Thank you for tuning in to max setups episode. 9. i’m excited to share these three setups with you, as they are fellow youtubers. I’Ll include links to their channels in the description below let’s get to it. First, we have ricky rdt from florida with this amazing setup, featuring all his audio gear check out his youtube channel rickyrdt, if you’re interested in hifi audio unboxings, pc gaming and product reviews powering this setup. Ricky rdt has the m1 mac mini with 8 gigabytes of ram and 512 gigabytes of storage sitting on top of the hajibus hub for peripherals. He has the logitech k380 apple, magic, trackpad and the logitech mx anywhere mouse. I really like having the dual mouse and trackpad setup for monitors. The one in portrait mode is the dell 1080p monitor and the other is the lg 27 inch. Ricky rdt is using the bose soundlink color bluetooth speaker, but check out the rest of his audio gear. He has a variety of headphones in ear monitors, headphone, amps and dacs, if you’re interested in his reviews for any of these check out his channel. His primary use for this setup is for video editing as an audiophile hi fi reviewer. He did mention he’s been using imovie with no issues at all. He also has an old windows pc primarily for his music. Thank you so much ricky rdt for sharing this awesome setup and good luck with your channel. Next, we have everyday tech from philadelphia with his powerhouse of a setup check out his channel if you’re interested in a variety of tech reviews, i love how every piece of equipment and gear are of the highest quality let’s check out what he has everyday tech has A specked up m1 mac mini with 16 gigabytes of ram and 512 gigabytes of storage he’s using a dual monitor setup, with this 35 inch, 1440p ultra wide from monoprice and a 9.

7 inch ipad via sidecar. I really like that tablet holder, that saves some desk real estate and keeps the ipad at eye level for peripherals. He has the popular kikron k2 and the logitech m720 wireless triathlon mouse that he uses across all his devices, his mac mini macbook, pro and ipad. He did share he’s using a usb universal adapter to avoid some of the bluetooth issues, in addition to his internal storage. Everyday tech also has the samsung t7 ssd with 500 gigabytes of storage and two other external usb drives in the shelves. A three terabyte and a four terabyte. He also has another popular item: the cal digit ts3 plus dock for audio he’s, using the audient evo4 interface, isk, bm, 800 condenser microphone, logitech 2.1 speakers and two over the ear headphones hanging on a headphone holder. His video quality is top notch with some high quality gear, such as his sony, a6500 blackmagic, atom mini and the newer 60 watt video light. Other tech on the desk includes his elgato stream. Deck mini an amazon, echo show 5 and a wireless charging stand for his iphone 12.. Everyday tech is a web developer and he knew he had to make a quality productive setup as his work became remote. His life revolves around zoom, whether it’s production for church meetings. Video seminars, or even special events, such as weddings, he claims to have the best zoom call quality and i believe it. He also mentioned that he’s incorporated some home automation to his setup, which you can check out on his channel.

Thank you so much everyday tech for sharing your setup, and i wish you the best with your channel last setup of the day, is mario from elko nevada and his youtube channel is the cutting edge tv. His setup is being powered by the m1 mac mini with 16 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of storage. His triple monitor setup includes the acer 32 inch 1080p curved gaming monitor the lapow 15 inch portable monitor and the 10.5 inch ipad pro for peripherals. He has the apple, magic keyboard and magic mouse for speakers. Mario has the pre sonus aeris 3.5 inch professional multimedia reference monitors. He also has the popular blue yeti mic on a toner boom arm. His camera is a canon, rebel, sl3 mario’s primary use for this setup is to live stream on youtube or facebook, video editing with final cut pro and zoom for work meetings. He did mention that when traveling he uses the mac mini the lapel, monitor and ipad. As a secondary monitor as his portable solution on the go, he also did mention he shares his office with his five year old son and that half the room is filled with legos. I totally love it. Thank you so much, mario for sharing your awesome setup, and i wish you the best on your channel, so i hope you enjoyed the video. Please leave a like and subscribe to help grow my channel. If you want to be featured in future mac setups videos info will be in the description below.

Also, if you have sent me your setup, but i haven’t featured it yet feel free to send me any updates if applicable.