If the game in question wasnt available on one of my handheld consoles or a PS4, I know that those who are interested in PC gaming or even just gaming, with a classic keyboard and mouse experience, might not have a PC. So today, Id like to Showcase alternative setups that can offer a PC gaming like experience with equivalent performance to a high end PC. This is made possible with the help of this videos sponsored Nvidia GeForce now, which Ill tell you more about in just a second Ill. Also showcase gameplay on those different types of setups and share some of my thoughts with you as well. Since I was honored to be given the opportunity to try both the free tier of GeForce now and their new Ultimate tier for several days, the latter of which now has access to the power of nvidias new 4080 gpus. Alongside many other features like dlss3 support, ball Ray tracing and supported games 240 frames per second gameplay on competitive titles, as well as ultrawide and 4K resolution support at up to 120 frames per second, like I mentioned earlier Ill, tell you a little bit more about the Service that is making these more unconventional setups possible, Nvidia GeForce now Nvidia GeForce. Now is a cloud based game streaming service that allows you to basically access a GeForce powered gaming PC in the cloud to run the games you own on Steam, epic or Ubisoft. You dont have to install anything, but the actual GeForce Now app on whatever device you want to play on.

So that means for games like genchen, which are notoriously large games. You save at least 70 gigs of precious storage space. It was actually pretty easy to set up. You just connect your games to your store, logins and games that are available for you to stream through GeForce. Now will immediately show up in your library, after being synced, once youre set up youre ready to play on pretty much whatever device you want, wherever you want so long as you have a decent internet connection: foreign Music, Music, foreign, foreign, Music, Music, foreign, Music, Music. Thank you: Music, Music, Music, foreign, Music, Music, Music, foreign Music, foreign, Music, Music, foreign, Music Music. So I had the chance to try GeForce, nows, new Ultimate tier, which now has access to the power of 4080 gpus. This came with a lot of new features that I could try out on my Mac compared to my actual PC rig, which is also powered by a 4080., not gon na lie. I came in with pretty low expectations because I wasnt too familiar with how cloud gaming runs, especially since Im usually not connected directly to ethernet, but I can honestly say that it was pretty hard to tell that. I wasnt playing a game locally on a machine running a 4080 when I was using GeForce now, and I was only able to tell when I squinted at the screen and noticed that the image was a little fuzzier than it would be.

If I was running the game on my actual PC or when my Wi Fi connection was spottier than normal, latency with inputs was basically a non issue unless my internet connection decided to throw a tantrum, which isnt often thankfully, in addition to features like support for 248 Frames per second gameplay on competitive titles. You can actually run games with full Ray tracing support through dlss3 at Ultra wide resolutions with HD. Your support to games like cyberpunk, 2077, no mans Sky, The Witcher, 3 and Assassins Creed. Look pretty good when running through GeForce sound, which I appreciated the most because Im a sucker for pretty things: Music, foreign, Music, foreign, Music, foreign foreign. I do hope that cloud gaming services, like GeForce now, will continue to improve and make high end PC gaming more accessible to everyone, especially in a time where PC components are more inaccessible than ever. If you are interested in experiencing the same high end cloud gaming performance, I showcased today use the link in the description below to sign up for GeForce. Now ultimate.