So you hear and see them everywhere. New two in one laptops that combine the ease of use of a tablet with the power of a laptop, but not all two in ones are built. The same two and ones typically come in one of two designs, detachable or bendable. If you prefer a tablet like touch based experience or you won’t need to do a lot of typing. A detachable is probably the type of two in one you’ll want the most affordable. Two in one hybrids have 1366 by 768 pixel displays, but we strongly prefer sharper 1920×1080, full hd screens with these panels. You’Ll enjoy better image quality and the ability to snap two wide windows side by side for some serious multitasking, whether you’re looking for the best of the best or the most affordable you’re, going to find it here on this list. So if you want to know which one is going to work best for you stay tuned and if you want to see more details and the newest prices of the products mentioned in this list check the links in the description below now. Let’S start with the first product. First, on the list, as best overall, we chose the hp spectre x360 14, which comprehensively offers technology and innovative features that every college student craves in a computer design wise the gemcut aesthetic remains the boldest design you’ll find outside of gaming laptops. Although the spectre is more elegant than ostentatious, the keyboard is edge to edge and the individual keycaps are quite large squares with ample and satisfying travel.

There’S. A pleasant stiffness to the keys, because there’s no wobble there’s, also a bit of a bounce back which helps with typing fatigue, powered by an intel, a 11th gen core i7 1165 g7 with intel iris, xe, graphics. The spectre: x360 14 doesn’t break any new barriers, but it holds its own against ultrabooks with similar specs. Like many new laptops, this one is certified to meet intel’s evo standards, including fast resume wi fi, 6 long battery life and more the spectre’s oled screen is lovely to look at additionally, the x360 is convertible, something that many other college laptops are not. That means you can get your hands all over, that gorgeous display with the touchscreen or make it more comfortable to enjoy some post class movies in tablet or stand mode, while far from gaming grey can still handle some light. Titles or tasks like video editing with relative comfort. To sum it up, college is a time when the sky’s, the limit and hp’s spectre x360 design promises to keep up with students always on lifestyle, whether powering through late night study sessions, a full day of homework or some much needed relaxation time. If this is your first time visiting our channel be sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon to receive notifications for our next videos. Next on the list, as the best detachable, we chose the microsoft surface, pro 7. design, wise microsoft, hasn’t reinvented the wheel here, like its predecessors, the microsoft surface, pro 7 is a somewhat chunky tablet that can transform into a laptop thanks to its rear, facing kickstand and Optional signature type cover keyboard.

The tablet also still comes in the same matte black and silver aluminum finishes. The tablet’s touchscreen still comes in at 12.3 inches on the diagonal, with a 2736 by 1824 resolution, which is 267 pixels per inch and a 3 2 aspect ratio. It’S, just as sharp, vibrant and responsive to touch as the previous generation, which was already quite impressive, the microsoft surface, pro 7 gets points for finally, including a usbc port, though the overall connections are scant on this machine. Aside from the usbc, you get a usb a port handy for legacy, peripherals, a headphone jack, a micro sd card slot and a surface connect port for juicing up packing an intel core, i7, 1035, g4 cpu and 8 gigs of ram the service pro 7 will handle Any usual multi tasking without a sweat to sum it up the microsoft surface, pro 7 delivers big on performance and display quality, complete with a responsive screen for note, taking and drawing, and a convertible design. That really shines with the excellent type cover keyboard. Next, as best chromebook 2 and 1, we chose the acer chromebook spin 713. The acer chromebook spin 713 blurs the line between dirt cheap and needlessly premium making for an excellent mid range. Chromebook chromebooks are growing increasingly popular in the education field, with schools using them more now than ever, and the spin 713 is one of the best laptops because at an affordable price you’re going to get an amazing battery life that will surely last a full day a Bright colorful 13.

5 inch display and amazing performance packed with an intel core: i5, 10. 2. 10. U cpu and eight gigs of ram the acer’s chromebook spin 713 is a speedy, little machine to say the least, design wise. The acer chromebook is one slick machine and its steel gray color scheme is sleekly subtle. The metallic accents are especially pleasing on the eye. The spin 713 is a two in one laptop too. The flexible hinges. Let you convert it into a tablet or use it in tent mode to view movies and videos the hinges rotate smoothly and the mechanism feels pleasantly sturdy. To sum it up there’s an awful lot to like about the acer chromebook spin 713, no matter what you’re, using it for avid riders, will love the keyboard and extra screen real estate, while multimedia mavens will love the streaming capabilities of google os. We hope you like our selection of products so far and if you want us to review some other products in this category feel free to comment below. In the category best battery life option. We chose the samsung galaxy book flex. A beautiful two in one laptop, like the galaxy book flex, seems like a natural thing to expect from a company like samsung. Its phones are renowned around the world for having big, beautiful screens that are a joy to consume content through not to mention their fantastic 4k tvs. The 10th gen intel core i7, 1065, g7 cpu and 12 gigs of ram.

The galaxy book flex allows for speedy multitasking battery life was very good, lasting on average 11 hours between charges. During the work day, the flex bit refers to the screen, which folds all the way over to the back, making it a laptop that turns into a tablet. However, this isn’t detachable, meaning you’ll, have the keyboard facing outward when folded into tablet mode. The keyboard is good. The good sized keys are isolated and well spaced, with a reasonable amount of travel and feel the trackpad is excellent. Large enough responsive and accurate with a good click to it. The book flex’s other trick is a concealed s. Pen stylus, which is the same one shipped with galaxy’s, note series of large screen smartphones, the stylus slides into the slot next to the thunderbolt 3 ports and is stored neatly away until you need it. To sum it up, the samsung galaxy book flex is a device with a lot of potential. A gorgeous display and excellent battery life would make it a desirable device. As the best budget in today’s video, we chose the asus chromebook flip asus is one of the most well respected laptop manufacturers around and offers a diverse range of notebooks, many of which are strong products and keenly priced too. As the name suggests. The chromebook flip is a convertible, which has a 360 degree hinge that allows the laptop to be folded back on itself to be used as a tablet. The 14 inch full hd touchscreen has nano edges, meaning very thin bezels, which allows the c433 to actually be smaller than the old flip c302, while having an inch and a half more screen real estate.

Despite the price, this chromebook still maintains a premium. Look thanks to a nice finish, and particularly those slim screen bezels, to help give a high end appearance plus it has some quite nifty features for this price bracket, including a backlit keyboard. The battery life was impressive, lasting almost eight hours in our video playback tests and recharging in less than an hour and a half it works well at photo, editing and word processing and thanks to its slim design is also very portable. This is a very smart looking portable, which is a cut above your average chromebook and carries some premium features, even if the build quality is not quite as good as the other laptops in this list. So there you have it the best five products on the market. Today, if you found the one on our list that meets your needs and budget remember to check the link in the description box and catch it at a discounted price.