And never come back. Hello. This is ITSub. The new OS from MS in 24th Jun, 2021, the first one that supports only a 64bit processor Windows. 11 was released. When it leaked before its official release. People gave negative feedback such as quotWhy has the design changed like this’ or quotWhat is thisquot, But then the feedback after the release is quite positive.. However, not everyone can install Windows 11. So this thing called ‘compatibility test’ has been a thing.. Therefore, as I’m interested in the new OS and I love challenging new things, Windows, 11 Changes and First Impressions.. So today, I’m going to tell you what has changed in this new Windows 11 and my first impressions of it. 1. Minimum Requirements to Install.. First, there’s a minimum requirement to install Windows 11., For example. Ram and storage requires double amount than the Windows 10, But the biggest problem at the moment is that it requires higher than Intel, 8th, gen and Ryzen 2nd gen. There’s another wall to overcome that it needs to be supported with a thing called: TPM: 2.0 TPM 2.0. A module that provides security functions regarding the hardware. well, most of the cases weren’t supported with this. So seeing the requirement for Windows 11 has increased. I assume they are determined to clear out the previous legacy support all at once.. Then, how do you know if your PC can be installed with Windows 11? You can check if your PC can be supported by using an official MS program.

However, it has quite a lot of issues with it. So there’s a program made by a user in GitHub instead. And if I run the program, the result for the compatibility for Windows 11 is like the following. It’s all passed with its CPU, the way of booting process and the compatibility.. And you can see that TPM. 2.0 has been found., So the results say that my PC can be installed with Windows 11. 2., How to Install Windows 11 It’s all pass till now. So how do I install it? As iOS has a Beta version to install it in advance? Windows. 11. Has a preview version you can install it in advance to try it. But, as I always say, if it’s, not the official version, I don’t recommend upgrading your OS. That’s, because the Windows might crash or get corrupted or you can blow up the existing files. So I don’t recommend doing the upgrade to your main PC.. If you are really curious and you feel like you must do it, you can try to install it in your sub PC, as I do. For your reference as I’ve already installed it. Even though you didn’t pass all the compatibility, the preview version gets installed with a low barrier.. The way to install it is go into the settings. You’Ll find a thing called ‘Windows Insider Programme., and if you click on it and run it, you can install the preview version of Windows 11.

. Also, there was additional information that I found while doing research.. If you install a chip that MS officially supports TPM 2.0, they are considering supporting Windows 11 with Intel, 7th, Gen and Ryzen 1st Gen as well.. However, as always, if the official version of Windows 11 gets released, wouldn’t there be another program that makes unsupported PCs supported as well 3., First Impression on Windows 11. So what was my first impression of Windows? 11 I’ve installed it in my Galaxy Book Pro 360 and tried using it for a few days, now. New Design. First, the biggest change was that the design changed drastically., For example the overall design got round, and it shows a feature of round translucent edges.. You can see the edge got round, not angular. If you click on the right mouse button. This is the new design.. One thing is that they have a thing called ‘Show more options’ here and if you click on it, you can find the previous window that you had before. From this. I guess the design is not fully integrated yet, but I reckon it’ll be fixed on the official version. As the design of the recycling bin changed from facing diagonal way to facing front the overall design changed a lot. And, as I looked into it, the control panel Stayed in the previous design yet., It shows little design changes here. The previous design for the control panel stays alive and the design of Alt Tab got simpler and bigger.

, Especially the sound changed., For example like this. If it asked for a permission as an administrator., These kinds of warning sound, all got changed. And the theme settings were a bit different as well.. For example, the previous Windows had a light mode, but now it supports an official dark mode, now. New Start Menu. Next is the start menu that completely changed. Compared to that the previous window had the start button at the bottom left. The new Windows changed its location to be in the middle.. It slightly gives an impression of MacOS.. However, it could be inconvenient when you first use it. You could change the settings as well. Go into ‘Personal settings, then ‘Task bar. and if you scroll down it, gives you a choice whether to put the task bar in the middle or the left. And the start button. You might have noticed it already, but the Live. Tiles got deleted which they kept since Windows 8.. One thing, that’s, a shame is that you could set the task bar on the left right top or the bottom in the previous Windows. Now you can only fix it to the bottom of the display., Even more as the start button changed, especially when you use a pen or touch on the display when you view all apps, it changed to be clearer, like this., It was more convenient than I expected For the task bar to be in the middle to use. That’s, what it makes feel more like a MacOS, but it looked prettier than before due to the changed task, bar.

And the task view developed as well. If you see here it’s the menu that was existing in the previous Windows, but it changed to be clearer. New Settings Next, the settings completely changed as well.. The previous Windows left questions like quotWhy is it here and why is that therequot being unorganized, but this version organized it more intuitively, like smartphones. In the basic system, they simply organized the display, sound and notifications together, and they kept the personal settings here together. Then the Bluetooth and the network. It was similar to controlling a smartphone overall.. If I go into the system, I can make the settings for various stuff, especially for the power and battery it’s, changed to analyze the battery more in detail Stuff, like this changed for more fun., And you can change the network settings only on this tab, which is Another fun change.. I definitely like the new setting than the previous one. ControlNotification. Next, the control and notification center changed.. If you click on this one, it shows the notification centre and shows the notification on the overall apps. You can see the calendar as well. And in the control center it has Wi Fi and Bluetooth, Bluetooth, battery saving mode, sound and brightness settings you can change.. One small downside is that you can connect to different Wi Fi directly on this tab, but it only controls. Onoff settings for the Bluetooth.. What was more convenient than I thought here is that if I press the shortcut of Win A the control center pops up and you can control the music that you were playing on the web.

