The fifth product on our list is the acer chromebook spin. This is our best budget, two in one laptop, the acer, chromebook spin 311 lists for around 270 dollars and is one of the best budget. Two in one laptops on the market. It has impressive levels of versatility, as well as satisfying interaction and usability. The design is a symphony in black and makes the whole aesthetic cohesive and attractive embedded into the black chassis. The keyboard and touch pad are easy to use with pleasing and punchy clicks and actuation making typing in other menial tasks. Satisfying the 11.6 inch ips touchscreen looks clear and pretty rugged it’s protected by the gorilla glass, but the thick bezels come off as a lot of wasted space. This two in one won’t make a good laptop replacement, but if you want something inexpensive that is going to survive the occasional bash and knock, then this chromebook is definitely one to consider using the spin mechanism. The chromebook spin 311 lets you go from using it like a normal laptop to a purely browse and touch tablet like machine or in a tent position to watch netflix. The key features are specs amd a4, 9120c with radeon, r4 graphics, 4 gigabytes ram and 32 gigabytes of emmc storage, ports, two usba and two usb c ports, plus a micro sd port battery up to 10 hours on a single charge runs on chrome. Os comes with built in virus protection and automatic updates.

Google apps, all the google apps, you know and love comes standard, including google, docs sheets and slides spin mechanism. Lets you go from a normal laptop to a touch tablet. The acer chromebook spin 311 is a great choice if you’re looking for a small compact device, that’s incredibly flexible and versatile. Now, if you have more to spend and want a bigger display, take a look at the lenovo flex 5 coming up next, the fourth product on our list is the lenovo flex. 5. 14 inch 2020.. This is a great value, two in one laptop retailing for around seven hundred ten dollars. The lenovo flex, 5 14 inch gives you great value in a two in one laptop and thanks to an amd, ryzen, 5 processor. The flex 5 14 inch offers an extraordinary blend of performance and value for the money. This two in one offers better computing performance than even more expensive competitors. It’S got decent physical connectivity options, a sturdy well designed chassis and a comfortable keyboard. The chassis may be on the chunky side, but it’s not unattractive. Like the acer, chromebook spin, you can prop the notebook up like a tent rest. It on the keyboard portion like an easel or even fold it completely flat and use it as a tablet, with the 360 degree hinge. The full hd 14 inch. Ips touchscreen offers good colors and brightness. The backlit keyboard has stable key switches that create a comfortable and satisfying typing experience.

The touchpad is a bit stiff, but still tracks accurately the large speaker, grilles flank the keyboard and the audio quality from the dual 2 watt. Stereo speakers is adequate for general purpose. The key features are specs amd, ryzen 5 with amd radeon, graphics, 16, gigabytes ram and 256 gigabytes, ssd storage, ports, two usba one usbc, an hdmi port plus a full size, sd card reader 360 degree hinge prop it up. Like a tent rest, it like an easel or fold it flat and use it as a tablet. Lenovo’S digital pen offers 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity and includes two customizable buttons integrated speakers. Dual 2 watt stereo speakers that sound ok for general use. If value is what you’re after the lenovo flex, 5 14 inch is a good choice, it packs enough computing power to get your productivity tasks done quickly and the included digital pen can make interacting with the screen faster and easier for some tasks. If there’s a bit more room in your budget stick around as we look at the hp envy x360 next, the third product on our list is the hp envy x360. 13.3 inch 2020.. This is our best two in one laptop under one thousand dollars: the hp envy x360 retails for under one thousand dollars and between its slim design and snappy amd processor it’s, one of the best two in one laptops at this price point, whether you’re a regular commuter Or student, the nvx 360 would be a great two in one it’s, small and lightweight, making it perfect for hauling back and forth to work or taking from class to class on campus, add in fast wi, fi, 6 and bluetooth, 5.

