However, there are many products available to choose from each with different characteristics, benefits and prices to help you make an informed decision. I did extensive research, read tons of reviews and compiled a list of the best tablet, with hdmi output from reputable brands after much research. I found these products much helpful for people like you. If you want to know about the price and other information be sure to check my description so without any further delay, lets jump into the video number one lenovo yoga, tab 3, hd, 83, android tablet. Computer say goodbye to your tv and hello to the ultimate entertainment tablet: the yoga tab 3.8. The dazzling display is great for binge, watching your favorite shows anywhere from the office to your kitchen.its, powerful speakers deliver truly immersive audio and best of all you can project cinema. Like video onto any surface, the yoga tap 3 pro is your ultimate video and entertainment device share movies, music and more using the tablets built in rotatable projector and four jpl speakers for theater quality experience an 18 hour battery life allows you to play all day and Night, without needing to charge with its four modes, you can easily adapt to your viewing comfort, show off the elegant, full leather, finish and splash proof capabilities to your friends and surprise them with the tablets voice. Controls number two rca: galileo, 11.5 32gb touchscreen tablet, computer with keyboard case introducing the rca 11 galileo pro two in one tablet with detachable keyboard.

The 11 galileo pro operates on android marshmallow and showcases the operating systems brand new material design. This tablet is loaded with features. It has a nice size keyboard where you can actually type papers and letters on a web based, word processor. The processor is very fast and there is no wait. Sound is very nice and loud enough to actually hear youtube videos lots of buttons to control the tablet. In nice locations for the money, this is a good buy. Having a detachable keyboard with a tracking mouse area is nice. The keyboard is very responsive and well smaller than a standard keyboard. It is very usable. I also like the fact that all the external controls volume power, usb hdmi etc, are all on one side of the case. Number three lenovo android tablet 10 inch with epc tablets. If you are obsessed with online gaming, then lenovo t10 tablet is the answer to all your questions. Lenovo tablet has some amazing and unique features which attracts everyone. For instance, this tablet has a built in gyroscope and accelerometer sensor, which enhances your gaming experience by eliminating lacking and any kind of interruption. This tablet has a 9.0 pi google certified android operating system. Unlimited google, apps and games could be downloaded by google play store for free. Moreover, it has a 3gb ram and 32gb rom that is expandable to 128gb via micro, south dakota cart slot. In this way, you can store as much data as you want, plus, if you want to make it on the big screen.

Just connect your tablet with tv via hdmi cable, and you are good to go, enjoy your games browsing shopping on the big screen. Furthermore, it has a 64 bit quad core processor, which enhances the speedy working of the system, the 5mp rear camera and the 2mp front. Camera works as a cherry on the top. In addition to that, the lenovo tablet is battery operated and it lasts for several hours. Number four dragon touch: notepad k10 tablet: the dragontouch k10 is a highly robust and flexible tablet designed to meet the needs of everyday users and allow them to enjoy everything from web surfing to offline applications on their device. The tablet comes with a 10.1 inch hd display, which is perfect in terms of resolution, but still allows you to use the hdmi output port to transfer your screen to a more prominent display. The tablet comes with a 64 bit quad core processor paired with 2gp ram, to enhance the overall performance and run powerful applications with the utmost smoothness paired with the android 9.0 operating system. You can expect to customize your experience just the way you like it. You can capture stunning pictures using the 8mp rear camera and enjoy video calls with your loved ones, with the 2mp selfie cameras help. Furthermore, you also get to enjoy 32 gb built in storage space to keep all your applications, pictures, music and other data files. The good thing is that it comes with a micro, south dakota card slot, so you can expand the storage up to 128 gp for optimum performance number five fesio n5 104b series tablet.

The fesio n5 104b series is another fesio and 5 tablet that delivers stunning and responsive performance to the users. With its stunning ips 10 inch full hd display. The tablet is equipped to bring your screen to life, especially with the 1280 x 800 resolution. With the hdmi port, you can enjoy your display on a bigger screen, such as your tv or monitor, and enhance the overall experience. The tablet comes with the mt 8167 quad core processor, which runs at the clock speed of 1.3 thc, which is impressive when paired with 2gb ram to deliver convincing performance. Not only that, but the tablet also comes with built in 16, gb storage and in south dakota. Cart slot that allows you to expand it to 128 gp to store all your personal and work data on the same device thats. All from my end, i make helpful video daily so to subscribe, my channel and hit the bell notification to get more information or, if you want to know product price, please do check my description for any kind of problem. Please comment below so i can help you further. Life is short, so enjoy every bit of your life with our cool products.