, K. This little single board computer? It will be the Edge 2 of Khadas.. There are probably a lot of people who havent heard of Khadas, except those who are really interested.. They are not a company that makes those boards that are commonly known, like Raspberry, Pi or Latte Panda Orange Pi, but they will be a company that has made powerful single board computers like the VIM4., Its really small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. But just looking at the spec table on the back, you can see that its really different from single board computers, so far.. First of all, several YouTubers have sent out a lot of videos about how well retro games can go.. It was really powerful than I thought and it showed a powerful enough performance to overwhelm the single board computers that have come out so far. Rockchip RK3588S is included.. The RAM is also amazing, with 16GB DDR4.. Basically, eMMC 64GB is installed and Wifi 6 is supported., And it says that the power supply supports 912V type C. Now, Im curious how small the size actually came. Out. Lets open it Manual and wifi antenna That really fill the box fully. Even the ports are so small that I also really like this pot height with it right in the middle like this., Compared to the Raspberry Pi 4. The size is almost the same.. The size is almost the same, but the height. Is It really cant be compared to anything else? I can say it is a board that was born for mod its really thin like this.

It also supports three cameras, and this will be the CPU Rock chip RK3588S. and wifi USB3.0 USB2.0, And it functions as USB, 3.1 and DP as Type C and HDMI. This will be the power terminal that supports the PD adapter At the bottom of the back. There are two IO ports and two ports for touch and display. Im really looking forward to this performance. Lets test it to see how well it performs.. Yes, since it is a high performance single board computer, it seems that heat cannot be avoided.. Therefore, the cooling fan also provides a very powerful cooling, fan. Height with a cooling fan When a cooling fan is installed on the Raspberry Pi 4. Yes, it is usually about this level, but even if it is not this level, the height itself differs a lot because of this port.. This board is really always very height oriented for modification, but in terms of height it seems to be a really perfect board.. The effort to make even one of these cables smaller is amazing.. Yes, for this size, the LAN port was omitted, so I installed an antenna. Now lets test the performance. Yes now ready to use. Yes, there are two LEDs like this and they come in various colors.. The buttons on the side are power, function and reset. Buttons., Yes, and I connected a USB 3.0 drive in USB 3.0 port. As the internal memory is not enough to test several games.

Okay then lets turn the power. On. LED is blinking. The cooling fan does not work immediately but works when the temperature rises to a certain level.. It seems to take about 15 seconds. This is how booting is done. I will try to work with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Lets. Try it on a 4K monitor. Lets. Take a look at the settings first.! Yes, if you look here, if you go into Khadas settings, you can also control the LED color of the LED that I just described.. You can also adjust the cooling fan speed.. You can always turn it on and the current state is set automatically, as shown at the first boot like this.. I think it will be helpful for those who use it for a specific purpose and at a certain time, each day., And if you look at the storage capacity out of 64GB 27GB, is currently used.. If you look at the tablet information, you can see that Android 12 is used.. If you look at the hardware information, Rockchip RK3588, it doesnt say Rockchip 3588S, it just says 3588. And GPU Mali G610 RAM is 16GB currently about 2GB of 16GB memory is used, As I explained 64GB and additionally, I have connected an external memory.. It shows very high Android specs.. Yes, if you see something like this, the reaction speed right now is amazing.. The reaction speed is really fast. Now.. Yes, now open YouTube. Yes, its really fast, Im connected to wifi right now and its showing really really fast.

Speeds.. Take a look at the 4K video Picture. Quality 4K Lets see it in full screen. Oh sound, without interruption, The video is displayed in 4K resolution.. Yes, I record in 1080p Im sorry that I cant show you the 4K quality accurately. Really fast. Speed is really fast. The Naver website is probably a little slow because its the first time Im opening it. Take a look at the PC version. Yes, just Wow, The speed is really unstoppable. Oh, this again on mobile its really fast Its a bit disappointing that there are no cases on the market.. It is a bit difficult to open and use If you want to use it for simple purposes. Only If you watch OTT or YouTube, it seems like a really cool performance. Lets, try Netflix Netflix, Wow, Netflix, really Scrolling and doing this is really no blockage.. Yes, the playback specification is unfortunately Widevine L3., Oh Im, sorry about it. Wow the reaction. Speed is really fast. Yes, Ive used it like this and for basic use. It seems to show almost the highest level of performance among single board computers, to which Android is ported.. Lets check the performance with Geekbench 5 with approximate numbers.. Yes, the benchmark has been completed. Single core 621 Multi core 2442. If you compare these scores easily in the case of LG smartphone V50 single core 672 and multi core 2321 points, single core is lower than V50, but multi core is higher, So you can multitask very quickly without delays or anything like that for multiple uses.