0 and you’ll get a speedy little. Two in one that’s ready to get down to business. The dual hinges feel sturdy and don’t require much effort to rotate and offers the familiar two in one versatility, the exterior is clean and subtle, and the lid lifts easily to reveal a 13.3 inch fhd display. The display has excellent color and contrast, and at 300 nits it’s, pretty bright. The reduced bezels do make it more comfortable to use on your arm as a tablet, and the display supports touch input and gives you exceptional durability. With corning gorilla glass, the chiclet style keyboard has well spaced keys that are clicky and responsive. Deeper key travel would have been nice and the keys may require more force than you might prefer. The key features are specs amd, ryzen 7 with amd radeon, graphics, 16, gigabytes ram and 512 gigabytes, ssd storage, ports, usb type c display port two usb type; a ports and a combo headphone microphone jack excellent battery performance up to 10 hours on a single charge, lightweight Design ideal for commuters and students on the go wireless connectivity, wi, fi, 6 and bluetooth 5, ready for fast speeds and future proofing. Dual hinges: lets you use it as a laptop intent mode or as a tablet. The hp envy x360 is a two in one that you should take a closer look at if you’re searching for a machine that combines great specs a sleek and stylish design and is lightweight for travel, making it a great option for you under one thousand dollars.

The second product on our list is dell’s new xps, 13 21.. This is our best overall two two in one laptop at around eleven hundred dollars, dell’s new xps 13, two in one adds intel 11th gen muscle to an already fantastic convertible laptop, making it one of the best overall two in one laptops on the market. It has a sleek aluminum design with superb build quality and dell took painstaking measures to make the xps 13 2 and 1 perform as premium as it looks. The body is cnc cut from two blocks of aluminum, then bonded with corning gorilla, glass, 6 for extra durability. The hinge has just the right amount of resistance and the screen doesn’t wobble when you touch it and rotating the display back doesn’t take much effort. The 13.4 inch fhd plus w led touch display, looks great and brings images and video to life with crisp, vibrant colors. The maglev keyboard has very little travel. They barely descend before actuating, which creates the feeling of tapping on a flat surface. Bottoming out is inevitable, and these magnet driven keys are rather loud compared to traditional spring operated ones. The backlit keyboard does span from one edge of the deck to the other, resulting in keys that are large enough for bigger hands and good spacing to promote accuracy. The massive 4.4 by 2.6 inch touchpad is very nice and it quickly executed. Windows 10 gestures like three finger, swipe to switch apps and two finger scrolling.

The key features are specs intel i3 with intel, uhd, graphics, 8, gigabytes ram and 256 gigabytes, ssd storage, ports, two thunderbolt 4 ports, a micro sd card slot and a headphone jack, build quality. Excellent build quality and sleek design combine to create a two in one that performs as premium as it looks. Convertible hinge lets you configure the two in one into tent or tablet mode wireless options, onboard wi, fi, six and bluetooth. Dell’S new xps, 13 2n1 is premium in every way if you’re looking for a two in one that ticks all the boxes, this is one that should be near the top of your list. The first product on our list is the microsoft surface book 3.. This is our best detachable two in one laptop at around fifteen hundred dollars microsoft’s surface book. Three is one of the best detachable two in one laptops available and combines speed, amazing, graphics and immersive gaming, with the versatility of a laptop tablet and portable studio. The surface book 3 is extremely versatile, while it can function like a traditional two in one. The display is also detachable, so it can be used as a stand alone. Tablet, it’s ideal for digital artists and other creatives who need the flexibility to sketch retouch and edit. Using their fingers or optional tools like the surface pen and surface dial, the 13.3 inch high resolution pixel sense touch screen, gives you a maximum resolution of 3000 by 2000 pixels and plenty of brightness.

The backlit keyboard is comfortable and well suited for longer typing tasks. The feedback is pleasant and the pressure point triggers an input almost immediately and as a mouse alternative, there’s, a click pad that gives you precise control and for connectivity you’ll get the connection options you need, including usba usbc and a full size sd card slot for wireless Networking the surface book 3 is well equipped with wi fi 6 and bluetooth 5. battery life is also very good, giving you up to 15 and a half hours of use between charges. The key features are specs intel core i5 with intel iris, plus six gigabytes ram and 256 gigabytes, ssd storage, ports, two usb a one usbc three and a half millimeter headphone jack, two surface connect ports and a full size, sdxc card reader versatility, different configurations. Let you use the surface book 3 as a laptop tablet and portable studio plus has a detachable design. Amazing display 13.3 inch high resolution. Touchscreen gives you plenty of brightness. Future proofing comes with wi fi, six and bluetooth five.