We have included links in the description, so make sure you check those out to see which one is in your budget range, starting at number. One new microsoft surface pro 7, looking for a powerful tablet that can easily replace your heavy laptop or tired of your personal desktop computer at your office or at your home right meet the versatile two in one new surface pro 7 for your charismatic personality, the pro 7 version is loaded with a laptop class intel core processor for superb performance. This pro 7 is an ultra thin lightweight induction to attract the business community because of its versatile nature that allows you to type touch, draw, write, work and play more naturally than ever before. The surface pro 7 edition comes with a 12.3 inch bright and crystal clear display, along with 2736 by 1824 screen resolutions that will keep you in love working at the office for the whole day, microsoft has introduced this gem with a 10th gen intel core i5 processor To provide an edge over the laptops for its better and remarkable performance, it comes with eight gigabytes of ddr2 ram that provides muscular strength to the devices performance. Microsoft 12 inch tablet comes with 256 gigabytes of on board memory. That provides you a huge space to keep your official documents, presentations, meeting schedules, scanned documents and much more without worrying about being short of space for its better picture and video quality. It is integrated with a 5 mp front facing camera with 1080p full hd video and an 8mp rear facing autofocus camera with 1080p full hd video to stand upright for the whole day.

It comes with fast charging support, so you will get eighty percent of your battery charged in an hour that will last all day long for about 10.5 hours at number, two microsoft surface pro 4. Finally, microsoft has proved its stance about the replacement of laptops with tablets. For the last three years, microsoft comes up with three major iterations, especially surface pro 3 launched last year that backed the idea with few limitations and was not sufficient to end and win the fight. It seems, with the latest surface pro 4 microsoft successfully convinces its customers to replace the laptop with a tablet. Its 12.3 inches pixel sense, larger display in 2736, by 1824, 267 ppi display resolution, provide you a clear and breathtaking colorful image that you will never regret adding to your family. It comes with a super fast intel core 5 6 300. You 2.4 gigahertz processor, along with intel hd graphics, 520, for an amazing performance to keep you on track without any delay. It is equipped with eight gigabytes of ram that can run any activity more progressively and efficiently. It comes with five mp front facing camera to take the best selfies of the day and for live video. Calling an eight mp rear facing camera with 1080p for hd video recording bluetooth 4.0 is all set for wireless data transfer usb 3.0 for connecting devices via wire. A headphone jack to listen to your favorite music and much more at number three microsoft surface pro x, looking for a good option on whether to go for a laptop or a tablet, meet the ultra portable three inches one surface pro x tablet that is known for Its versatile nature as a laptop and tablet in one it is known for its exceptional performance with its latest gen processor.

That is not only more powerful than ever among tablets at this price line, but more impressively it is quieter cooler and more efficient than before. It is engineered so powerfully that its advanced technology streamlines the whole day for you. You can use the surface pen that is included in the package to design business presentations, sign important documents, take notes at the meeting and much more surface pro x is perfectly designed for you and it has the capacity to do whatever you need to do. You will love to watch anything all day long because of its 13 inch pixel sense touch screen size along with 2880 by 1920 screen resolutions that give you a soft and contrast scenic view with a sound frame of mind. It comes with a microsoft sq2 processor for brilliant performance, along with sixteen gigabytes of ram, to streamline the runtime activities for you to keep your office files and important documents in one place. Microsoft has introduced this tablet with two hundred and fifty six gigabytes of onboard memory. The windows 10 home operating system is known for its professional behavior and it aligns all your activities the same way intelligently and professionally, with extreme care that you feel on a laptop or desktop pc. You can take colorful snaps all day with its 10mp rear camera and go on live calls with its 5np front camera. With its 9 hours of battery life. You can even take it anywhere. You want at number 4 new apple ipad air.

If you are looking for a portable device, that is just not a tablet, but a whole new taste of portable laptop come tablet than meet the new apple ipad air, a tablet with a portable design engineered so thin that you can take it anywhere. This tablet is known for its incredible performance and with its powerful features, it can run apps seamlessly. It is designed so powerful that you will not feel stress in a bad light or even a white bright light, while using it, because its immersive display and stunning colors help you to read anything in any light. It is a 10 inch apple ipad, with a 10.9 inch liquid retina display. That gives you a crystal clear and quality picture in any light that is simply unmatchable to any other ipad device in this line of price. With its a 14 bionic chip with neural engine apple has enhanced its performance to the next level. It comes with 64 gigabytes. 256 gigabytes of different storage capacity, with a slight change in price apple with touch id, has secured its authentication, so you can use it in a more secure way. It comes with 12 mp back camera for capturing the best moments for you. While you are on a business trip or in a business meeting and a 7mp facetime hd front, camera gives you to go on, live and clear video call facility when you want to join a meeting from a remote location along with other beautiful features.

It has stereo speakers with bluetooth connectivity that makes it a center of attraction to others. The device has got wi, fi, six and gigabit class lte cellular data to keep you perfectly connected all day long for about 10 hours on a single charge at number five samsung galaxy book. The samsung galaxy book is a mid range tablet under 500, but the way it is engineered makes it a good option. This 10 inch tablet has some amazing features. You can consider this two in one galaxy book as an ultimate pc replacement, because it is loaded with the latest intel core m processor, with a revolutionary s, pen and keyboard for seamless productivity. This thin lightweight design laptop tablet has got the samsung flow feature that can connect your galaxy book to your galaxy. Smartphone lets discuss the specs. It has got for strong performance. It has got intel core m processor, along with four gigabytes of ram. That is enough to provide an opportunity to go on extreme multitasking for data. It is loaded with 64 gigabytes of storage that is sufficient to save a large amount of data with a stunning 10.6 inch full hd screen the included s, pen and keyboard provide a real professional taste when you are performing an official task to keep you connected all Day long, the integrated battery will allow you to work non.