphics without any lags or delays, and that was really awesome.

If you like gaming on a bigger screen, the xiaomi pack, 5 is definitely something that you must consider. Let me show you a quick benchmark score, so you have a better idea on how it performs in terms of multitasking. This is where the xiaomi p5 really shows its true power. These days, im mostly working from home, and previously i own a very heavy laptop. However, with the semi pad 5 im able to access most of the microsoft office, apps such as microsoft, word and powerpoint for creating documents and even microsoft, themes or zoom for making video calls. This is great not just for working individuals like myself, but also for students who are studying from home with the smart keyboard and smart pen. This allows me to be even more productive, as the experience is similar to working on a computer. Everything connects easily and seamlessly with the xiaomi pad 5.. Let me show you a few sun features with the xiaomi pad keyboard and xiaomi smartpen using the keyboard. I can use shortcut keys to go to the desktop multitask and more just like on a computer. The smartpak is also very useful, as it allows me to take quick screenshots by simply long pressing, the top button and circling the area i need in the notes app. I can press the top button to change my pen to brush and use the bottom button to switch between colors very cool. Next, it is worth pointing out that the xiaomi patch 5 also has a 13 megapixel camera at the back here.

This is very useful. Whenever i need to take a picture to send it to my friends or scan documents to save them to my notes later, the camera is capable of taking some really nice and clear images. That is surprisingly good for tablet. Last but not least, lets talk about the battery, because the battery life is extremely important for you to enjoy both entertainment and productivity on your xiaomi pad 5. Here the xiaomi p5 comes with a super large s7 mah battery and it also supports 22.5 volt fast charge. What this means is that the battery is long, lasting and based on my usage im, mostly able to get 2 days battery life under heavy usage when used lightly im able to get 3 to 4 days battery life. At the end of the day, i must say that i really enjoy using this xiaomi pad 5, not only coming in at affordable price, at just one train and nearing it. What i loved most was: how powerful is this little machine is how i was able to boost my productivity and entertainment on this xiaomi pad 5.. If you would like to learn more or purchase on this xiaomi pad 5 do head over to the links below.