That said, not all 13 inch laptops are created equal. There are so many options available on the market today, but there is just too many great laptops to pick from whether youre a student, a gamer or just want to get some work done. Weve got the perfect 13 inch laptop pick just for you, weve rounded up the best 13 inch laptops available in 2020. We have analyzed 34′ customer reviews and looked at 146 products to give you this top 5 video review and, as always, all the links to all the products mentioned in this video will be in the description down below. We have not listed these products in any specific order, so stay tuned to the end, so you dont miss the perfect choice for your needs. Our first product is the XPS 13 2020 from Dell last years. Version of the XPS 13 features a full HD Infinity Edge display and an upgraded keyboard, its less than a half inch thicker than its predecessor and has a significantly more impressive, build quality. Its fan is less loud than the one on the HP Specter X360 13 and a slightly more powerful Intel Core i5 1005 G7 processor. The latest XPS 13 also ditches the comet Lake processors in favor of ice Lake ones, and while it has a retina display, it doesnt have quite the same Fidelity as the MacBook Pros. However, this is a laptop that wed happily recommend to anyone. Looking for a compact lightweight high powered laptop customers who bought these like that battery is outstanding if you compare to any product of the size, love this laptop, fast, great touch, screen and lightweight, and some didnt like that.

If you do not need a touch screen, I recommend you to get the standard XPS. 13.. Fourth, on our list, is Google pixelbook go from Google if youre on a budget and want a functional laptop that can meet your basic needs? Then our top pick is the Google pixelbook go. It costs a little less than half as much as the premium models, but includes a 1080p webcam, 64 gigabytes of storage and 8th generation Intel Core M3 processor and a full HD 1080p display, in addition to its impressive battery life. This Chromebook has one of the best keyboards weve ever used along with a premium build quality when it comes to connectivity. The pixelbook go features two USBC 3.1 ports, as well as an audio jack and a headphone jack. That said, while it offers premium build quality, it certainly cant compete with the premium models that cost hundreds of dollars more. The 13 inch display is surprisingly good, too. The battery offers up to 14 hours of use, which is more than enough for Daily Office tasks. We were also impressed by the excellent build quality, and particularly the keyboard. Here is what customers love about it touch screen is really responsive for a Chromebook. The 4K display is the best out there. In my opinion, the trackpad is very responsive and works well, and some customers were unsatisfied with the following. I could not play Big Fish games on it, because the operating system did not support anything with a.

exe extension. Number three on our list is the flex 5 AMD ryzen 4500u from Lenovo the Lenovo Flex. 5 14 AMD is a great laptop under 600, with a fantastic new ryzen 4000 CPU. It offers an excellent performance to price ratio, balancing a powerful mobile processor with a large 13.3 inch, full HD IPS display and the latest in AMD ryzen technology. It is competitively priced and has a great keyboard and touchpad performance is great, and this Lenovo laptop easily fits in your bag, while it has a full HD IPS display it isnt as sharp as some of the premium models. However, it still has a decent range of connections, including USBC, Thunderbolt, 3 and usb. A it also has a good integrated graphics card. Here are the top reasons why customers like the Lenovo Flex 5. build quality is about as good as you can get without. Moving to all metal, very responsive, thin keyboard feels similar to the very expensive butterfly keyboard found on newer MacBooks. Some customers found that a little thicker and heavier than other laptops number two on our list is the Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5.. The Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 takes the traditional 13 inch laptop form and shrinks it down to the size of a tablet making it perfect for taking on the road. It features a large 13.5 inch, HD Infinity Edge touchscreen with pinch and zoom functionality, a built in webcam and great battery life. It also was all the ports.

You would need for your laptop and more including usba, USBC and ethernet its great for anyone who wants the versatility of a Chromebook in a small package and, at this price range its hard to beat its a fantastic device that offers all the ports. Youd need and more at a price thats hard to beat. You can use it as a tablet or a laptop, and it even has a built in webcam. If you need something more powerful, you can add a faster processor. This is a cheap laptop, but it still performs well enough for most people its a great choice for those who want a mobile Computing device that can meet their web based needs. Customers who bought this item, especially like that its just as good as I thought it would be its well made and very fast, all around a great value for a solid Chromebook and some customers were unsatisfied with the following. At the moment, there seems to not be an active stylus that is compatible with this model number one on our list is the Apple MacBook Air 2020.. The 2020 MacBook Air is even more powerful than its predecessor, thanks to Apples, M1 processor and its big OS update earlier this year, Apple updated the base model of the MacBook Air with the M1 processor, giving it faster performance than ever before. In addition to the new processor Apple also updated the 13 inch MacBook Pro and Mac Mini, both of which use the M1 processor.

If youre, looking for an Apple, laptop, thats, great for traveling or general use, we highly recommend the MacBook Air, its slim light and features Apples consistently great keyboard and touchpad. We especially like its Retina Display, which is both crisp and vibrant. Without being overpowering. It has Apples magic keyboard, which is both responsive and accurate. The 13 inch Retina display is particularly beautiful with Apples, M1 processor and ft neutral engine technology, helping it perform even better its hard to find anything wrong with the MacBook Air. When it comes to its basic configuration, you also have the option for faster memory and Storage. If youre looking for an Apple laptop and or want to keep it under one thousand dollars, we suggest you go with this model. You can spend a bit more if you want more power, but it would be overkill for most its our favorite among laptops overall, and we think its price makes it a great value. This is the top things. Customers are saying about the Apple MacBook Air. The battery lasts a long time and the keyboard is very responsive, love the screen, clarity, it has the new M1 chip and it is fast and some customers were unsatisfied with the following gave the camera a 3 star, because the quality could be better. If you found a particular of these 13 inch laptops interesting click, the link in the description box to see more all right. That is all for this video hope you liked it, and if you did, please go ahead and give it a like want more info on the best products for your home and kitchen remember to subscribe.