Please switch to windows, Music, youre, Music, Music, ah Music, Music, so Music, Music, so Music, so Music, uh, foreign, Music, Music, oh and hes, trying to board Music. Thank you! So Music, so Music do Music, so Music, Music, okay, hello! So its 1 30 p.m and obviously i switched from mac to pc. Actually it wasnt really hard to transition, because before college ive always been a windows user. So all i had to do was adjust to the new like keyboard shortcuts, because im pretty used to using windows anyways but yeah if youre thinking of switching to mac or switching to windows, both are honestly easy. Thank you so much lenovo for collaborating with me on this video and they gifted me the lenovo aio3, but im going to leave the full name of the unit down below. So you guys can also search its other specs and where you guys can buy lenovo units. But yeah ive been using this for the past two weeks and the experience is so good, like ive really been just enjoying this so much for the past two weeks and i think ill put like separate videos over the past few months about my pc experience. But for now honestly, my workflow has been so much faster, so much smoother and so much more comfortable aside from the fact that the screen is so big, like my eyes, dont hurt that much anymore. As you guys know me, i really do a lot of art and editing work, and i love that this pc is able to handle multiple apps and multiple tabs on google chrome all at once.

Without it, slowing down and yeah working has been a lot more exciting and a lot more easy. I also like that. Its super like clean looking because this is the only thing i have on my desk right now, and i love that everything i need is on here, especially that i use a hard drive thats. Why all of my art, editing files, are still with me and i didnt have a hard time transferring it here and i barely have to use any wires, so the pc i have right now. Doesnt have like that box thing. The pc other pieces have everything. Is here on the screen, which is what i love, because i can easily like move this around and i it helps keep my desk organized because all i have to do is switch it and turn it on. Then i can work all day every day, and this is what i use all day every day, as you guys can see from my past vlog before and in this vlog. I keep. I use this usually all day and it doesnt slow down it. Doesnt heat up and it doesnt make the noise. The annoying fan noise that i used to have on my laptop and because hearing that noise from the laptop really just makes me anxious and really annoys me while im working, but this one, its super quiet and its super big and super smooth. I dont know guys im just i really.

This is my windows era, no more to the mac im gon na make a lot of pc setup and pc customization videos for the next few months, so stay tuned. For that and one last thing, this actually comes with a free lifetime license for microsoft, office and student 2019, so it really makes it certainly makes your monies worth if youre looking to buy a good starter, pc or easy to use pc. This is your baby, so yeah. If you want to check it out ill link it down below. I guess all throughout the vlog im going to show how else i use it and yeah bye. My camera is so bad Music.