Regular season games and some games are even blacked out in parts of europe as well. So the trick is, you want to have a good vpn that will allow you to appear as if you’re outside of the united states, when you’re signing up for nfl game pass, and so the vpn i recommend the most is expressvpn i’ll put links in the description That will include any deals or discounts that aren’t available on their website, and so what you do is you first, you can go to express, you can sign up and then you’ll want to connect to a non us location where all the games will be available. So this is any location it’s, a location outside of the united states that’s, the key component. So what you’ll do is once you install expressvpn, you’ll, open it up and it’s whatever you open it up on whether it’s your phone or computer or ipad but let’s just say: it’s. Your computer, like your pc or mac, you’ll, open up the app and then you’re going to select a server that’s outside of the united states, and so then, once you just click the connect button. It’Ll connect you to that server and now, when you sign up for nfl game, pass nfl game pass, thinks you’re actually outside of the us outside of america and you’ll, be able, as a result, to live stream the regular season games. So then, you can go to nfl game pass and go ahead and sign up and you’re good to go so it’s really easy, which is nice and the process is the same if you’re using a mobile device or um like you’re you’re on a like a tablet Or something like that as well and that’s what’s nice about express, is they have award winning apps, and so these apps can be used for whatever device you want to watch this content on the other nice thing about it express is it’s just the fastest and that’s.

Why i recommend it because, when i’m testing other vpns what’s common is you’ll see a reduction in speed? All vpns will reduce your speed at least a little bit, but with express i find they’re the fastest, and that reduction is the least amount possible and that’s. Just with when you’re, using a vpn it’s, just the physics of you have another server you’re connecting to and because you’re adding that additional step, it does take just a little bit longer and that’s, where you can have some reduction in speed. So the challenge with that is, if you’re just not careful about which vpn you use and you’re say trying to watch nfl games, you may notice you get some buffering or the qual the visual quality isn’t good, but with express you can still stream 4k. Just fine and no matter where you are in the world as a bonus as well, just because of all their servers. They have over 3000 servers in 94 countries, and so, even if you’re in the us trying to watch nfl nfl games for whatever reason a server you’re connecting to is a little busy. You can just hop on another one and it’s super easy to do. Expressvpn has 24 7 live chat support. So if you have any questions they’re there to help you, they also have a 30 day money back guarantee. So, for whatever reason, you’re not happy with the service they’re happy to give you a refund as well, and you can also use this vpn for torrenting or file sharing.

They have military grade encryption so that you can browse safely if you’re using the internet, and you can connect up to five devices simultaneously. So if there’s other family members that want to use it or if you want to have it like on your phone and on your pc on a tablet on like a ps4 or gaming device, smart tv, you can do that and expressvpn has an app that you Can use for those different scenarios so again, i’ll put a link in the description where you can check out more information about expressvpn plus take advantage of any deals or discounts that aren’t available on their website and otherwise, if you guys have any questions, don’t hesitate to. Let me know in the comments below i always love getting to answer as many questions as i can. Otherwise, thanks so much for watching.