Baby tablet. …, Do you know IT Hello? I am Kim Soo hyun of Do you know IT Today. I would like to unravel a cost effective tablet PC. In light of the beginning of a new semester., Galaxy, Tabs or iPads are equivalent to the price of laptops, so they are too expensive.. So a product with a cheaper price range and pragmatic functions. Its Surface Go 3 from Microsoft. Surface. Go 3 is a 2 in 1 that can be used either as a laptop or a tablet. Depending on how you would like to utilize it. Its a tablet, PC known for its cost effectiveness., It has a very cheap price range of 420. Subscribe. Do you know IT Surface? Go 3, does not use Android or iOS just because it is a tablet.. It provides full version Windows. Using Windows, only with touch screen. That is quite inconvenient.. You shop with your phone, but its not a mobile version.. If you do it through a PC version, because you cant click on the spot, you want to, it would be very inconvenient.. So I thought to use Surface Go 3. At its best, a keyboard is a must. Buy. Surface Go 3 Typing cover Light Charcoal 135. Therefore, I bought it with a typing cover.. The total price recorded around 550.. If you decide to buy a Surface Pen, which is an exclusive touch pen, you can expect it to total almost 650.. You may think the price has gotten too big to be called cost effective.

. Will the Surface Go 3, be recognized as a cost. Effective tablet PC Ill dig into it. 01 Product Exterior. It is a minimal size as a whole.. Its length is 245mm and width is 175mm, with a thickness of 8.3mm. Weight without typing cover attached, The weight is 540g., Even if you attach the typing cover, it only weighs 780g. Youre, always conflicting. When you go out or go on a trip, whether to bring your tablet PC along., However, if the size is very minimal and weighs below 800g, even with the typing cover, you would be able to carry it around in a small bag easily.. That would be the merit of Surface Go 3.. It used magnesium alloy to add to its durability. As Microsoft traditionally does. The finishing is very neat and the design is not bad as well. As you can see, theres also a black colorway other than platinum. So you can choose, as you prefer. Lets, look at the back side. Theres a built in kickstand, so you can control the angle freely.. You can conveniently watch YouTube or lectures without a separate holder or a stand. So its very useful. Lets check out the typing cover.. Its made of alcantara as a whole, so it has a smooth texture.. It feels like velvet, but it does worry me that it would get dirty easily.. Also, perhaps due to the small size of the tablet itself, the keyboard is also mini in size.

. I thought it would shake a lot due to its small size, but it is well stabilized than expected. Its tightly fixed.. The response rate is fast. Too. Getting typos.. My hand is a bit large., Its almost to the extent of the size of regular mens hands.. The keyboard is quite small, so you have to type like this. Very tight space., But for those of you with small hands, I dont think it will trouble. You guys. Lets. Look at the display.. It has a 10.5 inch, 1920 x 1280 display quality PixelSense touch screen on it.. The touch response, time itself, isnt bad. Id be able to say that there wont be any trouble using it. On the front camera. It supports a 1080p quality.. Let me show you. Surface. Go 3 front camera screen Tada. What do you guys think I think its clean and clear., But to be honest, if its too clear it is a bit overwhelming when you take online classes or do video calls. Still Im satisfied with the camera. Quality. 05 Face Recognition. Surface Go 3 does not support a fingerprint recognition function., But through this Windows, Hello system, we can simply unlock the tablet with our faces. Done.. The response time.. does seem like it takes a while. Lets find out whether the face recognition function works with masks on.. I do think it wont work because its a face recognition, not an eye recognition., Can not identify user Doesnt work.

. If you wear a mask, you should enter the pin number or use other methods to unlock the tablet.. This does seem a bit inconvenient. A pity.. We cant miss out on the port compositions.. The USB C type port is built in by default. Other than that theres, a 3.5mm headphone port, a micro SD card slot and Surface dedicated connect, port and Surface dedicated connect port to connect the typing cover. 07 Specification. You would have long waited for this. Isnt performance. The most important thing for any product Lets check out the performance. Surface. Go School 3 can be divided into two types depending on the specifications.. The regular model that Im introducing right now consists of Intel, Pentium Gold, 6500Y. Dual core 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage eMMC. For your information. Emmc is a storage used to reduce costs.. It has advantages such as low heat and low power., But I think its a disappointing specification because it lags considerably behind SSD in terms of speed.. The top model of Surface Go 3 is equipped with Intels 10th generation, i3 10100Y quad core RAM 8GB and 128GB SSD., But it is 790000 won, so it cant be regarded as a cost. Effective tablet PC. When I reviewed MacBook Pro last time. I thought it was too much in specifications. This Surface Go 3 is too low. Specification. 08 Performance Test Lets take a look at how it actually feels when using it.. I will go to the website.

I turned on the internet.. I can feel that it is a little slower than existing devices.. I checked the CPU work performance through Geekbench test. Surface, Go 3 single core scored, 822 points and multi core scored. 1377. iPad 6th generation was 1’9 points. iPad. Pro fifth generation was 7219 points.. In terms of performance alone, I think its better to pay more to buy the 5th generation of iPad Pro released in the same year.. Then, what about storage and micro SD slot performance At black magic disk speed? Emmc 64GB has a writing speed of 148MBs and a reading speed of 241.2MBs. Micro SD cards were measured with a writing speed of 57.5 MBs and a reading speed of 83.0 MBs. Overall low speed is also a problem, but the writing and reading speed of micro SD Cards are serious.. I thought it would be better to make up for the lack of storage with the micro SD card slot.. I think it would be too difficult in terms of performance to save and work on files that are frequently used on micro, SD, cards., 09. Overall Review Today we reviewed Microsofts Surface Pro 3, which was positioned with a cost effective 2 in 1 tablet, but came out with indefinite specifications.. It has the advantage of being very light and easy to carry in a minimal size.. However, the performance is significantly lower than that of the premium tablets that are released recently.. I think you have to endure the obvious difference.

For those who work on simple documents. It must be easy for me to carry around For those who think like that. I think it will be useful., But personally I slightly think Should I buy this with this much money? How can you describe this product in 5? Letters If I were to express it in five letters. You are like salmon., Like a salmon that goes up the river upside down., Its a product that seems to have been released in the past, so I named it like this. IT products that you may think What kind of product is this, although you look up for It I will teach you very hard.. If you have any questions, please leave a lot of comments.. Please subscribe like and set notifications. And dont forget to subscribe to the channel Trame that are working with AlgoITney.. The Trame channel is holding a comment event. So please watch the video of the Trame channel.