, But the industry have been trying to get gamers online years before modern services had us talking about each others. Mothers in chat lobbies. Many people are familiar with the likes of such services as the Mega Drive Sega Channel or the Nintendo N64DD Rad Net.. But what about the ones that made so little impact that they have been totally forgotten by the public, The ones that missed the mark so badly, that many people may not have known even existed in the first place. So this episode, we take a look at these sunken services, these nonchalant networks and these cast away connections. As I say, But Hello, You Im Guru, Larry, and I welcome you to fact: hunt Five Online Gaming Services that Failed. What do you get if you cross Magical, Lizards, Mobile technology and Charles Darwin? Why you get Dragon Tamer. The answer to all your wyvern breeding related aspirations. With Dragon Tamer, you can cross breed the dragon of your dreams from nine different elementals choose carefully, though, as theres pros and cons to each breed, But raise them through four growth stages from Egg to adult., And you can battle them in exciting player, vs player modes, such as 1v1 battles and alliance warfare, where you can pick up to twenty members to fight against other alliances. And with just one global server. You can rule the whole world with your carefully created winged basilisk., But If you dont feel like taking on humanity, then try Dragon Tamers amazing foray into the single player.

Adventure mode earn dragon brands in the Spacetime Rift tower mode. The 12 stage Mythtic Mountain, take on the dragon leaders in Alliance, Boss mode and even battle as a Viking in the adventure RPG like Forest of Spirits. And with the six flying islands to plan and decorate to your hearts content. Dragon Tamer is all your thumbs. Could ask for in a smart phone title., So download Dragon Tamer for your mobile device and tablet today. It definitely wont drag on with your time. Heh Heh. Links in the description below Something that seems to have been forgotten over the years. Is that the Sony PlayStation 1 did have online features., Probably the reason most people dont know. This is because the primary way to get a PS1 online was with a special phone connection, cable that didnt work outside of Japan.. The PlayStation iMode connection lead allowed people to connect their iMode compatible phone to the PS1. Whats iMode. I hear you say Its basically a nerfed version of the Internet and email. A collection of web sites designed for devices with small screens and even smaller connection speeds. Anyway. The important part it gave the PS1 an Online connection, but Sony only released about seven games for the PS1 and one for the PS2 that actually took advantage of this cable. So you can see it didnt exactly set the world on. Fire. Then add in the fact that the cable wasnt compatible with phones outside of the land of the rising sun, and you can see why this thing failed, like a Peter Molyneux project.

But then we have this the PlayStation online connection CD.. This was a prototype Internet Browser trialed in three American schools as a means for students to communicate with each other.. As you can see here, it looks fine enough for a 1997 web browser.. However, this project never left the initial trail period.. The Sega Saturn had an Online Gaming service, but only 1 of the player base bothered with it. So Sony probably thought people just werent interested in Online gaming yet. I mean who really wanted to play Wipeout online anyway, Apart from just about everyone, The Nintendo 64 had an online service called Radnet.. Everyone knows this already., You take an N64, you add a 64DD and you end up with the most pointless thing. Nintendo ever did apart from the Virtual Boy. However, this was not the first time that the Nintendo 64 could be taken online. In 1998, a Japanese only game called Morita, Shogi 64 was released for the system. It. Let the player play a no thrills Shogi game, which is essentially a Japanese version of Chess., But this game did have one very special feature. Upon the top of the cartridge. Was a phone socket as hidden inside this cartridge was a modem. This allowed for users to play Shogi against other owners of the game, thus taking the Nintendo 64 online for the very first time.. However, this feature didnt set the world on fire and was never replicated in any other N64 games.

