This was sent to me for free, and this is not a sponsored video and this video will be in three parts, ill be doing the unboxing. Some testing into it and ill be drawing venti and then give you guys my full opinion on this baby. I had this for a while now and ive fallen in love with it, and the only other 22 inch drawing display that ive used is the one at school, which is the wacom cintiq. Those are like the professional drawing tablets and i use an older model at school and i must say, im not a big fan of the wacom. Sometimes i had a bunch of issues you guys can check out my animation student vlogs for some more information on that. But the packaging on this was beautiful. It was so huge and im glad that it comes with the stand built in and the stand is very easy to use and it came with all these extra goodies and also i really love the design of this tablet. Um im very biased because it comes with two scroll wheels. You guys will see some close up and it comes with two pens: two pens um and this pen holder. It looks so cute its very similar to the ones in their other models. Um ive worked with the vike before, with their much smaller 12 inch. Drawing tablet, which you guys can check out on the pop up card right here.

Ill probably do a comparison video, but i dont know if that makes sense, but because this is like a much bigger drawing tablet compared to a smaller one, i was afraid that it was not gon na fit into my setup and it did im. So sorry guys. I did not include the natural and some more sound in this unboxing because im trying to jam packed it with information and heres the baby. You can see that screen and its textured as well. Oh and it comes with a lot of cables, thats a lot of cables, guys it comes with a power, cable, an hdmi, cable and the usb type c cables. You need to have the ports on your computer to run these things, especially with pen displays on windows. Theyre, like a lot of pain, to set up thats. Why i like to include this portion of the video, because, especially for a much bigger tablet, display like this, it uses a really big power, cord, normally um, the much smaller ones that im used to using. They. Just come with a little bit usb, sometimes you can plug into your computer, but this one does it and the screen size made such a difference. I love using the wacom one at school uh, but that was mostly because of the screen size um. The pressure sometimes would vary, maybe its also a thing with windows, because when setting this up, the pressure did vary a lot throughout the application um.

It took a little bit to get it right, so i would just recommend to just keep playing around with the settings. Switching between when tab drivers and the tablet pc drivers um, if you guys dont, know what that means, you guys can feel free to google it, but it did take a lot of trouble, shooting thats why these types of tablets are not recommended for beginners its better To go with an ipad, even if theyre, more expensive or samsung type of seven, but the drawing experience on this is so much better after you set it up like. I really do enjoy this thing just because of the layout of it. I didnt actually end up using my tour box dry remote. Normally, i use that on every tablet, because normally the side buttons on most of these tablets sucks, but the way this one was designed was really intuitive. I ended up using most and all of them just because of the two scroll wheel, because i have one for the size and one for the zoom in and theyre very fairly easy to reach, and i love that about it. I tried the pressure in a bunch of different apps. I tried to autodesk, i tried it in krita. I think i tried it in medibang. The pressure also varies within the app depending what settings you have personally for me, since i review a bunch of tablets, i had to uninstall a lot of my older tablet: drivers just to get an accurate description of how this would be, but, sadly, no matter what I did the pressure did not work in adobe photoshop.

For me, it just gave me these weird lines and thats kind of super frustrating. Since i do all of my thumbnails in adobe photoshop, i love being able to do some doodles in it, but uh. I havent been able to find a workaround with that, so i just um turn my psd files into clip paints like and open them up in clip paint studio and then just doodle and then transfer it back and forth thats how i worked around it just because This giant screen is textured and the way to adjust. The stand is just really nice and maybe im very biased, because i do not use many giant screen tablets. Besides the one at school and the one at school is the wacom one, and i find it super expensive for what it is uh, but this one um, i think its around 400 us dollars, um ill link it down below – and i know vike – is always having Sales on these things – and i do not know how it compares to yuan or xp pens display, but i do prefer this one, a lot more just because of the design of the scroll wheel, because a lot of newer pen display manufacturers they stop adding remotes on These pen displays, and especially the much bigger ones that i just really hate that some of them do that, and one of the downside of this pen display is that the pens do not have an eraser.

I really wish that this tablet size would have an eraser, but thankfully i programmed one of the shortcut keys um as an eraser um. I end up liking this so much in autodesk sketchbook. A lot autodesk sketchbook is one of my favorite platforms, drawing platforms, and i did this little sketch on it and oh man, they worked so well the clipping studio. I had to do a bunch of uh like work with the settings, but autodesk. It just worked right off the bat, so, if youre having a lot of trouble with this um comment down below, i try my best to help you out or you can join my discord. Server. The internet artist support group where a group of artists, a lot of us are digital artists, can help you out, because these things can be frustrating depending on what operating system youre using. I watched this other reviewer and she was using a mac and she ran into a whole different set of issues, so i can only help with pc, but i do really enjoy this tablet at this price point and im really happy. It fits my setup because i have a really small desk and now we get into the venti drawing its been so long on this drawing, and i took my time on it to get my lines right. I love the texture, the pressure sensitivity im, not using any mumbo jumbo technical terms when it comes to reviewing tablets.

