Today I am going to show you a super simple trick so that you can transfer files between your phones and your computer without the need for wires or bluetooth …, without anything only through WiFi. So join me until the end of this video, and, if you like it, give me a like, subscribe and active the bell and do not forget to share it with all your friends so that you can also help them. The first thing we are going to do is connect to the Wi Fi network of our house or office, and if it don’t exists, then we are going to enter the settings button and then we are going to go to where it says: portable access point.. Sometimes this option is called an access point and network anchor or wifi zone or portable zone. You have to search your phone in the part of the network connections. Then we are going to activate our access point and we are going to enter configuration and there we go To be able to see what is the name of our wifi network and the password. Soon we will enter our file manager and here in these options we will find where it says ftp here we will be able to enter the settings and create a new login or be a new user with the name that we decide and the password that we Will want when we start this address will appear in my case.

It says this ftp colon, slash, slash some numbers separated by dots, which is our ip address, then 2 points and other numbers that The port is the port that comes out here in this option. We can change it if we want. I recommend that you leave it as it. If we do not have this option in our file explorer, we can download this to application of our store, called ftp server, and I have used it before. I really like the first thing we are going to do is create the user and I have a user created, but we are going to create another so that you can see what the process is. We are going to put a name a password and we are going to tell it with which folder this user is going to connect from this option. I am going to tell him to go to the root of the phone and that the user has access to any folder, but I can tell him that he only has access to the camera. That only has access to the downloads to the folder that I decide that in this case, we will give you access to all the folders when we go to the start of the application, and we start, it will also give us an address similar to the other. In this case, ftp colon, slash slahs, but now it tells us in which space we are going to place. The user’s name followed by an at the ip address of our phone and the port that we are going to connect with a colon.

Now goes. We go to the computer on our computer, we are going to open any explorer window or files, and here in the address we are going to place exactly the same address that appeared to us on the server that we left running on the phone. In this case, it would be the ftp colon slahs slahs, the user, that we configure. That is called test and the separate key with a colon. Then we would have test two points: 1. 2, 3. 4. 5 at the ip address of the phone gave us When we are going to connect now with this data notice that we have access to all the folders, where that user has excess on the phone, we can enter copy files from the phone from our computer copy file from our computer to the phone. And if we want to make this connection between other phones or tablets or smart television, we have to download an application like this. That gets it in your store as an ftp client, and here we put the name of our server, how we want q. What is the address, what is the port, what is the user and the password with which it is going to connect and voila? I invite you to try a tablet or a smart TV if this method works and leave me the comments.