Everybody can hear, and today we’re going to be talking about the best pet cameras, because when the cat’s away the mice play and when you’re away your puppies and kitties might too. So today, I’ll be looking at the top pet cameras, break them down by their features. And benefits you can get a better idea, which one of these might be a good choice for you, based upon your particular situation. And, as always, I’ll include links to each of these down below.. So you can check for updated pricing and availability for any of these. That you might be interested in. Also if there are any coupon codes, special deals, discounts. Anything like that on any of these I’ll include that in the description as well., So whether you’re doing it in 4k, you want to be able to look at it on your iPhone or iPad or your Android.. So many things go into what makes a great pet camera and we tested a bunch of them. And the best pet camera overall that we came across was the hikvision indoor, pet camera. And simply put it’s the highest quality indoor camera in this particular area.. It produces really astonishing 2k HD video that’s, incredibly clear. You have a four time: zoom functionality that can further enhance the details. You can remotely operate that zoom and rotate the camera, utilizing 350 degrees of horizontal panning and 100 degrees of tilt from your smartphone., And you can do that all while watching the live streaming, video feed.

And with this capable camera, you can find your doggy or kitty Anywhere within that wide viewable range., But if your pet happens to be in another room, you can call them over the camera. Thanks to the two way, audio communicator that microphone provides noise cancelling to block out extraneous, sounds you and your pet can focus on one another. And for security and energy saving purposes.. The camera can be programmed to only operate when you’re, watching it live over your smartphone or you can set the camera to record video on a local SD card or a cloud server. If you have one. When motion is detected., The camera requires a wall outlet for power and you can connect it to the internet through an ethernet cable directly or over the 2.5 gigahertz Wi Fi it’s also Alexa compatible and the camera will seamlessly integrate into your smart Home and can display video footage on your fire TV. Your Echo show your tablet to multiple users can be connected to the device at once, or the entire family can see and interact with your pets.. So with doing something cute, everybody can watch the show, live and the camera can be left freestanding or it can be mounted on a wall or ceiling.. So if you’re, just looking for the best pet camera overall behind vision, indoor pet camera, is likely going to give you the best view of your puppy or kitty. The best pet camera for smart homes.

Is the Google Nest Cam. And if you have a smart home with Amazon, Alexa or Google Assistant, the Google Nest? Cam is the best pet cam you can get because of the inherent Smart Home functionality and convenience cameras will fully integrate into your Smart Home. Ecosystem. It’s got a two way: audio communicator enables you to remotely communicate with your pet.. It also allows you to give Smart Home voice commands to it. The optional nest. Aware subscription service also enhances the capabilities of the camera, as well as the rest of your nest. Devices too., You can view, live streaming footage whenever you access the camera on your smartphone. And you can use the nest cams three hour snapshot feature to quickly access and review the previous few hours. If you haven’t checked it in a while., So imagine loading up your pet cam and seeing a pile of pillow fluff on the living room floor and you can play detective and go back in time and see who the culprit was and show it to them.. The camera also has eight powerful infrared LEDs for supremely clear night vision too.. So you can keep an eye on it. If you work the overnight shift or maybe you’re away. You just want to see what’s going on in the wee hours for entertainment. There’s, a suite of accessories available for the next camp, including a plethora of mounts. Camera can be left free, standing on a flat surface.

You can mount on a wall or a ceiling. You can magnetically mount it to a refrigerator if you want or even wrap it around a banister. You can pretty much put it. Anywhere. It’s got two factor authentication you can enable to make a camera extra secure and the device itself has a two year warranty.. So if you’re looking for the best pet camera for your smart home, then the Google Nest Cam is likely going to fit the bill.. The best budget pet camera that we came across was the little elf indoor, smart camera, and there are no important sacrifices. You really need to make to acquire a budget friendly pet camera like the little elf, because nearly all the wonderful features outlined on all the other choices that we’ve been talking about are available in this alternative as well.. It features some notable extras like noise, canceling technology within the two way, audio communication and an IR cut technology that adds full color clarity to the infrared night vision, which is a cool trick.. Your pet can tell the difference.. So why should you, shell out the extra money for a premium pet camera.? This little camera has a lollipop shape, that’s connected to a flat saucer mount and you can leave a freestanding mount on a wall or ceiling and the camera actually can rotate, but only manually.. So this gives you the opportunity to be able to position on your wall. Your ceiling freestanding and then pick the shot that you want.

