Today, after sharing my diet status last time I’m going to share my English study status with you guys., I feel like learning English going on a diet are the things that have been always quite important to me., And now I start doing Them in my 30s.. Well, I guess I was super busy in my 20s. So guys. For those of you who are watching this video now.. If you are interested in learning English, I can strongly recommend video English since I’ve been learning English with it for a year.. This is a video with the 11 video English service, Cambly. I’m, going to tell you how I’ve learned English for a year and tell you why video English has been so useful to me. I’m going to use Cambly today for the first time. I’ll. Show you how I use it and will review it. I’ve also got a code for you to try out Cambly for free, so stay tuned.. Firstly, I’m, going to tell you how my English was like at first.. Like most of you guys, I learned English through textbook from elementary school to high school.. I only knew a few English words and wasn’t so difficult to live in Korea. Like this, I could only make simple sentences.. I have tried using Siwon School when I was 27., But I wasn’t persistent enough to keep studying with it. I traveled abroad, quite often., But I couldn’t reach to the level where I could speak fluently.

. I could talk to native speakers only with a few words., But the thing was my English level. Wasn’T a matter., I mean my brain froze. When I tried to talk to them. A foreigner once asked me for directions.. I knew exactly where that place was, but I couldn’t say anything So I was like ‘Follow me’ and took them there, where it had nothing to do with my destination.. Like many people, I was worried about using ‘wrong’ English and I was pressured to speak English perfectly.. Since we were kids, we would get scolded by teachers if we spoke in a wrong way and friends would laugh at us. If we were not good at Korean English or math, people would think we were not smart.. So probably we had an anxiety like ‘I shouldn’t make mistakes’.. Of course it doesn’t matter to live in Korea like this.. We can use translators when traveling too., So I always just hoped, like ‘I, want to be good at English. How nice’., But the reason why I decided to study properly, was because of my international fans on my YouTube channel.. I wanted to answer them well and wanted to express how thankful I was in English., But damn I couldn’t use it well again., Especially on live streaming.. I was anxious again of the ‘wrong’ English.. I could barely speak., So I wanted to get over it. I don’t mean I wanted to be fluent right away.. I just wanted to express myself without caring about other people.

, So I decided to study English properly in April 2020. That VLOG video is on my channel too a year ago. I paid for a full year pass for the video English service. 4 days in a week For 30 minutes each., I met a Native speaker in the class. And I met a Korean teacher once a week., I memorized all the contents of 2 conversation books with their help., So now it’s April 2021. And a few weeks ago the class was terminated.. So how is my English now, Basically I’ve been studying for a year. It isn’t, like so dramatic, as I expected, like a miracle.. If I studied intensely like for 24 hours for English, it could have been better., But I couldn’t. And I have other works to do. I studied for an hour minimum or 2 hours max.. I improved a lot compared to last year that I couldn’t speak with foreigners at all.. More than anything I can speak to them.. I live in Itaewon., So there are many foreigners here in my apartment. Now I can have a small talk with them. It’s, not perfect, and still I speak so slow.. But the thing is I’m talking to them.. I think just trying to speak something with the native speaker helped my English get improved a lot.. I was worried at first because of my weird accent., But no matter how I said they understood what I was saying perfectly.. So I realized, since English is also one of the languages like Korean Chinese, even if I’m, not as fluent as actors in American shows, I can communicate with them.

. So, as I was learning English step by step, I could keep speaking something out loud and I could gain confidence. Now. My brain doesn’t freeze in front of foreigners, anymore. It’s, completely gone. Learning English from lectures is also good, but talking to native speakers is what you really need to practice. Having a 11 conversation with a native speaker is a really good way to learn language. I think. The reason why I recommend video English most is: There are telephone, English, English chat and video English. I’ve used all three things.. You can see how they speak by seeing their faces and gestures via video call, but telephone and chat it’s impossible.. Also, you can see the weather or background and have a small talk with them.. So I think video English is way better than those two ways. And because of COVID 19 everyone wears a mask., Which means you can only see their eyes., But for video, English there’s. No need for a mask and I can see the face and the facial expression and I don’t need to move around to an academy. So since I love staying home it’s the best for me., Just the shirt.., I can just change the shirt and sit. Anyways with the one year and I still feel like. I need to keep studio English and I was searching for other things, since I wanted to study with different teachers and in different patterns and Cambly called me at the right.

