Look at that it’s, seamless and apparently there’s a drawing mode, so that’s gon na explore that and see. If the s pen works, as you guys can see, there’s no cables. I just have a stand um for the tablet, just because it makes it easier in wow. So let’s get right into it. Music first thing: first, how do you set it up? Well, you need to update to the latest one ui update. I don’t remember the exact number, but i’ll leave everything down below and if you have to have the update, you should be. You slide to the second screen. Let me zoom in and it should show up right there second screen and it comes with two options: drawing and gaming mode that’s what we’ll be testing out today in like video, smooth mode and uh, all you have to do is press. Let me go back out. Press the windows key and k on your keyboard and you should see a little connect like you, should be able to see your tablet. Sorry guys. But let me just click my my tablet and it connects automatically that’s all you have to do and if you guys wanted to right now, i’m having a duplicating my screen, if you just kind of if you click ctrl k again, you can click change, projection mode And you can have it extended, so it becomes a second screen. Look at that and let me go on display settings on my laptop and, i said see.

Let me bring it over. This is the tablet. Let’S see identify it works wirelessly. So this is pretty cool. Now let’s see if the drawing mode actually works quickly. I wanted to add that it’s, currently not on the tab, s6 light. I have it in right now and i don’t have the latest update for the tab. S6 lite, but currently it’s not available, at least from the trailer i’ve seen and all the research that i’ve done, it’s currently not available on the tab, six light, but if it does come on it you definitely bet i’ll be making a video about it. So be sure to be subscribed to the channel and turn on post notification all right now, let’s test some of the drawing features i’m going to go back to just duplicating the screen. So that way, it’s easier for me to just have my camera focused on one thing, so let me go ahead and bring my mouse over and change the projection mode to duplicate, and i just want to say this laptop is the dell workstation. It was provided to him by doll. This video is not sponsored but it’s. My new powerful pc a can handle um being extended, but just for the purpose of this video i’m just going to duplicate the screen. So that way, i can just have my camera focus on this, because it’s really hard to get both of them in frame without looking too kind of faded.

So let’s continue, you guys are seeing it in person. This reminds me of of of sidecar by apple. Let me hide this little taskbar thing. I think i can you can easily bring it up again by just playing ctrl or not even ctrl, plus k it’s just right there, you just hover over it and it just lets you easily disconnect, and i must say the resolution looks good there’s uh, some black Bars at the top because, as you guys can see um that let me zoom in a lot more um, as you guys can see, the camera is up there. So there’s still this part of the screen that’s not taking up – and i think that’s just due to the resolution um so it’s not like you can’t handle it but that’s interesting. But let me open up um clip paint studio, photoshop we’re, going to be trying out adobe illustrator on it too and see if that works, because right now i am in drawing mode and let’s, see clip paint studio loaded first, so let’s try that i’m a pencil Tool make it as big as it can be and it’s not drawing you guys, can see right, um it’s, not taking it as a like a pennant but it’s taking it as like a just like a thumb. Input like this is just a hand. It’S not letting me draw okay, let’s, go to the settings. Let’S see pen pressure settings. Let me switch from tablet pc to wind tab drivers, still nothing that’s, a bummer okay! This is still the early stages of the software.

So right now it doesn’t work on clip paint studio and let me try with photoshop in photoshop, i have the brush open and make the size pretty big. Just like clip paint studio still the same thing, that’s weird. You guys see this right and the thing is like. I see the little circle it hovers. That is so strange. Oh man that’s a bummer. For now you know, let me try some other apps. So let me try autodesk sketchbook it’s, usually my default app to like test things since it’s. So simple, all right, i have the regular app there. Okay, so it looks like it’s working but there’s no pressure. Let me draw this way, so you guys can see. Okay, so it looks like i can draw it takes it in, but it looks like it just takes it in as if i i’m, just using my thumb on the tablet, look there’s, no pressure. All right. Let me go into the settings of this app as well and see if i can um turn on let’s, see, pin mode, no drawing okay, so that’s the issue here, it’s like every time i touch it like the window bubble comes up. That means it’s not seeing it as a stylist it’s, just seeing it as just like your fingers, which is which isn’t good that’s why they have two modes: oh man, all right i’m, trying out autodesk sketchbook now again, but this time it’s like the desktop level, app It’S, not the one from the one from the place from the windows store, so let’s see if we’ll have any difference.

Okay, so it’s the same thing, let me zoom in so you guys can see. Oh no! This is too zoomed in, like it works as if, just like my fingers were just drawing it, there’s, no pressure at all. It doesn’t even block my palm, and at least in this desktop version. I don’t know how to change it to pen settings all right. Let’S. Try krita then create new, make this big all right, let’s start drawing and it’s the same issue. It’S like it’s, just taking my hand, see there’s no difference with the pen, so all right. The pressure isn’t working at the recording of this video, which is like it’s gon na this, is the date it’s like i’m, recording it it’s like friday, the 12th at like 1am. So this isn’t working but let’s take a look at some other features. That is sad. You know what let me try to disconnect and try doing this with the other mode. Let me disconnect because there’s two options when you connect because i’m not sure, if i’m doing something wrong, if it’s, just like i’m too early in the game for it. For this because see there’s two connection mode. Drawing and video let’s see let’s let’s try the video on control command. Okay, let me zoom out, so you guys can see command, k and connect, because i really would like this to work with photoshop, because if it doesn’t work with photoshop it’s, not gon na you know i try adobe illustrator, like i said i was all right.

We’Re in adobe illustrator turn it you try using the simple brush tool: nope it’s the same issue nothing’s showing up it’s like it’s, just registering like as my palm as a touchscreen that’s it that’s. So sad, ah samsung was so close. You know what let me disconnect again and go back to the drawing mode, even though right now they’re not working as they’re supposed to and i’m, not sure why let’s go back to this there we go Music, all right, there’s such a bummer, but let’s use this As a separate screen, let me show you guys some of how smooth that works, at least the the basic there’s, no latency. You know it’s just the pressure doesn’t work uh. I i installed the win tab drivers and it still didn’t work after that either. So, oh so sad all right for now. Let me try and change it back to extend and just use it as a second screen, because this is pretty convenient just as a second screen itself. Um. Let me see how well it works let’s see. Let me have let me hide this. Let me have um spotify open. This is so convenient. Actually like those portable monitors are expensive. You know the main thing i’d like to use this with is um premiere pro because that’s right, let me open up premiere pro. Let me start editing this video it’s one. Am i as well. This is convenient, though i’m gon na use spotify because, like the spotify app is on the windows store, so something more practical, practical.

The main thing i’ll, probably use the second screen for is editing and having references on one screen, maybe coding a little bit second screen is always useful having youtube right there. Well, you know, but then this also the youtube app uh, something more practical than that something i could copy and paste. Maybe a document that’s where it could come in handy all right. I have premiere pro open. Then let me use this as my project bin over here and make it bigger yeah. I think this will probably just be pretty perfect for editing when writing blog posts. I can have like the video there and i could be typing on this screen. This is really nice, ah, but for now the drawing feature isn’t working, so we’ll come back and visit this. Let me know what you guys thought on this. You guys had the same issues. What do you think about this feature? What do you think this means for the future of samsung and android? This is uh. This is still awesome. I’M bummed out, but i’m still excited that this is on here.