Its real name is Battlefield. Ea will also bring a Battlefield mobile game in 2022 And the date of the announcement of the first propaganda film yesterday and the content seems to have surfaced In this issue of Compass Gay Wall. We will take you from the background of the game. Game location, game play, launch situation and other aspects of the recent review of all the news of Battlefield Constellation According to Tom Battlefield, will be the direct sequel to Battlefield IV and will be an upgrade to Battlefield III. It’S, a story set in a world of warped visions where the United States and Russia are in conflict, and you play an agent from a lonely country That is you. Don ‘t belong strictly to a country or faction, and you can choose to fight for Russia or the United States. He guessed that what he was seeing so far was that Russia had taken over an island and was using. I ts resources because they only knew part of the game. The American side is infiltrating. The island Battlefield VI is going to take place in a modern to future setting about a decade from now in the 2030s. In addition to human beings, technological products are also essential. Like four legged robots animals robots drones, they help people, But there won’t be any wall, walking laser laser walls and all these ridiculous future products or more realistic weapons that are still in the development or circular phase.

In addition, there were two recent Read posts about the new Battlefield game, but both have been deleted and the account has been deleted. Don’T take it seriously. These posts actually conflict with them in terms of the game. Setting Hamm believes that the game is set in a war between the United States and Russia to help players choose which big country to work. For He said, a war between the United States and Russia that led to the world’s environmental degradation would play the role of a soldier of a declining nation. The difference is that one of the fallen countries is allied with the two superpowers. In other words, the world is divided into two camps. However, no matter who is wrong, the impact on the player is not big.. We still wait for the official announcement to compare the actual.. The above is a reference in advance. Don’T, have sex Tom also drew a few images on the game map for the first trailer.. The first image was a top view of an island that was too abstract to get any accurate information. In the second chapter, we can see the rockets being launched the tornadoes on the sea, the numerous technological planes, the tall buildings of the dangerous trees and the rolling mountains. According to the high definition pictures which the netizens reproduced A third view of a rocket launch site. In the lower right corner of a small mounted weapon sitting inside a jet There’s, a tornado in the back of the rocket with a link to a Google map that points right to the ce nter of the Tanegashima universe in Japan.

The rocket is also a modified version of the Japanese rocket and the island will be shown in the first production video and is one of the maps in the game where 128 players battle. The second read reveals that the game’s handgun contains 13 maps and another map. A month later, all of which are set in Eurasia Staff, animals located in China, Middle East and East Asia, Middle East and Europe, each have some characteristics. All of the first maps have no video in North America, South America, Africa and Russia. Before this players found two coordinates the number on the head of the characters and the badges on the waist of the five characters when the new technology of Korea Twin Engine was displayed in 2020, Both coordinates are located in Kazakhstan, but at this point no one knows If this is related to the Battlefield, constellation., Maybe it’s, just a matter of overthinking, We went into the city’s larger 128 strong battlefield. They also expect the game’s campaign to be less of a traditional single player game and perhaps more of a co op mode rather than a two player model. While other modes are currently unconfirmed, some of the old modes will still be in place, but it was mentioned in the violence forum of the Swiss team a couple of days ago that the conquest mode has been tweaked. There will be a number of side targets that need to be completed during the game.

Assault projects. Support and scouts will return as classes, but each class will have more of them. Not all classes have the same number of classes. Attack has two types of staff and four types, each of which plays a different role on the battlefield. The game takes the feature weapon all the way back to the circular weapons of the Cold War era and is in development with powerful weapons and gadgets on the map. As battle stones, You can find them in fixed locations on the map. When someone asked if Tompan’s Provincial Signs had some messy skin, they gave a video of a tech. Helmet tha t hinted at the type of gear that might be coming out later. Also included is a mechanical dog that can be used for private benefit. Four Bamboo Robot It moves very fast and can carry weapons.. It seems likely to be a new type of vehicle rather than just a gadget.. This time, the material destruction system will be much richer. In addition to explosions, natural disasters will also be an important factor in damaging the system. According to their hints, it should include avalanches, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc. There’S also the Arterial Weather System to support the game as it goes along and according to another, reporter Clerberry, the massive explosions and destruction will keep players. Mesmerized Dynamic systems such as smoke, water, rain and fire are all very real When large buildings and towers fall down. Your gameplay changes completely and you need to find other ways to get things done.

We are more concerned about the big Tangshan model. Many sources indicate that Datang Desert Society will be released in March 2020 and will be played by Phtplay with SLA development. It can also be seen from the previous questionnaire that Box A adopts the way of free play and combat pass to fight against Citizen China. Theater Two other Colonial anchors may have experienced Avenue, Kill such as Beard on a cart suggesting that Avenue Kill will be Janis’ rhythm. Another announcer also said this is going to be the best massacre. Yet I wonder how happy you are right now and how happy you will be when you die. In addition, the latter also said that the March 2012 launch of the Sa Shout Floor. Avenue may not be quite correct. Field. Officials have now officially announced that the new test will be released soon. It will launch a mobile footprint for phones and tablets in 2012. The developer is IndustralToys a mobile game, developer owned by One A It can be viewed as an indie game and the developers that occupy new space include DS, T D, C, A etc It’s worth mentioning t hat. The official introduction only mentions the theme of the next era and the PC platform, So it probably won’t be released on a previous generation theme. Cixi players have noticed that Battlefield has changed the background of all social channels to a new black background with white text. According to several land sources, the land will follow the same pattern as it did five years.

Ago., The trailer will be released a week after the teaser date is set in late April, That’s three days from now April 30th and the release date of the trailer is probably around May 1st. In China. The trailer will be released on May 7 at 1pm. Pacific time 4am Beijing time on May 8, The trailer will feature the aforementioned Japanese seed Map setting and weather system. There may also be snow mountain scenes similar to those of the Alps, but no gameplay segments will be shown It’s, basically, a cinematic perspective, sort of like the fifth and they’ve, also sworn that the gesture trailer is 100 percent on this island. So let’s wait and see The fourth quarter conference call will also be held on May 11. According to the 2020 earnings report, a CEO said he expects the official offering window to be around Christmas 2021. They as well as multiple sources, have suggested that Battlefield Startups may be adding Tea Box. Gen Paths to lure a large number of players into the pit. A popular gaming news, source Specialed is also reporting live, that a triple A FS game will be joining PlugBox and Paz in the fall It’s possible that this is also a reference to the constellation. Given that Deco is on the same side as Sony City and the release platform is unclear, If you only receive the latest messages, you will only log in the next generation theme and PC. There is also no mention of the early years of the previous generation, including in official articles.

Even if it does, Grand Battlefield will probably only have 64 players and the other three worlds will only work on Xbox, One X and PS Pro. So we have to wait for official confirmation. Unofficial information, including most of the above, should not be sexually explicit, especially if it is dynamic and may be revised prior to release That’s all for now about the Battlefield constellations.. This should be the last Battlefield, video of the Compass before the game is released. If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments section or you can sharpen your reasons..