Time. Cambly is a service with which you can learn English through a 11 video cam with the native tutor and I’ve always wanted to try it out. It’s, my first time trying today so I’m, very excited and curious to see what kind of teachers there are and I’Ll review it with you guys.. I have this application here and you can download this Cambly app on Android and iPhone, as well as through your laptop and tablet PC.. The fact that it’s available on phone is that you can get your class everywhere.. You may be somewhere else other than your home because of some work, and I can just turn on the app and study, and I think I can study while lying down and even on my way from work. Here is the app.. Do I find the tutor here That many tutors, The scroll bar is this small., So many tutors.? I saw this thing from the tutorial video. Search for my interest. For instance, I love Harry Potter series so much So I think it’ll be fun. Talking about Harry Potter., Harry Potter. That’s how they promote themselves.. So I can talk about Harry Potter with someone who likes it., And these are the tutors online and since I’m, here for a class, I can get one among these teachers and I can book for one by selecting a tutor and it’s available 247, since they are Spread out across the globe with different time zones, if I am so busy today – and I want a class for only 20 minutes right before I go to sleep – that’s, not a problem with the late hours.

. If you have a set schedule and you get an appointment or a trip or a sudden group dinner at work, that’s, something that makes you feel uncomfortable., I love that I can choose to take the class when I want to. Great There’s, the nationality, here., America, England, Australia, Canada, So I can learn different accents from England or America as I like. This one has the education certificate.. I can read the description of the tutor here. This one can speak some Chinese and Spanish as well. There’s the education resume and their job and their specialties, and I can watch the introductory video too. And with the photo I can see how old they are, as well as their gender., So many different age groups.. I love this.. What is this? This is the curriculum.. It says ‘welcome to the course’, and there are some great curriculums provided by Cambly. Free talking is great too, but if there’s a set topic, I get to speak about more things.. I can select the curriculum. I want among all these and I can have a conversation with the tutor accordingly., For instance, go here your favorite food job and sports and pets. I can talk about things I like to do freely.. This sounds fun., So shall we select the tutor? I am more familiar with American English, so I will look for those from North America.. This one. His rating is 4.8 and he speaks Korean.. He is interested in Tesla, bitcoin stocks.

. And he can speak Korean.. Let me put him in my favorites. And he is Asian. Since we only live in Korea. Other races might feel too awkward, so it’s better to talk to an Asian native to tackle that. He’s a Japanese.. Then we have a lot to talk about.. I will put him in my favorites too., This one.. She’s, a Canadian and with the glasses and how she looks is exactly like an English teacher in my mind. Isn’t that so Likes music and traveling and experiencing different cultures. And the basic conversation topic. The curriculum I selected she is available for that. And since she can have classes for more than 30 minutes, Let me do a class with her. Done. She was.. a very calm and honest one.. I love her.. We met for the first time, but she led the conversation very naturally, and that calmed me down and I could speak more comfortably.. I should’ve done it for 50 minutes.. I was wondering what service to use and I think Cambly would be enough.. There are so many tutors and I’m so curious., And I have those in my favorites list, so I think I can keep doing it in Cambly and the curriculum topics seemed interesting too, because they are interesting to talk about with a Korean. This looks good too… I need to try this It’s a class analysis and it records the class automatically and you can check it later.. I think you can see your chat history as well.

. This is perfect. You could say ‘she’s saying it’s good, since she got a sponsorship’, but I only get a sponsorship for what I want. Guys. Anyways I’m thinking about continuously. Using this Give it a try yourself.. They gave me this free 30 minute class code and you can do it as well.. I really hope you try it yourself and if you are scared to talk to a foreigner like I used to be never be afraid., You don’t think about a foreigner trying to speak Korean in front me has something wrong with them, but rather you want to teach Them hear them out and help them. That’s exactly how the tutors feel so. Try the conversation with the expressions you know.. It will be more fun than you, think., So that’s, my first impression with Cambly, and I gave a review with my English skill and I will continue studying English until I can film a vlog in English..