See. That gives you the best view of what your kitty or your doggie is up to. The camera is also Alexa compatible and feature some other nifty functions like motion, tracking technology and automatic alerts. videos can be stored on a micro SD card on Cloud Storage too. If you have it. The cloud storage is service that is provided as a free 90 day. Trial., Do you have to pay a small monthly fee to keep it from then on after the three months is up, and you won’t even need to do that, though, because you can live stream with three through their app. And that’s? Really all you need when it comes to watching your pet unless you’re trying to make a YouTube, video or something.. So the best budget, pet camera that we came across was the little elf indoor, smart camera and that might be a good choice for you.. The best pet camera for dogs was the furbo treat tossing dog cameras. So this is like a robot buddy for your dog. While you’re away for the day, the camera itself is quite good, does tend to dp HD video, which is not 4k, but still very, very resolute and good and clear. It’s got 160 degree wide lens. That gives you extra wide view of what’s going on in functions. Much in the same way the other cameras and gives you the live streaming, video on demand through your smartphone.. You can also be set to record when it’s triggered by an event like when your dog barks or if there’s motion and the camera can actually compile a doggy diary album for you of your dog’s day.

. Using that feature aside from the camera, the Furby device also tosses a treat when instructed by you, with your smartphone or through an Alexa voice command, and this is a great way to reward your dog for being good. If you happen to catch them being in. For a distracting it during moments of separation, anxiety or just simply playing with your dog, if you miss them in while you’re at work or whatever you’re doing real time, smart alerts can be programmed to alert you when your dog is barking when a person walks into Frame, like I said, and when your dog is close to the camera and filling the screen with its QC face. More than that it’s, a tree tossing dog camera that acts as a Home Security tool. And it saved many dogs lives thanks to the barking alerts. So many dog owners can find more than one reason to own the furbo dog camera, because it’ll help you and your dog have more comfortable time. Part II toss a treat which is pretty cool remote trick, and you can train it on to be better behaved when you’re away too. We’re. Looking for the best pet camera for dogs, the furbo treat tossing dog camera is likely going to be an entertaining choice for you. Best pet camera, for cats was the v star. Cam laser cat, camera. And cats tend to take care of themselves as well. And, as we all know, don’t really require much attention.

Doesn’T mean you can’t check on them from time to time, while you’re away and have some fun. And the v star cam laser cat camera can rotate 355 degrees horizontally 120 degrees vertically, and that gives you the ability to search for your cat wherever they may be. Lounging because they could be hanging from the ceiling who knows what’s more. This camera also features a safe laser toy. This you can interact with their kidneys, so you can do that cool thing with the laser pointer and make them go crazy and do it with rotating 355 degrees and then 120 degrees vertically, which should be really entertaining honestly. Camera also has two way audio, so you can chat with your cat features, a unique recorded, audio mode that can be programmed to play songs or recorded voice message. If you want and the laser toys where it’s at though there your cat is going to love, it., It’s, really cool video can be viewed, live on your smartphone, you record it on an SD card locally or over the cloud.. If you have that ability. cats can be difficult to catch on camera, which is why this one can be programmed to send you motion detecting alerts.. So you know when your kidneys on screen device required a wall outlet for power. And it can be connected to your home internet via Ethernet, cable or 2.4 gigahertz Wi Fi, so make sure you put it in a secure location.

So your cat doesn’t easily push it off the counter. And it also comes with a 12 month warranty.. So if you’re, just looking for the best pet camera for cats, the v star, cam laser cat camera is likely going to be an entertaining choice for your kitty.. So hopefully you found this video helpful.. If so, please feel free to leave a thumbs up, as I always appreciate it., A good bit of digital validation always feels nice, and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Just reminder: I’ll include links to each of these products down below. So you can check for updated pricing and availability for any of these that you might be interested in.. Also, let me know any comments or questions you have. You know I love getting to interact with as many of those as I can., interacting with people who share the same passions as me is a really cool thing., But otherwise thanks so much for watching. Hope you have a great rest of your day. Stay safe out. There and I’ll see you in the next video.