So i have it downloaded on here and now. Let me install it on my laptop Music and it’s awesome, because astro pad has been the og screen projecting up, but it’s only been on max so it’s. Finally coming to pc. Oh, i can either connect via wi, fi or usb awesome, all right, guys, it’s working let’s see if um apple, pencil, ah it’s it’s working, it’s working. Let me zoom in and let me show you guys in one quick moment all right guys right now. I have it mirroring my screen and it’s working it’s um through wi fi, um it’s, showing it a little bit pixelated on. Let me open up click paint studio um. Maybe it has something to do with my wi fi network i’m. Also gon na try via usb. I have a usb type c to usb type c, since my laptop only has usb type c ports. Let’S see. Oh, look workspace. Oh, it has all these shortcuts on the side that’s pretty nice, the pressure works there’s some red lines that come in that i’m not used to yet let’s see. Can i bring in the shortcut workspace undo this undo work? Oh, the undo works all right. Let me do a quick sketch, oh no it’s a little bit laggy. I don’t like uh the red lines that come in first let’s see this looks promising. I like the user interface. So far. Let me open up photoshop. This is completely wireless and it is pretty cool uh.

Let me see if there’s a way for me to turn off oh line preview, color. Okay, i don’t want that. Oh that’s, pretty cool, show cursor, yes pretty new and if some of you guys don’t know about astropad it’s, basically like um easy canvas, i talked about that app a lot on my channel. This is the og version of this, of that app they’re, not from the same company but that’s. Just the best way i can describe it master pad was someone the first that created um a drawing app like that on the ipad. So let me see Music, oh okay. The pressure works it’s a little bit slow. Let me turn on back, though the preview thing i guess, i’ll do cyan all right, so the line does help a lot more in photoshop. I don’t know if you guys can see, but my lines are a lot slower on here. Oh man, i don’t like this undo the pressure works but it’s not as smooth as i want it to i’m, not sure if it’s, because i’m working on wi fi all right, that’s a little bit better. I just have to slow down my. This is pretty cool. Let me go back on click, paint, studio and see um. Let me undo all of that Music. Let me turn off um so far i like it just my lines are a lot slower than i want them to be. Let me zoom in a lot more all right, guys, i’m zoomed in and you guys can see.

My strokes are a little bit slow, i’m, not sure if it’s, because of the wireless mode, it’s, probably based off my wi fi response time, 12 millisecond that’s that’s a little bit too high for me. So now let me plug in. Let me show you guys um the stroke in photoshop, so that you guys can see okay it’s a lot better. Now, okay, it used to be nazi like when i go into it. It kind of lags right here so i’m going to try. It collect it. Now, all right guys i’m going to try to connect it via usb and see if that improves the latency and again right now, this app is in beta. Let me close out of it and try it one more time all right, let’s go! Let me open. Okay, maybe the regular, maybe usb type c won’t work. Maybe i need to get an adapter because it says standard usb connection, so let me try that all right guys, i’m back, i have a usb type c to usb adapter that i’m gon na try all right. I have it and it’s not it’s, not it’s, not working through a usb and it’s, not working all right. Let me try that one more time. Oh it disconnected. I knew it. Nope not manual yeah it’s, still only connecting through the wi fi, and i don’t want that. So let me try this on my pc to see there’s anything different, maybe it’s, because there’s an adapter and i’m not sure but let’s see alright guys.

I have it installed on my pc let’s hope that i can make it work through the usb first but it’s nice that it gives me the option to do that um and to just share just a specific area of my screen. So let me do full screen for now all right, guys, i’ve zoomed in i’m, going to turn off the wi fi on my ipad, just to show you that it’s still connected through usb. I think the connection will be a lot better. I think it already is. Let me go back and let me make my um pen stroke um a little bit bigger. I see workspace, let’s, see brush plus plus plus. Does that work? I think it does because i’m seeing it move up on there. So it’s a lot more fast. Oh man! Oh man, oh man, i’m just making the lines and stuff. Actually let me go back. Let me turn off the stroke now, Music. Let me zoom in oh, it does have two finger to zoom that’s nice that’s, nice that’s, nice. All right now. Let me try to oh man it’s a lot more natural with usb connection for some reason on my laptop it wouldn’t work usb type c to adapters wouldn’t work for some reason. I hope they fix that in the update, but for now it’s working. Let me try photoshop the main star app that we need to test this on, since click paint studio is already on the ipad, but this is also another way to bypass that subscription model, which is awesome, let’s see if the pressure works.

