Such is the case of the hp elite, dragonfly g2, which might as well be the most secure laptop on the market. Right now, the g1 device needed some thorough fixes, especially when it came to the sureview technology, which didn’t serve its purpose at all. Now its successor promises improvements in the performance thanks to tiger lake and to the overall package. It does that in an incredibly portable body which will outright shock you today we are presenting you with laptop media’s, top 5 picks about the hp elite. Dragonfly g2. The laptop comes in a very portable magnesium chassis, which weighs less than a kilogram completely insane. Even for a convertible, especially when considering the level of powerful hardware that it brings to the table, the design screams premium even before you set eyes on the notebook itself, as the unboxing experience is exceptional, with a braided power, cable and a stylus pen inside the box. Justifying the premium price tag, the whole body has a matte finish, which keeps fingerprints and smudges at a distance with the magnesium body providing a great level of structural integrity. Despite the 16 millimeters profile, the lid opens with a single hand, albeit with some difficulty, but due to the convertible nature. We are okay with that, since you need stronger hinges that can last longer, as the device is constantly switched between tablet and laptop mode Music. The laptop is offered with two 13.3 inch ips panels, one with a full hd resolution and one with a 4k resolution.

Our device had the full hd display which delivered comfortable viewing angles, provided that you turn the sure view feature off. The display comes with a max brightness of 860 nits in the middle of the screen, which is one of the highest that we have ever tested and 871 nits as an average for the entire area of the panel calculating a deviation of 7. The contrast ratio is also really high sitting at 2, 100 to 1.. The panel covers 88 of the srgb color gamut, which isn’t ideal, especially for the price, the color accuracy improved significantly when we applied our design and gaming profile. Bringing down the delta e value to 1.9, which is very close to the standard here, are the results of the color accuracy test, with both the factory settings left and with our design and gaming profile right, Music. Only 2 per 100 people watching this video are subscribers. If you decide to just start following us, we’ll be able to reinvest more in our laboratory, thus making even more helpful videos for you. Thank you. You’Re awesome. The laptop comes with an amazing set of quad stereo speakers, with the grilles for two of them being seen on the left and right sides of the base. They are provided by bang and olufsen and provide excellent high quality audio with no deviations across the entire frequency range. The keyboard and touchpad combination is also on a fantastic level, as the keyboard has quite large keycaps, except for the up and down arrow keys.

The unit has long key travel and clicky feedback that is surprisingly quiet. The touchpad is very responsive, smooth, gliding and accurate tracking Music. The dragonfly g2 comes with a 56 watt hours battery unit, which performed relatively well in our battery tests lasting for 11 hours and 40 minutes of web browsing and 12 hours and 2 minutes of video playback. As with all of our battery tests, we have the windows, better performance setting turned on screen, brightness, adjusted to 120 nits and all other programs turned off, except for the one we are testing. The notebook with the device also has a narrow but effective. I o the ports are split between the left and right sides with the left: housing, a usb type, a 3.2 gen.1, the power button and an optional sim card tray. On the opposite side, there is an hdmi connector, a 3.5 millimeters audio jack and two thunderbolt 4 ports Music. Lastly, the laptop’s upgradability was the sacrifice that hp made in order to accommodate for other areas. The dragonfly g2 comes with all of its memory soldered onto the motherboard. On the other hand, the storage is upgradable through 1m.2 pci ex 4 drive here is our teardown video, which can give you a better grasp of the location of the battery cooling and the single m.2 pci ex 4 slot.