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You want high power quad core processor, which boosts the multitasking abilities of the tablet: it’s, expanded storage for fun, featuring 2gb ram and 32gb internal storage, micros tf card expandable up to 128 gb it’s perfect for running a multitude of entertainment applications commonly such as youtube instagram Skype, etc, check out link in description to buy this product from amazon. Well, here is the seventh one: android tablet: 10 inch 10.1 tablet: 3g hd, 8.1 wiki 64 gb ram 4gb its 10 inch, large size and high performance. This unlocked android tablet with 10 inch, ips touchscreen display max resolution, ips 12800 hd android 7.0 operating system octa core processor, 4gb ram and 64gb rom ensures everything loads fast. The android tablet with wiffy. You can also use your wiffy network to surf the internet, gps. Dual cameras and microsd card it’s longer battery life and multilingual. The 10 inch android tablet with sim card slot, built in 8, 000 mah rechargeable lithium battery more safer and enjoy longer running time and standby time dot about four to six hours for watching video reading and writing.this tablet is clean without any plugins and more than 40 Languages you can choose in settings such as english, spanish, french check out link in description to buy this product from amazon. You should look into this product. It was surely well marketed. Android tablet, 10 inch, android 8.1 go unlock tablet, pc 3g phablet, its high performance 10. 10 inch tablet: brilliant 10.

1 nips display 1280x 800, dual speaker and vivid colors, bringing a splendid visual feast, 5 mp real and 2mp front camera perfect for taking photos. Shooting video and skype call great overall performance, it’s multifunction phablet unlock tablet with dual sim card slot support 2 grams gsm 850, 900, 1800, 1900 mhz 3 grams, ukma, 851, 900 2100 mhz built in gps, wiki and bluetooth. Good for navigation game playing online shopping, youtube streaming and so on.