Just because i know i can get really confusing for a lot of people. A lot of people dont know a lot of what these terminology means and honestly in day, to day use all that matters is the comfort and if you run into a lot of headaches after i set this up and the pen pressure settings and different apps, i Didnt ran into that problem ever again, ive dreamed so many drawings on this im, always sharing it. On my other social medias, i just been behind on the youtube video, and this is a gentian fan art and i use a symmetry ruler, and i had a lot of fun with this and i didnt run into any problems with this drawing tablet im i im So happy that it didnt take me that long to get used to the shortcuts, because one thing about having shortcuts on these pen display is that theyre all learning curve. But since this is a much bigger tablet, theyre fairly evenly spaced out, even though they dont have any special braille on the buttons themselves, i was able to differentiate them pretty well, since theyre pretty big – and i i just – i am a big fan of them. Another downside of this tablet, maybe its because of windows, sometimes when im drawing clip paint studio. If i click out into another app, the cursor kind of shows up a little bit and i have some trouble with like the the buttons on the side adjusting properly.

Sometimes it takes a little bit, but again i dont know if thats a glitch or a bug with windows itself. It does not affect the drawing experience. I just a little bug, thats annoying for me because when i click out of another program because im usually on discord, while drawing on my earth discord server and when i go back into my drawing and then i use the shortcut to like flip the drawing it Doesnt work it takes like a lot of it like it has to register it again. I do not know if that has something to do with my pc and my habits of running 50 million apps at once. Maybe i need more ram, but it does not affect the drawing experience and at this price point, especially if you like the design as much as i do with the two scroll wheel, uh, this giant tablet is definitely worth it. Um, especially the two scroll wheels um at the top. You can change them from like um zooming in theres, a bunch of different settings, um in the vik app and im so happy that it has that, because another drawing tablet that i was reviewing at the same time as this one did not have that built in. But the main plus side is that its so much cheaper than my wacom one. My wake up. One is like a budget. Drawing tablet that wacom has wacom is like the top of the line free drawing tablets, and it was.

It cost me almost 500 with the remote, and this is much cheaper than that thats kind of insane. You get a lot more bang for the value. I, like the pressure sensitivity a lot more, even though im a big fan of the wacom emr technology on the wacom one thats, because i personally like to use it between my tab. Seven and i dont like having multiple pens but outside of that. I pretty much more preferred drawing on this since its a little bit more texture, its a lot more accurate. I can get really fine lines and the screen real estate is so nice for long drawing periods, and the bonus is that it comes with all these extra goodies. It comes with two pens. The stand for the pen is really nice. I like the design of it. Its very sleek im happy that they did not change that from their other models, and the stand is very easy to use and it looks like on the back. It still has the mount so that way you can mount it to other tablet, mounts im, not sure. If you can remove the specific mount itself, but its great that you can still attach it to any other thing because it look, it looks like it has the four vsa mounts, but behind the stand, if that makes sense, ill probably need to have a close up In another video uh but yeah, i spent so long on this, drawing just getting my lines really fine.

Since i i enjoyed the drawing experience so much on this, since there was a lot of friction into creating. I got really absorbed into my work and i drew a lot more drawing on this tablet that ive recorded that i cant wait to show you guys more in my animation vlog, since this is the drawing tablet that i use at home and since i dont leave My house a lot um. This is the one that i use all the time now, its my main drawing tablet ill, definitely be reviewing more tablets on the channel, especially for those of you guys that do not have the space for this um no matter, even though i do have a small Desk, i know some people might have much smaller accommodation than i am, or maybe you dont have a powerful pc because to be able to run a drawing tablet and the other monitor on your computer, you do need to have a certain amount of ram and certain Amount of power, you cannot run something like this on a chromebook, it definitely can work, but in terms of the drawing programs, it wont be a fun experience. Everything will lag as you guys can see. I have like over 50 something layers, since that fits my art style, so thats also something you have to keep in mind with something like this: its normally a much bigger investment, even though this is one of the more budget friendly models, its still an investment, a Space and power sense: you need to have this plugged in all the time, and this is not a tablet where you can just take it to your couch and just draw so thats.

Also another downside to consider when youre buying a much bigger display like this. But if you spend all your days on your desk, like me, this is a worthy investment, especially if a lot of the points i mentioned earlier resonate with you also another thing to keep in mind, especially if youre getting a big display tablet for a laptop. Is that youre going to need to buy ports because big display tablets like this, take up a lot of points? Like i mentioned at the beginning of this video, this takes an hdmi. This takes out the usb type c and i think it takes one more cable, um, so thats also something you need to have in mind, especially if you have like one of those thin macbooks or ultrabooks um. I sound like an ipad where you just need you dont need a cable or like much smaller display tablet that just only need one so, but one of the upsides of that is like being able to just be stationary, and this have this work, especially if you Have this in a home computer youre, good youre set ive been using this to do a lot of my drawings for convention prep, which ill have in my artist alley: vlogs last video vlog, slash, animation, student vlog and out of all the drawing tablets that ive used Recently i enjoy this one a lot and i cant wait to show you guys a lot more.