0.43 89.. It just came out a few days ago and today, i’m, going to show you exactly what steps you got ta get in order for you to install now. If you already have the older version down and install it, just click and install on top of it, and it should go through fine and you’re going to get the latest versions and now you’re not going to corrupt anything in your android tv boxes. I’M. Just keep mentioning android tv, because a lot of you have tvs that have this type of look and you have the android software installed on it. Now it doesn’t matter os 7 or os 9. It will work, but you need to grab an air mouse remote to make things simple, because this app is created for phones and tablets and we’re just porting it over. So it is really meant touched so it’s like touch screen, basically that’s. What i’m trying to say, so you need to grab an air mouse remote in order to play with it and know your regular remote does not cut it and no there’s, no any kind of apps that will make your remote give it a god mode. So you can use it so just to get that out of the system and let’s go next. I do not want to forget if you haven’t, subscribed to our channel click to click. The subscribe button make sure you share this with your friends and family and make sure you click the notification icon select all in order for you to get notified once we have a new video out on top of that, if you have a question drop them at The bottom of the video we love to help you out asap and don’t forget to click to click the like button.

It really motivates us to make these type of videos quickly with a little more detail every time. Alright, so let’s go next, make sure you connect it to the internet and go to your google play store now, once we go here, go on a top and there is a little search click on it and then you can go to the right side and where You can see the keyboard in the bottom and now you have to type a word card downloader now. I know that in the background it already shows the app, because i have done it so many times on this box and testing things that’s, why it shows up. But once you type a few letters go on the bottom and select the little search, which is right here and just click on it. And now we will show you the downloaded. I will click on it and then click on install. So it will go through to install it, takes a couple of seconds we’re not done yet and i’m going to show you in this video how you can uninstall it when this is done. A lot of you are asking so let’s go through and show you that too, once that is done to go on the top go to search, and then you can go on the bottom and there’s a little back space or call it delete just delete this words And then type site load launcher you don’t have to type the whole thing.

You just have to type a few little letters and it will show up once you do that. Go on the bottom and then same thing again on this magnifying glass click. Ok, it takes a couple of seconds, and here we go, it shows up, and i want to mention that you’re not just going to be stuck in this app there as other ones, there’s, one called launcher: there’s one called tv app drawer, there’s, a tv launcher which We will make a video in the future, also side, channel launcher. These are all basically this with a little more flavor that’s about it. But this is the basic one so i’m going to stick to this. We will click on it and click on install. So here we go once you go through this and install it. This is something that you really need is because you’re going to port some of these apps onto this android tv and you need to get access to it, and this is how you will be able to see those apps click home and once you’re here go on. This little plus sign click on it and then the first one that we’re going to bring down is going to be downloader. Second, one you’re going to go back to that plus sign click on this side, load launcher and then once you go inside load launcher click. Ok, for a few seconds, you will see this little menu. Second one says move, select that and then take it all the way to the first one on the list and select.

Ok, so that way, it just resides there now we’re not done yet go back to downloader click on open and wait for it to come up. This is your first time clicking open. If you already don’t have this, so you will get this pop up says to give them allowance. You have to say, allow and press ok to get out of that now over. Here you have a bunch of menus. We do not really need that. This is what we need is. This part called enter a url, so click on that – and the first thing we need is a little browsing capability. So that way we can get the file going. So for that we need to type browser.aftvnews.com now, if you do have a spelling mistake, go back and fix it, it’s a lot better that way and then i’m going to leave this for a couple of seconds for you to catch up, and i want to mention, If we are going too fast pause the video process, your step and then press play, so this way you’re not going to fall behind and then go on this bottom right here and then select this enter key. So this way you can get this plug in and this is for the actual downloader. So this is the first time. Yes, you will get this pop up, go to settings and then it will tell you to install unknown apps and you need to go to that app itself and click on giving it allowance, basically for the downloader and then press back.

It will kick you out now. Don’T click done or delete, select, install and then it will go through you’ll get this pop up, go on the bottom and select install now give it a couple of seconds for it to totally go through and then once it’s done, you see the open as grayed Out, don’t worry click on done now. Click on done over here now, we’re not done yet go back over here and then we’re going to delete this once you’re. Here you have to type bit dot ly forward, slash just have to type chrome browser and make sure that you don’t have a spelling mistake and then 7 2. that’s the latest version that they have, and then you have to scroll down in here before you click This enter key. I want to mention that if we are going too fast pause the video process, your step and then press play, so this way you’re not going to fall behind and then you can click on go. It will take you to this website. Yes, it’s called mediafire, and then you have to scroll down to right there and then click. Ok, now what it will do is it will go through to get you the file. Sometimes it gives you a pop up like this, just press back and there you go once you get this pop up, just let it download it’s roughly about 97.9 or, i should say, 98 megabyte of a file, so let it go through it.

