Pro 16 digital tablets for drawing have been around a long time and wacom is no stranger to the field. The mobile studio pro is the companys mobile pen, computer for professional artists and designers, a windows 10 tablet with serious performance and a serious price tag. Of course, a drawing tablet is nothing without the drawing instrument itself and the mobile studio pro includes wacoms deluxe pro pen too. It supports tilt multi touch and an astronomical 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, far more than the typical stylus on the market, as youd expect its accurate, responsive and feels great against the tablet screen. There is also a customizable touch ring and eight shortcut buttons to the side of the display, and the whole thing is flippable for the convenience of right or left handed users. A fully adjustable stand is sold separately, but it may be worthwhile for anyone already investing in the tablet, as their professional creative studio check out the description for more information and latest price coming at number. Two lenovo thinkpad x1 lenovos third generation thinkpad x1 tablet is a very powerful two in one detachable gear toward professional use, but with a lot of versatility, the top end configuration runs windows 10, pro on a one: nine ghc, eight generation intel core i7 cpu and 16 Gb of ram with up to 1 tb of ssd storage space, its designed and tested to be durable, built with gorilla glass in the screen and sturdy weather resistant materials all around the tablet also comes with a thinkpad pen, pro stylus, that clips to the side, its Perfect for artists, designers, architects or any professions that call for drawing signing or note taking battery life is a bit on the short side hurting its portability.

But the inclusion of two usb c ports supporting thunderbolt 3 is a fairly rare and forward thinking feature for a tablet and number one of this list. Microsoft: surface pro 7.. Microsoft has dramatically expanded its stable of surface products since the original tablets launch in 2012, but the surface pro 7 may be the best of the bunch for the most people. The surface pro line has always focused on packing powerful laptop performance within a portable hybrid device, and the latest iterations premium hardware maintains the high bar loaded with up to a 10 generation intel core i7 processor, 16 gb of ram and a 512 gb solid state drive. It delivers a fast, responsive experience, especially when it comes to productivity tasks, design wise the surface. Pro 7 doesnt deviate too much from the previous model. It uses the surface line standard setting detachable two in one configuration featuring a sturdy kickstand that holds the tablet up at a 165 degree range of angles. You can then snap the magnetically attaching type cover keyboard onto the bottom. The pro 7s 12 3 inch display and one seven pound weight are also unchanged from the pro 6 still much more portable than a typical laptop new to the pro 7, however, is a usb c port, a much needed addition in terms of modern inputs. All of these items are available on amazon. I have included all the links in the description you can check out this links for more information and latest price.

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