Several months later, i feel like ive forgotten something important Music, hi guys welcome to my channel. My name is elise, and i am, i think i can officially say that i am an illustrator and a translator that is based in osaka japan, um for the last few months. Ive actually had a lot of illustration work that is paid um, so im very happy about that and, as a result, i decided to invest in todays topic review. This is my first time doing a review so if its hella awkward first thats on brand for me, but also its my first time, doing a review and its not really so much a review as things i would like to share as an artist that has been Drawing for a very long time well say it has double digits on it, but um ive collected a lot of drawing devices over the years, specifically for digital art. Ive had wacoms, since my first black gum was around the time i started using photoshop seven. I wan na say it was sometime in 2003 or four back when lois was on deviantart back when oyakaki boards were a thing on the internet. If you dont know what an oyka keyboard is youre very young ive been drawing digitally for a long time im better. At it than i was, i should i have to practice being nice to myself. I keep saying im, not very good im, quite good at drawing digitally and ive collected a number of devices over the years uh.

When i first came to japan, i had an in tools for and then after that i bought this wacom cintiq tiny one. I think its the 13 inch yes, 13 inch, hd creative pin and touch display ive had this for probably closer to seven years. Maybe i also had a first generation surface which came out. I want to say, like 2013.. I was really interested in that because it was a laptop that you could draw on had wacom drivers in it for the pen. I bought this surface 2017 in 2017, when i visited the states, and now i finally got an ipad. This is actually my first ipad ever my last apple product, as i have mentioned in a previous video, was the first iphone that i got from my mom after she upgraded. So that was my first and last apple device. Ive never had an apple computer and never had an apple laptop didnt even have an ipod. I had a zoom zoom is the microsoft version of an ipod. If you cant tell im a bit of a im a bit of a pc person, i like pcs as in windows, so it was really hard for me to come to terms with getting an ipad. So this is an ipad review for someone that didnt really want to get one, but i also saw how extremely useful it is, and i couldnt resist – and i have a few other reasons why i bought it – that ill get into in the rest of the year.

This is supposed to be the intro, so this is my semi review comparison uh for my ipad, which is relatively new, especially compared to my other devices, which ive had for several years. This i got this year in june. Yes close to the end of june, i got it here in japan, so it is a japanese ipad. Technically i guess its it was purchased in japan, apple products. You cannot uh buy like say the american version of the ipad in japan. You have to buy the japanese version, you cannot buy it online from the american apple store and get it shipped to japan. They will not do that. You cant, buy it from amazon, the u.s amazon and get it shipped to japan. They wont do that warning if you live in japan, but you dont speak japanese and you want to buy apple devices, they will come with the japanese box. Everything will be in japanese, so of course you can set the device in english, thats, fine, but yeah the box and stuff will be in japanese yeah ive been using this ipad since june. I used it for a work trip um completely unrelated to illustration. I used it for like note taking and then ive been using it basically for all the illustration work that ive had since june. For the most part, ive done everything on the ipad, usually towards the end of the illustration, especially things like the cd cover where it has to be a certain size.

Then ill move to my desktop in the cintiq and ill do like final modifications there. But for the most part, ive been drawing everything on the ipad, so let me first tell you which ipad i got. I guess that would be helpful. I have the 2021 ipad pro um. It is 12.9 inches fifth generation. It is the wi fi version, not the cellular version, because i dont need any extra bills. In my life it is 512 gigabytes. I did consider getting the one or two terabyte, but honestly, i dont see myself saving a terabyte of data on an ipad. I dont. I dont think so like i, i can see myself slowly moving like illustration files and stuff over to my pc, which has you know already like several terabytes of space, so i dont really see a a need to have a terabyte. I kind of wanted a terabyte, but i had to be aware of my budget. I dont make a lot of money because i am completely freelance. I do get to write off uh things like this, like the ipad as a business expense, but that doesnt mean i get a whole lot of money back. I think. Last year i got like maybe 100 bucks back so when youre spending thousands of dollars – and you only get like a couple hundred back its – not really that good. But you know im happy that the government gave me a couple hundred back um.