This part is the pan to the connection of your internet, of how fast it will download, and i want to mention one thing – that some of you guys are saying these videos are too long. Of course, it is it’s because we’re showing you step by step of what you need to process and no we’re not going to sell you anything in this. So there is a few things that we have mentioned, something like a air mouse, remote that’s mandatory. If you are going to use it for your aqiv, remember that we are porting the app that is made for tablet and phones, and that is really made for touchscreen that’s. Why and then, once you get, this part go in the bottom and click on install now. We’Re going to give it a couple of seconds for it to go through and install it now. This part again takes a few seconds for it to go through, get authenticated and install it on proper folders. Now, if you had the old one, this is going to install on top of it and only the updated portions are going to be installed in that. So this way you have full access and you do not have to re install or you do not have to uninstall and install this one. Once it’s done click done now we will press home. We will go back all the way. First, one on the list, which is site, load launcher, and here it is now before we open.

I want to show something that you guys are always asking is deleting this downloader no problem, but before you do that click on it click delete this app too. Thus, we don’t have any type of information inside of it go to the site, click on files and if you see any files in there, click and hold for a few seconds and then select delete, so this way there’s nothing in your box whatsoever. Now one is done: go on the top go to settings right here, scroll down to apps, select it and then go to uninstall and click. Ok. So this way it is totally going to be wiped out from your box. So you don’t have that app whatsoever. But you do need to keep the site load launcher, so this is how you’re going to be able to see these apps. So now, when you go to it here, it is and now let’s launch it. So this is the first launch when you go in. Yes, you will get this part, you have to select, accept and continue, and then you can say no tanks, and this is the first time booting it so let’s go through very quickly and review it and show you exactly what type of look you will get. This is on a landscape mode, think of it that your phone is on a landscape mode or your tablet is so the actual bar on the top is not there, and when you go to these three little lines, these are the options that you can see.

So you can go next page also, you can favorite some of the websites that you, like also the downloads will show up if you have anything under downloads and then some information that you need about this page itself is going to be there. So let’s go back to it and then the next part is you can open a new tab, just click on it and it will open a second tab. You can see there’s two of them now and you can close one if you don’t need it, and this way you just have one tab and you click on it. It just goes back to full screen. The next part is new incognito tab. That means, as it will not going to keep a lot of your data cookies and peanuts inside of it. So this way not going to be used. If you want to look for something like a plane ticket, this is not going to keep all of your cookies and bookmarks. When you select it, if you have any bookmarks, it will show up that’s a beautiful part and when you back get back out of it, go back to these three lines. Here you go. Recent tabs that you had open history will show up too downloads will be here too, and you can put this on a desktop mode. Now. Desktop mode does not really mean that you’re going to change the look, and it will look just like your computer.

It never does that remember that there is a huge gap in the middle of it is that on your computer, you’re, using windows or mac or using linux, and this thing is running on android. So there are a lot of differences when it comes to scripting and also coding these type of software itself and no we’re not going to manipulate anything on that to make it look like just like your computer, or you can install the little extensions that’s not going To be possible too, but just to demonstrate that how this really works is we’re, going to just shut down, or should i say, turn off the mice and we’re going to type our own website, which is xytex dot info. And we will go on the bottom and then select go so this way it will show our website that how fast it will load and how good it will look. So when you go to it and when you select the main page just because chrome likes it to be really secure, you can see that i have the little lock on the website itself, which is a beautiful thing, and when you go to it, it shows up Everything accurately, but just like the tablet, not like your computer, so these are the little differences in if i have to go in as an example. This is our latest video right now and we click on it and then we want to go to it and play the video itself, which is going to come right here and if i have to press and now it is embedded in this browser itself.

So i can watch it, but if i want to make it full screen, there is a little thing right here i can select and now it takes me back to the top. So i got to go back down a little bit and if i have to go and hover over, you can see that that i can make it full screen now. In this case, this is an actual app that is running on the browser and you can see most of the things are perfectly there, but there is a few things that again, i want to mention that, if you’re going to certain different websites – and they are using Different format of video, it is not going to be compatible. Yes, and there are some compatibilities when it comes to something like sony, tvs or there. There are little differences when it comes to android tvs itself, so there are some settings that he cannot do there’s some things that he cannot do and no there’s no way for us to patch it and go into settings. These are the options that you can see. So you can go through payment method, address notification team. You can change a lot of things over here, but i have to mention that again going through it. I do not see anywhere. That says, add ons, so you can add something like ad blocker or if you have a downloader little app on this it’s not possible for you to do it on this body.

Can you can log in very easily and you get more accesses through it? So this is how the browser really looks. I am sure you’re going to like it just playing with it, and there is a lot of options available. This is our website. We have a lot of things covered in this too. If you need help, you can go there too, and it will get you help as you need, so this version is launched not that long ago this version is eight 89.0.4389.72. I hope you guys, like our video, if you do like it, click to click. The like button subscribe button on the top comment on the bottom, always remember to visit our own website, which is xytex.