The hybrid hardware combines the best things about both a laptop and a tablet. Giving you one convenient portable package. The best two in one laptops will satisfy your inner desire to flip, transform and bend your device into flexible states, including tablet and tent mode, but with so many choices at so many different prices, it can be really difficult to choose the best one for your needs. Well, no worries in this video we’ve compiled the list of the top four two in one laptops on the market to choose from and we’ve recognized and categorized them into four major categories: to make sure that it’s easier for you to choose the best one. So keep watching to find out about each Music one at number. One for best overall is the hp spectre x, 360, 14, because it offers the best combination of performance battery life, display, quality and price among a very loaded field, design wise, the gem cut, aesthetic remains the boldest design you’ll find outside of gaming laptops. Although the spectre is more elegant than ostentatious the spectre, 360 14 is a beautiful laptop without being over the top, whether it’s in nightfall, black, with copper, accents, porcelain, blue or natural silver at just under three pounds, it’s a bit heavy to use as a tablet. For long periods, but it’s smooth, easy to fold hinges are quite sturdy, unlike with other convertibles there’s. Barely any wobble, when you use the touchscreen, the display is also stylus compatible and the spectra ships with hp’s mpp 2.

0 pen, which attaches magnetically to the side of the chassis. The keyboard is edge to edge, and the virtual keycaps are quite large squares with ample satisfying travel. There is a pleasant stiffness to the keys, because there’s no wobbling there’s, also a bit of bounce back, which helps with typing fatigue powered by an intel, 11th gen core i7 with intel iris, xe, graphics. The spectre 360 doesn’t break any new barriers, but it holds its own against ultrabooks with similar specs. Like many new laptops, this one is certified to meet intel’s evo standards, including a fast resume wi fi, six long battery life and more the spectre’s oled screen is lovely to look at with ample brightness sky high contrast, pristine white backgrounds and deep blacks. The colors are rich vivid and saturated, and the fine details are sharp. The 13.5 inch display on the spectre 360 as an increasingly common three to two aspect ratio. This lets you know that more content is on the screen at once when you’re browsing web pages. Writing reports or scanning spreadsheets. To sum it up, the hp spectre models have always stood out against uninspired competitors, but the new spectre 360 is downright luxurious. The newest addition to hp’s premium two in one lineup combines a startingly attractive chassis with gorgeous display options, fast performance and long battery life. Next, in the best chromebook two in one category, we chose the acer chromebook spin 713.. The acer chromebook spin blurs the line between dirt cheap and needlessly premium making for an excellent mid range.

Chromebook chromebooks are growing in increasing popularity, especially in the education field, with schools using them now more than ever, packed with the intel core, i5 cpu and 8 gigabits of ram. The acer chromebook spin 713 is a speedy machine to say the least, design wise. This acer chromebook is one slick, machine it’s, a steel gray, color scheme with a sleek subtlety, and the metallic accents are especially pleasing to the eye. The spin 713 is a two in one laptop, the flexible hinges. Let you convert it into a tablet or use it in tent mode to view movies and videos the hinges rotate smoothly and the mechanism feels pleasantly sturdy. The acer, chromebook spins display is absolutely going to grab your attention. For starters, the 3 2 aspect ratio allows for more vertical screen space, which is ideal for reading and writing. To sum it up there’s an awful lot to like about the acer, chromebook spin 713, no matter what you’re, using it for avid writers, will love the keyboard and extra screen. The real estate and the multimedia mavens will love the streaming capabilities of the google os before we continue with our list. We always upload similar videos to our channel. If this is the first time, you’re visiting our channel be sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon to receive notifications of our upcoming videos and next on our list for best detachable, we chose the microsoft surface, pro 7. design, wise microsoft, hasn’t reinvented the wheel here, Like its predecessors, the microsoft surface, pro 7 is somewhat chunky tablet they can transform into a laptop thanks to its rear, facing kickstand and optional signature type cover keyboard.

The tablet also still comes in the same matte, black and silver aluminum finish. The tablet’s touchscreen comes out at a 12.3 inch on the diagonal with 2736 by 1824 resolution and a three to two aspect: ratio it’s, just as sharp, vibrant and responsive to the touch as the previous generation, which was already quite impressive. The microsoft surface pro 7 gets points for finally, including the usbc port, although the overall connections are still scant on this machine. Aside from the usbc, you get the usb a port which is handy for legacy, peripherals, a headphone jack, a micro sd card slot and a surface connect port for juicing it up packed in the intel core, i5 cpu and 8 gigabits of ram the surface pro 7. Will handle all usual multitasking without a sweat the surface pro 7 isn’t, exactly on par with one of our better gaming laptops, but its integrated intel, iris plus graphics, can handle non intensive games at decent settings. To sum it up the microsoft surface, pro 7 delivers big on performance and display quality and is completely responsive with a screen for note, taking and drawing with a convertible design that really shines in an excellent type cover keyboard to finish off our list for the best Battery life option we chose the samsung galaxy book flex. A beautiful two in one laptop, like the galaxy book flex, seems like a natural thing to expect from a company like samsung. Its phones are renowned around the world for having big, beautiful screens that are a joy to consume content through not to mention their fantastic 4k tvs.

The 10th gen intel core i7 cpu with 12 gigabits of ram and the galaxy book flex allow for speedy multitasking. The battery life was very good, lasting an average of 11 hours between charges during the workday, including 90 minutes of photo editing, lots of browsing and word processing with the screen brightness set to 70 percent. The flex bit refers to the screen, which folds all the way over to the back, making it a laptop that turns into a tablet. However, this is not detachable, meaning you’ll have the keyboard facing outward when folded into tablet mode, weighing at 1.16 kilograms, it’s pretty light for a laptop, but not for a tablet. The keyboard is also good. The standard size keys are isolated and well spaced, with a reasonable amount of travel and feel the trackpad is excellent, large enough, responsive and accurate, with a good click to it. The book flex’s other trick is the concealed s. Pen stylus, which is the same one shipped with the samsung galaxy note series for large screen smartphones, the stylus slides into the slot next to the thunderbolt 3 ports and it’s stored neatly away until you need it. To sum it up, the samsung galaxy book flex is a device with a lot of potential, a gorgeous display, excellent battery life and will make a desirable device, and there you have it the top four two in one laptops on the market in 2021. We hope our list helps.

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