. This was more convenient than I thought. Split Screen. Next is the split screen function., For example, in a circumstance where you run different programs, then, if you hover your mouse around the maximize window button, it comes up with 6 split screens.. If you want to see a program in the corner, you can align the window on the left, then the program to align in the center let’s say you want the Internet to be in the middle and, lastly, you can align on the right with KakaoTalk, the Internet Or a music player.. Furthermore, there was a big change made for Korea. The Windows default came with Internet Explorer and MS Edge, but from Windows, 11 Removal of Internet Explorer only MS Edge comes by default.. That means that you cannot use the existing Internet Explorer. What’s. Better is that, while you’re using it, you can switch to Internet Explorer mode for certain circumstances. Development of MS Store. Ms Store has developed as well. The overall design changed. If you see here, such as the necessary apps or the recommended apps, the contents in it are similar, but the app itself got reorganized New Widgets And there’s. The thing called ‘Widget’ that came new. If you click on this, the widget comes up on the left.. However, as far as I’ve used it so far, it has errors like this. I’m, not sure about the widget function in Windows. 11. Developed, Multiple DisplayGraphics Next are the settings of multiple displays and the graphics.

. This was quite fun as well.. If you used multiple monitors, there was a mode that remembers the location of the tab based on the display connection.. If I say that I was using another monitor connected and used a tab on it. If I remove the monitor, it’ll, remember the location of the tab and if you plug the monitor back in the function, will relocate the tab to its previous location. And, as I use a high scan rate monitor on display settings here, you can set the scan rate Up to 144Hz in a more convenient way. In previous Windows, you had to go into adaptor properties, then monitor to change the display scan rate, but you can change it quicker, now. And in the graphics settings. If you see here, for example, if you click on the option to the in Edge, you can choose whether to use the graphics on Edge on the energy saving mode or use it on the high performance mode.. There was another fun mode as well.. If you go into HDR there’s, a new function called ‘Auto HDR., So it’s supporting Auto HDR in Direct 11 and 12 games. But when I checked, if it’s automatically set for other content, I guess it has some bugs in the function. When I played a 4K HDR video on YouTube, it was being confused., Tablet, Mode, Disappeared And the tablet mode disappeared. For the devices that can be folded up in 360 or the tablet PCs.

It will ask you if you want to run the tablet mode when you change your screen., But now that mode disappeared., Also, when you turn the display sideways, the animation got much softer. If I turn it back to the original position, it changes the screen very softly. When touching the screen, it had no effects when you moved a tab, but now, if you move a tab with touching it, the tab gets slightly smaller and moves really smoothly. That’S. The way that they’ve changed it. And the virtual keyboard got much better.. I don’t know if it’s because of an error, but it comes up small. Whichever way I try. However, it came up big as the previous version.. Anyway, the keyboard works very smoothly. As the input works smoothly for Galaxy Tabs or iPads., The reaction of the virtual keyboard got much better.. Did it allow you to set the keyboard theme before? If you go into ‘Touch Keyboard, it has ‘default ‘light’ and ‘dark, so it allows you to set your keyboard more freely. There were different modes for it., Improved WritingVoice Recognition And the writing and voice recognition improved as well.. In the case of writing, when I tried it, I didn’t feel a dramatic change for it. And voice recognition became available since 365. Last year.. However, now, if you press on ‘Window, H, that’s the keyboard input, it works like this.. What would the new Galaxy Z Fold? 3 be like, When would it be released? It reacts better than I expected, and the recognized rate was quite good.

Earnest Windows, 11 it’s, even recognizing this anyway. The voice recognition improved to a decent level. Improvement in Performance And they say it’s actually improved with its performance.. It improved its performance by 15 compared to Windows, 10 and it’s, more optimized for hybrid CPUs, such as big.LITTLE for the mobile as well.. It drew big attention for its DirectStorage from the gamers. What this means is that it originally accessed its storage by accessing the graphics card and CPU in order, but now it skips the CPU and makes access to its storage straight from the graphics card.. So the speed of loading a game got faster., Also what’s better as well in Windows 11. Is that Installing the Android Apps you can officially download the Android apps in it.. It takes the data from the Amazon app store to install the apps and download them from the MS store, but in the Preview Beta, it doesn’t show the Android apps separately yet.. This uses the Bridge technology of Intel and AMD supports for all the ARM processors.. By using this way, they said you can take the data from the Amazon app store or take the apk. files to install the apps. So I downloaded an apk. file.. Well, this function is not yet supported in the preview mode. For the rest of it. It started to support AAC codec as the latest Windows 10 does., The Windows Clipboard improved as well. The Clipboard existed in the previous versions, but now it improved that you could use emojis and gifs on it.

. As I tried Windows 11, there were so many changes made. So I tried to tell you about everything one by one, but I organized the features that I thought critical for this video. New Windows 11 will be released during the second half of 2021 and they plan to offer free updates for the current Windows. 10 users from the first half of 2022. Well they’ve made it quite nicely even if it’s a Windows, 11 Preview version.. But one thing that I personally think it’s a shame is that I wanted it to enforce the HiDPI support, but it’s really a shame that they didn’t enforce this feature. In the case of Mac the higher resolution it gets. It makes the display better to look at, but for Windows with its HiDPI support, it’s, a big shame. Anyway. This is it for today and since Windows 11 changed a lot in its design and you might want to update it as well, but bear with it for a while. That’s, because I’ve seen many cases that the Window broke and ended up formatting it by trying the Update., If you’re desperate, try it with your second PC, well enjoy Windows 10 for a bit longer and I recommend to updated it when they release an official version.. By the way, I tried using Windows 10 after using 11., but there were some better features with Windows: 10., For example, showing the notification tab clear at once.