. More recently, though, it turns out that Mistakes were made and the console hacker CTurt has found a way to utilize the phone port on the cartridge to make the Nintendo 64 run. Homebrew software., So not only did Nintendo release an unpopular game, but theyve also handed multiple YouTube gaming channels, some more Nintendo Homebrew content, If you thought introducing an online service during the 90s, would have been an uphill struggle, then imagine how optimistic a company would have to Be to try this on the Atari 2600. Control Video Corporation released the Gameline to the American public in 1983 for 60, which equates to about 160 in todays money.. The Gameline would plug into the cartridge port on an Atari 2600 and was basically a RAM cartridge crossed with a modem. Youd connect this to your phone line and then youd be able to connect to the Gameline online games catalogue.. You would pick a game from the list download it at a cost of 1, but were only able play that game for a week before it was gone.. Then youd need to pay a 1 again to have it for another week or just pay for a different game.. So this was basically a rental service, with a rather large upfront cost in the form of hardware needed.. But then, on top of this was the 15 membership service fee add in a list of games that was less than Stella, and you can see why the Gameline wasnt popular.

, Now Gameline could have sourced better games for the service brought down the cost of the unit And removed the obscene subscription fee., But there is one thing that ruined any chances they may have had, which was completely out of their hands. The North American Video game crash of 1983. Thats right, the Gameline was launched just as the whole American video games market collapsed. So it never stood a chance. In hindsight. Gameline was a product totally ahead of its time. Unfortunately, its time was the lowest point ever in videogames.. Well, apart from when the N Gage launched. Shudder, Have you ever looked at your Sega Mega Drive and thought Yeah? This is cool, but I wish I could use this thing as a home online banking system. Of course, youve never thought that no one has., No one apart from Sega, Because in 1990 Sega answered the question. Nobody asked and released the Mega Anser. A set up for the Mega Drive that turned the console into a home banking system capable of making bank payment transfers getting loan information and showing bank account details.. I mean just look at this mess You throw in a Mega CD and a 32x and youve got yourself an easy way to melt down your local power grid. This was the 90s though Sega had a fever and the only prescription was more addons. They had chair controllers, Sega branded Speakers and special power adaptors, so you could actually plug all the crap.

They were selling in Its actually genuinely surprising that they drew the line and didnt put out the planned floppy disk, drive, keyboard and Graphics tablet, but went ahead and released an Online banking system.. As you can probably guess. This set up did not sell at all, and the service was shut down just one year after release, but this failure didnt stop Sega from trying to constantly push new, add ons for the system.. I mean Seriously, though Sega an online Banking System for the Mega Drive. What were you thinking? 1997 was the year Sega decided that the future of gaming was online multiplayer.. They released the Sega Saturn Netlink.. They were designing. The online enabled Sega Dreamcast for release the following year. And also in 1997. They announced Heat.net to the world. Segas heat.net was an Online gaming Network for PC games., A free online PC gaming network that let players duke it out on games like Quake, Age of Empires, 2 and Grand theft Auto.. It had chat rooms and other messaging features.. But you could pay for a premium membership which let you enter online competitions for real prizes and post in their online ranking system. By doing well in the competitions or by viewing adverts on the Heat network, you could earn a currency called degrees. Yes, I can see what you did there Sega With Degrees. You could spend them on Hardware, software or even magazine subscriptions.. However, This is where the first problem came.

Up., The system to earn degrees was highly exploitable because, instead of having to go through the trouble of actually winning online game to earn the currency, people found that you could do the same by simply logging into an online game and sitting in the menu screens. By The year 2000 Sega announced that they were going to shut the service down.. Once again, Sega were just too ahead of its time, and the world didnt need Xbox, Live in the year 2000. And by the state of Call of Duty online lobbies, Im not sure if we need Xbox Live in the present day, either For an ultra limited time. Pre order, your very own Guru, Larry plushie from Makeship.com, And you can pretend Im right there with you saying Hello, you and giving you utterly useless. Trivia about video games. Help support the channel with a Guru, Larry plushie. Link in the top comment: … Subtitles provided by Guru, Larry Bundy Jr, Please say Hi in the comments.