It comes with a detachable keyboard, which is particularly designed for experts with pen input. You may also get adobe creative cloud optimizations shortcut buttons and high performance with this device, even if its one of a kind it still has its flaws. Well hp was never for great designs, which is why you can see big fat bezels on this device. It definitely gives off the heavy duty. Industrial vibe, the input pen further comes with a 4096 pressure sensitivity, so you can design some remarkable pieces. The device may not offer the best design, but it does offer a specialized experience. The core performance is also pretty decent and the detachable keyboard is one of the best features as well for more information and price check out the product links in description at number, 4, 2019 lenovo yoga book lenovo yoga book c930 comes with an innovative touch to it. The device comes with an exceptional design that many graphic designers look for. So, if you are after it, this device might serve you right. This microsoft, drawing tablet comes with a 10 8 inch large touch display, along with a one 2g hc intel core i5 processor, hd, graphics and so much more. The tablet comes with improved hardware, so you can work on the device efficiently. The most innovative feature of this tablet is the second e ink display that works great for viewing documents, making notes and drawing as well. Also note the device comes with a great design which is not so heavy as well.

The device is lightweight and flexible, although it comes with some incredible features. The device does not offer a safe space for precision pen. So if you are after great resolution and all internal features, then lenovo yoga book c930 might be the right option for you. Halfway of my listed number three microsoft surface pro 6.: this is one of the best surface pro for drawing, especially considering its amazing design. Apart from it, the tablet is equipped with intel core i5 or i7. That makes it reliably fast and efficient. Furthermore, it offers enough storage for you to keep your data in it. The battery life of this device is enormous, which is a plus point for all designers. One thing that you must know about this device is that it still does not support usbc or thunderbolt 3. feels ancient right. The device was expected to come with them, but the makers were thinking otherwise having this connectivity is necessary for designers. So if you think you can compromise on it, only then opt for this option for more information and price check out the product. Links in description coming in at number two microsoft surface go. If you want to experience using windows 10 in one of the best machines, then microsoft surface go is the ultimate machine for you as gorgeous as it is. It offers incredible efficiency and performance that you cannot get anywhere else known for its appealing design. This tablet is equipped with incredible internal features as well.

Coming with the 10 5 inch large touch display screen, you can get the most out of this machine as a designer. You definitely need to rest your neck and back and this device knows it all. Coming with an amazing kickstand, you can adjust it as it suits your neck and back not only that the intel core m3 processor is a powerhouse, so your performance will be maximized with this device. If youre too kid the device up with other necessary components, then it may cost you a little more so make sure you know what you need with the device and number one newest microsoft surface pro 7. The tablet comes with a 12 3 inch large display screen that allows you to enjoy working. The amazing color and contrast further enable you to make the right color choices. The tablet offers 256gb sd storage, so you can keep all your data in one place, even though its an amazing tablet for graphic designing, but its certainly not the best. We are here to tell you the pros and cons of both, so you can make a wise decision. This windows tablet for designers, lack, updates and, to be honest, does not offer a great design. The display bezels are very thick. That does not give it an amazing shape, but we are expecting that microsoft is saving its upgrades for the next tablets in the line, so lets wait and see how it goes. However, this tablet is great for students and beginners.

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