Okay. So far the pressure is not working. Let me switch my brush, maybe okay, so it’s not working in photoshop on my main computer, which is a bummer right now, it’s only working on clip paint, studio, that’s weird, i guess that’s what you get with like something right now in beta, oh man, i don’t Know what to say all right, guys, it’s awesome: it works for click paint studio. Let me see if it’ll work with the dopey illustrator really quick, even though it doesn’t work for photoshop at all, uh let’s, just hope, let’s see if it’s um a thing with adobe software or not uh nope um it’s, still giving me like a similar issue. I can’t even make a line so for now it doesn’t work on adobe product, but this is just the beta, so let’s hope. Let me try out one more app all right. I have fire alpaca, open and let’s see if the pressure works on that one all right, so the pressure works in fire alpaca. Oh no, let me – and i don’t really know how to use this program so i’m, just showing you guys how if the pressure is working or not, and let me try paintless eye all right. I have paint tool. Sai open let’s see if the pressure would work on that all right. It looks like it’s working in paint so high, um i’m, not sure if the pressure is working. The way i like to, let me switch in a different brush.

Oh no, it is it. Is it is it’s working perfectly? Oh, i just don’t like this brush. I need to re import, my brushes in here, but it’s working in paint tools. I guys, oh man, sorry that i’m doing a bunch of weird squizzly. This is like how i do my line test by just doing random doodles to make sure it works before i invest my time and do a full illustration on this. Alright, i’m opening up krita to see if it works on that as well. It looks like the pressure is working i’m, not sure how i feel about these lines like they look so much better in cliff paint studio, clip paint studio. You can really see the pressures there compared to some of these other apps, like krita, even um, even paint tool set paint tool set doesn’t. Look that bad, i i don’t know i don’t know if you guys get what i’m saying it’s, like maybe it’s the way. I’M doing my lines, um i’ll definitely be doing a full, extended test and individual videos of full drawings on each program using project book when it fully comes out so right now it looks like it works uh. Let me try different brushes. I am again i’m not too familiar with creative interface as well, so let’s move on to the next program, all right we’re going to be testing this out on as well to see if the pressure works.

All right, i uh i’m, not sure i can’t tell if the pressure is working with this brush, but it looks like uh. I don’t know i don’t know i’ll, let you guys be the judge of that. Let me oh no. This brush just seems the same. Maybe if i lower the opacity or something um again is another one of those programs that i don’t personally use so i’m. Sorry, if this test isn’t super accurate i’m going to be trying it on medibang paint. I know this is an app that’s also already on the ipad, but i just wanted to test it out as well, so that i could see if there’s any discrepancy. Oh my god see the pressure works so much better, unlike medibang and so for click paint studio. Everything else i feel like doesn’t give me weighted lines like they give me weighted lines, but they don’t give me the pressure. If that makes sense, like i get weighted lines enough um. No, i don’t care, i don’t feel like i get away deadlines i’ll. Let you guys be the judge of that, but i feel like i get much better lines in medibang, but this is nice. Let’S move on to the next step. Three i’m gon na be testing this out on audrey’s sketchbook. This is the windows mobile version of the app and um it’s, also another app that’s, already natively on the ipad. But again i like to use this app to really test out the pressure, sensitivity and again it works.

I feel like it works a lot better to compare it like clipping studio, medibank, um sketchbook. Let me try another brush um. Let me try like a marker or something but yeah. I get i get pressure and i get weighted lines. Oh man, for the most part. I do so it works in the app version and autodesk sketchbook. This is how the desktop version of autodesk sketchbook looks like pretty similar interface let’s see if it works, and it also works on this. So so far, oh, i know you guys can’t even see. Let me zoom in like it would be so nice on that pretty much no latency. Ah, so they just need to get this to work for photoshop the adobe, apps and they’ll be a win. Oh man, this is so cool. Let me go back to some of the other one. It doesn’t work with illustrator i’m, not even going to try with that. This is how it looks with fire alpaca we get weighted lines, but no pressure. Let me go back, maybe it’s the brush settings that i have to go through with paint site. It might be the brush settings, but it works in paint till sci krita. It works. I feel like it’s a similar issue with paint tool sci. I probably have to play with the brush settings so that maybe that – and we have give i don’t know i don’t know – i don’t – know what to say about game by it’s like it’s, not an app that i use, but it seems like it works and mighty.

Bang paint feels like it works the best we get weighted line. We get the pressure, it works really nicely autodesk sketchbook perfect. Both version of the app and clip paint studio works like a charm. This app looks super promising. I can’t wait till it works with adobe suite because there’s a lot of photoshop is just nice for it to work on, but thankfully a lot of my photoshop brushes broke into the paint studio. This is really nice right now, ah, it looks so promising. I can’t wait to erase the illustrator and other vector programs – i don’t know any other vector programs besides adobe illustrator, so i’m. Sorry, i just used a lot of different drawing apps it’s, really cool that it works with paints all saw so a lot of you guys out there. So that way, you guys can see all of this in more detail and full tests. I’M excited for the future of this app. If you guys have any questions, comment or concerns, leave them down below anything.