: After a few years on the market, total AV changed its software billing practices and refund policy for the better.. It is now one of the most consumer friendly services on the market., So today, I’ll be taking a look at total AV alongside you guys in order to determine whether this service may or may not be for you. And just a reminder. If, at any point, you want to check links to pricing or discounts, you’ll find them in the description below., So protection in real time from viruses, malware and other harmful software is essential today to remain protected. Online. Total AV is real time. Protection stops threats dead in their tracks.. In fact, total AV has received a top product award from AV test and advanced plus status from AV comparatives., The leading antivirus testing bodies in the industry, real time protection works effectively, but quietly in the background using minimal system resources. Whilst providing maximum protection. malware changes every day, malicious developers constantly make tweaks to ensure new strains of viruses, aren’t detected by anti viruses., Therefore, anti malware providers have had to adopt new ways to analyze malicious traffic about the web.. One way that total AV addressed. This is with cloud scanning any unknown. Executables seen on a machine running total AV is frozen. Pass to their cloud scanner. For up to a minute analysis, then a decision is made whether to block it or allow it locally.. The cloud scanner is ever learning making total ABS protection always up to date.

. The total AV browser cleaner runs either as a standalone scan or as part of total AV smart scan process.. It identifies data stored on your computer by your web browser which, from a privacy perspective, is why so remove this data is known as cookies, cookies log website activity and share it with other websites.. If you use Facebook, Amazon, eBay and a host of other popular websites, it’s likely your cookies from these websites are being shared with other websites to understand you, your browsing habits all for the purpose of advertising pages, based on your preferences and search patterns. Total AV browser Cleaner is good for 90 of users, though, if you use opera or brave browser there, isn’t support, as of yet with total AV, to manage website data. For these, the majority of web users on Chrome, Firefox, edge and Safari are covered, though now website data breaches have become a silent but common cybersecurity threat in recent times., When major websites get hacked and user details such as passwords get exposed on the dark web.. One of the biggest problems that can emerge from this is credential stuffing, where hackers attempt to use exposed passwords on other major websites. If they successfully log in to other websites. They know that a user is likely to be reusing. The same password across multiple accounts. Total AV have built a tool where users can look up their various email addresses and see if they are signed up to any websites which have suffered a breach.

Now, with regards to internet security., Total AV got that covered as well. Web shield monitors and prohibits access to certain websites to prevent users accessing cybersecurity, dangerous from websites hosting malware to tech, support scams and fraudulent e commerce sites. Web shield uses artificial intelligence and commonly gathered information to blacklist dangers online available not only on Windows but on Chrome, Firefox, edge, Android and iPhone as well. Web shield is a really smart way of completely blocking access to online dangers.. Now the mobile version of total AV is really handy, especially if your kids are using the family tablet. Totally AV for Android comes with an app lock feature allowing you to use a pin to protect apps, which you don’t want. The kids accessing such as banking, personal, social media or work apps, all the while you can be safe in the knowledge that the real time antivirus and web shield protection is keeping youngsters cyber secure.. Both the iOS and Android mobile apps also work with total ABS. Vpn. Add on which is ideal for keeping private web surfing safe, whilst on public access, Wi Fi, total AV is available on the Google Play Store app store, but not yet on the Amazon App Store for fire tablets.. Although total AV do offer their app to fire tablet users as a direct download on their website, which just requires a little bit more of configuration in the device’s settings to run. Most amazon fire users probably can rely on the security Amazon provides, but those few power Users may want that extra protection that total AV can provide now independent review platforms such as trustpilot rates, total AV as just shy of five out of five demonstrating that their customers trust the brand when it comes to virus removal, detection and value for money of the Service as a whole.

Now for the VPN, it uses 256 bit AES AES CBC encryption run on the open VPN protocol and I have to is also an option. But besides that, their recent edition of the kill switch. It doesn’t have any particularly great features that usually come with other VPNs. This VPN can be useful when connecting to public or unknown Wi Fi hotspots to prevent someone else on the network. Spying on what you get up to online after recently been subjected to. That kind of behavior, where my facebook login information, was exposed by connecting to a public wi fi i’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say i had some explaining to do for the next week or so to my colleagues at my university. You never know who’s on the administrative side of that network and under no circumstances definitely do not ever sign up to your bank accounts on public wi fi. The amount of people that just carelessly compromised their information by using public wi fi networks is just staggering. So please be safe and watch what you connect to and while you can use total aviz vpn, which you’ll pay extra for you, won’t need it, especially if you already have a vpn installed. In my case, i already have expressvpn, which is one of the best vpns and will definitely do the job better than total abs vpn. Now a few other features and neat things about total av is the smartscan offering.

This carries out a regular antivirus scan, first and foremost, but also carries out other needs scans, which help with the regular upkeep of a computer. The smart scan checks for what applications are set on startup scans for history and cookies across all web browsers, and looks for junk and redundant files that can be deleted, as well as being able to ensure a pc is virus. Free, there’s. Also, some useful performance and file, clutter removal features like system junk and duplicate files, each of which have one click. Solutions to initiate fixes. Total avi has a number of add on features including a password vault for securely generating and storing unique, secure, passwords and ad blocker, and a free browser extension which is unique in offering management and blocking for browser notification prompts total av, provides 24 seven support via email And live chat and can connect remotely to customer computers to assist with technical issues and configuration, which is very useful. Now total av has had a rough time, the past few years, until recently, when they had independent lab tests which improve their scores and trust levels amongst customers, and now total av has drastically improved their ratings on malware protection and malicious url detection tests is a decent Choice for those looking to secure their pc and more devices, depending on which package you opt for now, if you’re, just looking to secure, not more than three devices than the antivirus pro package will do just that at 29 a year, but it doesn’t come with the Vpn service, the internet security package will come with the vpn service, as well as the ability to secure five devices at ‘ a year.

And finally, the total security package comes with an ad blocker, as well as a password vault, while securing six devices at 59 a year, while total av offers a steep discount on their services for the first year. The product is ultimately rather pricey after the renewal. In the past, many consumers complained about getting caught by surprise from the renewal price increase, as total av was not overly clear about their auto renew policy and was slow to process customer complaints. However, total av now openly advertises its auto renewal policy on their product pages and on the final signup page there’s, also a 30 day, money back guarantee and a prorated refund. If you cancelled before a full year of service and if you don’t want to renew your service, make sure that you cancelled before the first year is out. I suggest setting up a calendar reminder for yourself, so pricing isn’t on the expensive side compared to other antivirus softwares, at least for the first year. Overall, total av provides a broad range of useful tools that make it valuable if you’re looking for a low cost comprehensive security coverage so i’d definitely recommended, especially for those that are new to antivirus software and are not very familiar with such software. Since it’s pretty easy to use with a very user friendly, ui that’ll, be it for this review. If you’re interested in total av you’ll find links in the description below i’ll, try to find some special deals for you guys in order to, hopefully save you guys.

Some more money otherwise like and subscribe, would really help us out with the algorithm and if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.