So yeah i got the 512 gigabyte version. I did consider buying a used ipad 2020 because it looked as good. The only reason i never went through with it is because that all of the used 512 gigabyte 2020 ipad pros that i saw were still over a thousand dollars. I think which this is about fourteen hundred dollars, so it was like get the newest version for an extra 400 bucks or get the older version and still pay over a thousand bucks. That didnt seem like the best decision. Also it comes with the m1 chip. The apple chip, which i assume is great, but i dont have any way to compare it because i dont have any previous ipads, but its very fast. Switching between apps is very fast. Ive never had any lag while drawing, which is great. It has later that same evening were back. The sun is set this time. I had camera problems, not computer problems. Anyway, where was i? My ipad has eight gigs of ram on mine. The terabyte one has 16 gigs, which would be comparable to my surface. My circ my surface also has 16 gigs of ram, even though its from 2017, so that does make me a bit like – and i believe my surface is also 512 gigabytes, so i dont know why they didnt put the 16 gigs of ram on this version. The camera i dont really care about. I dont use the camera thats about it.

I dont really. I basically only use it for drawing thats what i got it for thats the ipad and to compare to what ive been using. Before i got the ipad. I mean the main reason that i got. The ipad is because the surface that i had been using, i mean i still use it. I dont use it for drawing so much anymore, not because its not good for drawing just because its not as portable as the ipad, so i would say that the best thing about the ipad is the battery life. I can charge it on the regular. I think i charge it once every two to three days and i use it for a few hours every day, the surface. On the other hand, the battery is basically dead. If i unplug it, it lasts. Maybe 10 minutes maybe 30 minutes. I dont know what happened it kind of. I think it worked fine up until sometime last year i cant recall when i realized that the battery was just like dead, but it was definitely i had gone out somewhere and i didnt bring the charger and i tried to turn on the computer and it didnt Turn off because it is, it is basically a laptop, its not a, it is a tablet, but it is a full laptop. So i can do like video editing on it. I have all the heavy software, so i have the photoshops i have clip studio.

I have my camera software, which is for sony. I have sketchbook. I have paint tool sci on here, though i dont use it that much anymore um. You know pureref got a lot of old, drawing apps that nobody you make like supports anymore, like inkscape or mischief. So yeah the surface pen that the surface comes doesnt come with. You have to buy separately, just like you have to buy the apple pin separately, but it is supported with uh wacom drivers, so it is very nice. I didnt put a like a paper like film on it because i dont, i dont think they had those when i got this surface so the screen cover is very slippery thats. One thing i dont like, even though this has a kind of rubbery tip, so it does kind of mimic like drawing on paper, but its not like the paper like film that you get you can get with your ipad. The pen and software is like clip studio or photoshop. You have great sensitivity, but great pen pressure. I will say that sometimes the point of the pen is not lined up so well and even when i try to you know calibrate it, it doesnt do so good. But that did bother me, but i mean, if youre just trying to sketch on the go. Having the surface is not a bad idea, especially if you need to do other things other than drawing. If you need to do video editing or if you need to use other programs, you can do it all on the surface, but battery i dont know if they fix it.

I i hope i can exchange the battery for a new one, because the computer is fine. It works fine, theres, no problems with the computer itself, its just the battery is dead, so thats what ive been using up until i got the ipad. I also have my cintiq, but we all know. Cintiqs are amazing, of course, neither one of these, neither the the ipad or the surface. They do not compare to the pen sensitivity that you get on the cintiq. It is the best hands down. So if youre gon na be at home all the time, drawing then just get a cindy its definitely i mean it was cheaper than my ipad, but i did get it during an amazon sale, so that might be wise. It was cheaper. It was about like 900 u.s um during a prime day sale. This ipad was about 1400 usd and then the surface. The surface was over 2000 and i got it years ago, so i paid off everything you know. I had to put it on that payment plan, but everythings been paid off and when it comes to digital art, those are the main things that i do draw with Music. I guess its time for my final thoughts: theres no need in rambling if the rambling isnt very necessary. If i were younger me who didnt have as much money, maybe as now, i dont think ive gotten much more money, but you know so.

