If you need more space, the charger rotates up and out of the way, so it doesn’t block both outlets. Next plug the usb swivel charger into your wall, outlet to charge a smartphone or tablet use the cable that came with your device next plug the opposite. End of the cable into your device: if your charger has its own power supply, you can plug it directly into one of the three surge protected outlets charge and you’re good to go. Do you know how much energy, your home, electronics and appliances really use now? There’S an easy way to find out the conserve insight. Energy use monitor, empowers you to understand the true impact of your energy use on your electric bill and on the environment simply plug the conserve inside energy use, monitor into any electrical outlet and plug in any household device. The conserve insights, convenient handheld or tabletop display makes it easy to read see at a glance that cost per year to operate that device or the cost per month. You can also see how many pounds of carbon dioxide are produced by the power plant to operate your device press the watts button and see the wattage. Your device is using in real time, leaving an appliance plugged in over a period of time activates. The tracking feature which projects, monthly and yearly cost of operation, based on your actual usage, for example, based on your tv viewing habits. The conserve insight makes calculations used on the average u.

s electricity rate. You can increase the accuracy by entering the rate from your own electric bill, save energy through discovery with the conserve insight, energy use, monitor, Music ton power power up your life, Music Applause; Music, do Music Applause, Music, the belkin surge plus usb wall mount to get started. Remove the screw from your wall plate keeping the plate in place next plug the usb wall mount into your wall outlet over the wall plate secure the usb wall mount to the wall outlet using the center screw. If you’re uncomfortable removing the wall plate, you can plug the usb wall mount directly into the outlet without using the mounting screw to charge a smartphone or tablet use the cable that came with your device and plug the usb end of the cable into one of the Usb ports on the wall mount next plug the opposite end of the cable into your device. You can use the second usb port to charge another smartphone or tablet.