Laptop is something that almost every adult has either for work study fun. But with so many options out there. People who want to buy a new laptop or upgrade their existing laptop into a new version must have difficulty in deciding which one is the best based on their particular situation. Don’T worry. We have made a lot of research and in this video we will tell you which laptop is on our top 5 best laptop in 2021. At our number. One in the list is macbook air late 2020 version. This laptop is the best overall in our list. It’S powered by april m1, processor and base model specification is 8 gigabyte, ram and 256 gigabyte of ssd storage. The april m1 processor, driven by 7 to 8 core of processor, made this 13.3 inch screen laptop work very fast on handling multitasking and orders medium to heavy dust. You can find this product in amazon with price starting from 999. Now. Our second choice is hp. Spectral x 360.: if you love a premium design yet have powerful performance, then this laptop is the right choice for you. Specification for base model of this laptop is intel core i5 11th generation intel iris c graphics. For the graphic card, 8 gigabyte of ram 13.3 inch screen full hd with 1920 by 1080 pixel ips touchscreen support by amol attack make this beautiful screen look very gorgeous and also it has 256 gigabyte of ssd storage. This laptop called 360 because its ability to rotate the screen 360 degrees made it can act like a tablet at some point.

Also it support pen input. So if you are a designer or someone like to draw, you will have nice things to play with. You can find this product in amazon with normal pricing, starting from 1 370. Next up, we have macbook pro 2019 it’s, a common thing for macbook lovers. Their brand keeps showing up, as we know, apple is one of the leading companies in the industry. Macbook pro is designed to be elegant and powerful specification for base model of this laptop is intel core i7 ninth generation amd rhodion, pro 500 300 m graphic card 16 gigabyte of ram 16 inch, retina display with true tone and 512 gigabyte ssd for the storage. This beauty beast, can work smoothly for editing, video or multitasking with battery life up to 11 hours. You can rest assure when you are away from a power source this product available in amazon with starting price 2199. In fourth place. We have asus rlg serpruss g14. Now republic of gamers will cheers after hearing their lovely device, are on the list and it’s not a secret, that asus built. This device is specific for all gamers around the globe. This laptop has a very powerful machine laid inside an elegant cell base model for asus rog’s separate specification is amd, ryzen, 4 800 hs infide geforce rtx 2016 14 inch screen full hd ips at 120 has rate 5 12 gigabyte of storage. You can buy this laptop in amazon with pricing start from 1 350.

. For last, but not least, is our budget pick acer, swift, 3., if you’re in a budget situation but need good and well performance laptop, then this laptop might be suit. Your need acer, swift, 3 specification is core i7 8th generation, radeon figure, 8 graphic card and an 8 gigabyte of ram 15.5 inch screen with 1920 by 1008 year solution and one terabyte hard disk storage. Although it looks like old school don’t miss judging the azure swift, 3 performance, it works well for multitasking and some games. You can get this product on amazon, with pricing around 679 for the lower spot model, so guys that is our list for top 5 best laptops in 2021, and we hope this video can be helpful if you like, the video you can give us a like and Subscribe to our channel and for your information, we are not doing any affiliation with all brands and company we mentioned in the video and therefore we will not leave any link in the description you can find those products by going to amazon or simply search in the Google search bar as usual.