If i was starting to drone now in 2021, and i had my choice of all three – the cintiq, the ipad and the surface, i think i think i would go with the ipad only because, if youre just starting to draw digitally be having a surface or using A cintiq you know that has access to all these like different kinds of programs like clip, studio and photoshop and whatever sketchbook and you know be having access to all those programs isnt really necessary. You dont really need them. Having just procreate is fine. I think there is a problem where, because everyone is using the same software, a lot of our artwork is starting to look kind of similar but its all very cute, but i think that happens with photoshop too. I remember when you know, photoshop drawing on photoshop became a real thing. Everyone kind of drew in the same style and i think thats, just a thats just how it happens when softwares come out. Everyone kind of gravitates towards a similar kind of style, because theyre all learning from the same place. But if youre just starting out – and you just want to you – know, get used to drawing digitally get over that learning curve, the ipad is definitely going to be your better bet and i think the the price point i have to check the price. The full price of a cintiq 13. lets lets check now, so you can get a cintiq 13 for hella cheap.

Now someone has a pre owned one for like 200 bucks. That is insane that is wild. Oh my gosh, i know i guess the lowest price is about 500 bucks 500 us for you, cintiq, which is really good. Ive had my cintiq for years. I dont think i will ever give it up because it it works beautifully and ive never had any problems with it. I did have. Actually i lied. I did have some problems with it. I think the cintiq probably has the most software issues when it comes to the drivers. If you want a new cintiq 13. amazon says they dont have it um, but you can get like a 16 cintiq 16 for about 700 usd doesnt have the buttons on the screen to like change things. It looks like, though i dont like that new cintiq. Actually so now that ive seen the new cintiq its about 600, i mean thats cheaper than probably the cheapest ipad im guessing so still, the cintiq is the cheaper price, but its not portable at all. You have to use it at your computer, whatever desktop mac youre using so that sucks, because sometimes you dont want to draw in your at your desk. The surface would be great, except the surface does not have on screen controls. When you draw theres a little bit of controllability, you get in clip studio, paint its very limited you cant. Eventually, you have to either you know, go through the menus on the screen or you need like a keyboard.

I usually have my wireless keyboard hooked up. So i can just use keyword, shortcuts, theres, also the uh windows surface dial. I think it was called its like a little round control that you would stick on the screen and it would like have these pop up controls and you could like rotate through like different shortcuts. I never bought it, but considering how small the screen is. On my surface, the dial is really from the desktop version of the surface, so but the dial would probably take up. You know a solid amount of screen space so thatd be that im like um. So if you want portability usability, unfortunately i hate to say it, but the ipad is probably where you want to go and the pin nibs do wear down pendant that came with my pencil it wore down in about a month and a half i was drawing hardcore, Though, because i had the cd cover to do, but it did wear down and unluckily buying the extra pin, the pencil nibs is not terribly expensive, but i was kind of surprised at how quickly it wore down like it wore down so much that that little metal Piece was popping out of the tip and i was like whoa thats dangerous and its gon na scratch. My screen also, if you do get an ipad, i might recommend apple care, at least for the first year, because i accidentally dropped my ipad. I dropped it because i was trying to hold it up and i held the case weirdly and it popped out of the case its just like a magnet.

That holds it to the case, and i got this lovely little dent in the iron pad. In the back of the ipad, it doesnt really affect you know the usability, except that when you press on the screen near the dent a little like shadow pops up so probably theres some piece of hardware behind the screen. Thats now touching the screen because of the dent, and when i asked my friend that works at apple, how much do it cost to just get the dent repaired? He told me it would be about like 800, because i dont have apple care and i was like wow thats, a scam, and so, if youre a klutz like me, a silly billy like me and you might accidentally drop your ipad first month that you get it. You might want to have apple care, at least for the first year, because if you have apple care, then its only like 50 bucks to get it fixed. So i will just have to live with the dent in my ipad, because otherwise it works fine thats. My review of my semi new ipad lets not drop it anymore. I hope this was helpful for any artist out there trying to get some devices. Please. Let me know in the comment section below: if you have any questions or concerns ill, be happy to answer them and yeah ill see you guys in my next video. Please consider liking this video. If you thought it was helpful and subscribing to the channel.

I post videos related to art. I have a lot of videos related to japan, older videos related to japan. So if youre into that take a look through my channel, i think theres, like 200 videos or something now so yeah. Thank you for watching and ill see.