At present. The machine, in my hand, is an engineering prototype. Some functions of the system have not been realized.. I hereby inform you Lets take a look at the appearance of the machine. First, An 11 inch 2K screen is used on the front 90 of screens. The thickness of the fuselage is 6.7mm, and the weight is 500g Built in an 8000 MAH battery. The maximum charging power is 18W, The rear camera is 16 million and the front camera is 8 million. There are three buttons in the fuselage power supply and volume increase and decrease. There is also a card slot on the other side, Can put SIM card and TF memory card Thats all for the appearance., Then lets start the machine. The processor of the machine is Ziguang zhanrui Huben 7510. This is an 8 core processor with 12NM process. It is equipped with 8g running memory and 256g storage space. The complete process of starting the machine is shown in the video It took more than 30 seconds. After entering the desktop, we see that it seems to be little different from the ordinary flat desktop, But when you enter the settings you can see that it is running its own jingos, Its written on the front page of their official website. This is a mobile operating system based on Linux. So if you compare it with the more mature iPad and Android Tablet, That makes no sense Whale dace technology is also emphasized.

This tablet is not designed to be sold to mass consumers. It may be more targeted at the Linux user base. Then lets take a look at its performance. There are two browsers in it. Lets. Take a look at Firefox. First, The browser currently cannot scroll pages with your fingers. When we slide our fingers through a web page, It selects text instead of scrolling up and down To scroll the page. We need to pull the scroll bar on the right Chrome. The other browser wont You can scroll by sliding the page normally In terms of video playback. I have tested online video and local video. The first is the video with more barrages. This looks like theres no pressure, Then lets take a look at the scenery. Video of the oil pipe Video can also be played at 2K resolution, But when switching to 4K The machine cant play normally, It seems that the video playback performance of this tablet is really average. It can only support up to 2K resolution As a Linux tablet. It also has an app store, But after opening you can find that there are only a few applications in it. So I want to install other applications at this stage. You still have to download the installation package from the Internet or through the command line, Because of it. The system is customized based on Ubuntu, So we can download the DEB package of arm64 from the Internet to install it Here is a demonstration of the process of installing WPS.

In fact, it is also very simple to download the installation package Open in file manager. Click Install enter the password and wait slowly After that, the icon of WPS will appear on the desktop. Of course. Not all applications can be installed like this. In the Linux world, we still need to use the command line. More often, For example, I want to install a qbittorrent to download BT seeds. I can open the terminal input directly, sudo apt, install qbittorrent At present. The terminal of the system also has some shortcomings. You cant see it if you only enter a few lines of commands. When you execute a few more lines you will find. The problem Is that our input is blocked by the keyboard Because of this virtual keyboard it is direct Floating above the current application. So my current solution is Divide. The terminal into upper and lower windows Then use only the upper window. Then I also installed some applications on the tablet using the terminal. Next lets take a look at the performance of these applications. First QB: this is a BT downloader. I think its very good to use it And it can also achieve a good speed when downloading popular resources Lets take another look at vscode, which is a code editor Then, on the tablet. We may use it more to view the code, But it doesnt seem to fit the touch screen. So the code preview window and scroll bar here on the right, We cant pull it with our hands.

The position can only be moved by clicking, So it seems that if you want a better experience, you may have to match it with a keyboard. Take another look at WPS. I have prepared a PDF book here. I think the loading speed is quite fast. Then the effect of reading with it is also OK. Lets. Take a brief look at other functions of WPS. I also installed an open source comic book app named mcomix. This app supports a lot of comic formats, And the preview on the left here supports touch screen. Scrolling, However, the main window does not support sliding page flipping, But we can turn the page by double clicking. I have to say that this tablet is really good for reading comics. Next lets talk about my feelings during this period of time. First, when I first got the machine, My feeling is joy and excitement, Because this tablet is running Is a real Linux system And also has a good configuration, But after excitement comes loss Because there are many bugs in this system. Of course, as an engineering prototype there are these bugs. I think its understandable. Just wait for their engineers to repair it slowly. At the same time, the system can now run Android applications. There are several official apps that can be installed, For example, the demonstration of fruit ninja, But I want to install a third party Android App myself. It may have to wait until September, So now we can only continue to wait and see what can be done when we see it.

I am personally very happy to have such a product After all, as consumers, its good that we can have more choices, So thats all the content of this video. Thank you for watching.