. Of course, in the case of Dolphin emulator, dual core is supported and PS2 is the same, but in the case of PSP it works as a single core, so the performance may be slightly lower for PSP than V50.. Now lets connect the game controller., As you can see in the benchmarks, web surfing and other tasks are also very fast, and the conversion speed is quite fast, and this seems to be the effect of multi. Core. First lets try the Android original game Genshin As the game loads. The cooling fan, speed becomes very fast., Unlike the iPhone app Joypad is not supported.. Unfortunately, Yes and the graphics settings are medium, but the load on the device is coming out to be very high.. Yeah its not that smooth There seems to be a bit of a break. It seems that it is a little difficult to play. Genshin smoothly., Also its a bit difficult to play. Android original games on a single board computer like this., Yes lets, try running the emulators now. Lets, take a look at the PSP, which is a bit worrisome because of the single core score.. Yes, setup is vulkan 2x PSP resolution with no frame skips 2x, rendering resolution Ill. Try setting the resolution as the default device. Resolution. Frames are coming out at 48 frames as if they were fixed at 48 frames. It seems to work fine, but the frame rate is not 60 frames.. I feel a sense of uneasiness Lets play Tekken 6 Same for Tekken 6.

It comes out fixed at 48 frames.. Sometimes it drops to 42 frames.. Yes, it seems that the performance of the PSP is not as good as I thought.. This is a bit disappointing. Emulators of a lower model than the PSP will of course, run well. In the case of Saturn. It doesnt seem to work well after playing. Psp. Now lets run Dolphin Emulator because it uses dual core Lets. Try Dolphin Emulator 30 frames fixed Im running around with no problems at all to play.. I didnt set anything and I didnt touch any special settings, but it works pretty well. The PSP doesnt run perfectly, but the GameCube game runs well.. This is really weird., hey its really good. There is a bit of stuttering in the cut scenes, but in game you can proceed with the game without too much trouble. Game cube, games, arent, really perfect, but on a device of this size their performance is satisfactory. Enough.. Now? What about the WIi? There is no difference between your resolution of 1X or 2X, so Ill double it. VulKan. I know that Mario Kart has slightly higher specifications than Super Mario Bros.. The frame looks better than this. Wee Have seen Dolphin Emulator. Finally, lets see how well the PS2 will run. Wow in the case of PS2, its really 59fps and 60fps. run perfectly. It works so well that you can make it into a bar top. In the case of Tekken Tag 55 frames its slightly less than Virtua Fighter.

. I looked at various apps like this and even a retro game, emulator., Yes, its a little warm to the touch now Well its not that hot The cooling fan is not running right now and anyway, this single board computer – that is really small and shows the highest Performance among single board computers with Android installed will be this Khadas Edge. 2. If you look at this size now, it is about a Raspberry Pi 4. So it would be good to make a bar top of about 10 inches, or I think it will be a product that is quite satisfactory, even if it is made with a 10 inch UMPC that I made in the past.. Well, of course, it doesnt seem bad to use it by connecting it to a monitor.. I dont think its a single board computer that really lacks for general multimedia use.. Yes, this Khadas Edge 2. The model I introduced was the Edge 2 Pro.. It will be launched on the afternoon of September 20th Korean time., So if you purchase from Khadas website or Amazon Ali Express, you will be able to purchase at an early bird price.. Of course, since Im reviewing the product before the product is released, the exact price will probably come out on the launch day. So I cant tell you how much in this review right now, but since the price will probably come out after the video goes out. If you think its reasonable price, It seems that there are many things you can really do with this product.

So if you want to buy it, it would be a good idea to buy it at an early bird special price.. Of course, this product is not without its merits.. The fact that it does not support micro SD seems to be a bit of a disadvantage for those who want to use it as a retro gaming emulator by putting various games in it.. Of course, you can use a USB drive, but I think its a bit of a disappointment, because the price of micro SD is much down these days and comes in a large capacity. Because of its small size. It is undoubtedly a great single board computer for many uses or modding.. Of course I have plans to make something out of this in the near future.. So far it has been Dr. K. We will see you next time with more informative and helpful. It information reviews and novel DIY., Please like and subscribe.