You will have a battery free pen to come with the canvas pen display higher accuracy, smoother lines and more lifelike. Drawing experience now all come true with huion pentek 3.0 battery free pen lines created under 8192 pen pressure levels and 5080 lpi pen resolution are organic in shape out of sight, as we have a full laminated ips screen, where you can find an anti glare film attached On the surface, now your pc mobile phone and even your switch, can all be easily connected and used as you wish, and eight programmable press keys would maximize your productivity. Just like this. Oh right, your canvas may also need a gorgeous stand to enable you a best angle, to work amazingly 11.8 millimeter only in thickness and the lighter than a book easy to carry yeah, absolutely what’s, more c, so special easy to carry colorful and energetic this is picasso Tab, a multi functioning drawing tablet made for students and aspiring artists weighing less than one pound. This tablet can replace nearly everything currently in your backpack. First and foremost, this is for artists to create, with the active pen and autodesk sketchbook pre installed. There are no limitations to what you can sketch draw or paint running android 7 nougat os means that you are free to download apps from the google play store until you make the picasso tab truly yours, you can sit back on a break and watch your latest Entertainment or scan the document using either the 5 megapixel camera on the back and a 2 megapixel front camera to take notes during class.

The picasso tab is equipped with the latest ports, like micro hdmi, allowing you to plug into your tv at home or a projector to present a class project directly from your tablet and with 32 gigs of internal storage and the ability to expand another 32 gigs with The micro sd card slot – you will always have plenty of space to store everything. You need Music with the picasso tab. You can enjoy all day battery life when you need a quick recharge. The modern day, usb type c port is ready to get you back at it Music. This is not just another tablet. This is a device that inspires creators to keep doing what they do best without letting technology get in the way Music. You just cannot imagine how excellent my body is. It is incredible that such a hunk brings so much convenience as i create. I can express myself more freely due to the lost workspace and have keys battery prepared with the latest upgrade and great performers and always fulfill. My expectation for the creation, besides the whole laminated screen, enables use detail to reveal this precision, no matter how liquid the colors Music – yes, absolutely amazing.