What is happening guys it’s Adam here and today I thought I’d. Take a look at the antivirus software suite total Av.. Now total AV have been gaining a lot of ground in the last few years in the antivirus world. They’Ve certainly come up through the ranks to compete with the best of them.. One of the main things that attracts their customers is the fact that it is not just an antivirus. Software is an entire suite of cybersecurity products.. So today, I’m going to take a look at the pros and cons of this software.. If you wanted to take a further look of what they do, you can click the link down in the description below. That will take you directly to their website. And, if there’s any different deals or discounts on at that particular link will take you straight to that.. So let’s not waste any time I’m going to jump on the computer and show you what it does.. With total Unknown Speaker, 045 aviz award winning protection. You can rest assured that your device is safe from virus infection.. The real time scanner, not only detects, but also removes any threat before, is managed to do any damage to your system. with automatic virus definition updates and unknown files being scanned by total AV in the cloud.. You can rest assured that your family device remains safe. No matter who is using it at the time. – And this is one of the main reasons that industry testing body AV comparatives recently it gave total AV the advanced, plus award many people these days, don’t even use a computer we’re all using mobile devices.

More and more often will total AV is available on mobile devices too.. This includes Android phones and tablets and iPhones and iPads.. The mobile security includes data breach checks, alerts, a secure and anonymous web browser and search engine device. Optimization tools total AV web shield and, in the case of Android the all important real time, anti malware. Protection. And again, they received another award here by industry testing body AV test for their Android app. To use the apps. All you have to do is sign up for an account first, which you can do so using the link down in the description. And then from there. You just search the App Store for total AV, so I’ve just mentioned web shield. But if you’re not familiar with what that is, web shield is a community. An AI driven website, filtering service., Dangerous websites are blocked and users of total AV are shown a message when attempting to visit a blocked website with an explanation of the danger websites attempting to fish users credentials or to get users to unknowingly, download, malware, adware or scareware Are all fully blocked the web shield AI analyzes 1000s of websites a day for danger and users report dangerous websites to total AV daily by stopping cyber security threats before a user is exposed to them., They save users, heartache time, free up system, resources and best of All prevent financial loss from scam websites., Now total wavy use a data breach check.

. This enables users to see if their email address has been included in any known website. Data breaches. In terms of cybersecurity.. This enables users full transparency over the accounts they hold online, which could be a point of compromise and could lead to hacking or financial loss within seconds. Total AV data breach search reveals any accounts you hold on websites which have suffered a data breach.. Armed with this information, users can make a quick decision as to whether they need to update passwords. They use on other websites to prevent hackers trying to access accounts held elsewhere.. With a premium total AV subscription users can receive alerts the moment their email addresses are included in new breaches in order to take action, update passwords and, if needed, alert financial institutions before the hackers target them. Now just to offer some clarity, I use these breach alerts Myself, the majority of time is a simple case of finding out the information going onto the account which is affected and then changing the password., But in late 2020 I was alerted to a breach of a data breach index website. With this particular case, total AV couldn’t give me much information as to what it contained., But there seems to have been a one off and even in this case, the customer service were very helpful and they made sure that I was using a different password on every Single one of my accounts. So let’s take a look at how they clean up your browser.

. Now cookies are small pieces of data kept by web browsers to speed up our web browsing sessions., For example, cookies. Remember what websites were logged into in order to save us time and next time we visit. With total AV at cookie and web history management can be carried out very easily.. The browser, cleaner scam is a one stop shop for all your web browsers website data and after a scan, a simple click can clear it all. Have you ever noticed how a product you looked at on? One website is advertised to on another website, Well that’s, because all of these websites to track and share cookies. Well clearing the cookies solves this problem and it’s a good privacy routine to get into doing regularly. Now next up. Why wanted to talk about their cloud scanning.? Because we’ve total AV, This allows them to boast a 99.9 detection rate for every software file that real time protection encounters that it hasn’t seen before.. It queries the file with the cloud critically before allowing the new software to run on the PC., The antivirus engine. In the cloud is constantly learning from every piece of data passed to it, ensuring it provides secure and accurate antivirus results every time now the cloud scanning function is turned on by default. And for the majority of us. That is absolutely fine, because it gives us that extra bit of protection that keeps us safe from the very latest malware out there.

, But if you’re, someone that for some reason, deals with a lot of new software files every time you’re on line, this may actually end Up slowing you down a bit., But knowing that you have that extra protection there, if you need it, is always a good thing., Now it’s, something that I think that all antivirus softwares should have is a VPN and total AV does not lack in this department.. Their built in VPN adds an extra level of encryption to your device.. This is especially useful when browsing the internet on open or public Wi Fi.. It prevents anybody else from being able to access your data and it stops you becoming a victim of identity theft.. Now, when it comes to finding out, if you can trust a certain website, there is no one bigger in the game than trustpilot.. So when it comes to trustpilot, how does total AV add up Well it’s rated as excellent, and this doesn’t come lightly from just a few people here and there.. This comes from over 35000 independent reviews.. Now, a couple of the main things that these reviewers are quick Unknown, Speaker 640, to praise total AV for are how quick and easy it is to set up total AV as well as being feature rich beyond just providing antivirus protection.. Now I feel that I should point out here that about a year ago, total AV wasn’t going that extra mile by reaching out to customers through trustpilot.

But it’s, easy to see on there today the depth, their customer service team go to in order to help resolve Any teething problems customers might have which, when you take a look at some of the industry veterans in the antivirus world, you can really see a difference here and trustpilot shows how committed total AVR to keeping customers happy and protected.. So another couple of things that I should point out is that total aviz anti virus scan scheduling settings could do with some improvement. You can schedule the frequency of a scan, for example, you can set it to daily, but there’s no settings for times of when the scan should begin within that, given day. And there’s no option for whether the computer should turn off afterwards.. Now this probably isn’t a major concern for most users as real time. Protection removes the need for regular, full time system scans., But I thought it’s something that’s worth pointing out.. However, on the plus side of the scanning, they use something called a smart scan.. This carries out a regular anti virus scan first, but also carries out other scans, which help keep up the regular upkeep of a computer.. The Smart scan checks which applications are set to run on startup scans for history and cookies across all web browsers and looks for junk, which are redundant files that can be deleted.. So, at the end of the smart scan, as well as being able to ensure a PC, is virus free.

There’s also some useful performance and file clutter removal features, each of which have one click solutions to initiate the fix. And something else which is often overlooked. When considering which antivirus software to go with is the level of customer support. Well, total AV have this covered.. They provide technical support, 24, seven via email and chat., And if needs be, they can even connect your computer remotely to control things, so they can make any fixes without having to walk you through any complications.. So there we have it guys., As you can see, total AV is not just a basic antivirus software it’s, actually an entire suite of cybersecurity tools. And with things like the built in VPN, you really are getting that extra value for money.. Now I often test different products on my computer, but the one that I always use for my personal use on not only my desktop but also my phone and my laptop will always be total AV and unless anything major happens to change that. I will be sticking with my choice.: Not only are they packed with features but also I’m able to use one account for all three of my devices without paying any extra money and effect. Depending on what level of subscription you get., You can actually use it on Up to six devices at one time. So to check out the different levels of subscriptions and to see the different pricing structures check out the link in the description below.

, And not only will that take you directly to their website. But it will also take you directly to any deal or discount that they have on.. So I really hope you’ve learned something by watching this video.. If you have, please give it a thumbs up, hit subscribe, stay safe online and I will catch you on the next one.