I spent the past two weeks with this device that asus exclusively sent it to us here in malaysia and again i have to beat my thanks to asus once again for this special opportunity, but since this video is going to be a review, asus has zero control Over what we have to say in this video and throughout my two weeks of usage, i have discovered a lot of quirks that i think you need to know. Okay, our asus vivobook 13 slate oled comes in this special edition box at the back here and you can watch our unboxing at the top right corner there and i think what youre seeing on this table here is exactly what you get in your package. However, i cant confirm it because at the footnotes of the product page for this device here, it states that accessories are available in most countries bundles package. But the bundle package may vary according to countries so well start off by putting everything aside and well talk. Just about the tablet itself, so this device is rather lightweight, and i mean the main selling point of this thing here is going to be that oled screen, so it comes with a 13.3 inch. Oled screen thats just gorgeous, and it comes with super high color accuracy. As well and we tested it, it goes beyond 99 for both dc ip3 and srgb color gamuts, and yet it does come with some decently sized bezels to prevent accidental touches.

If im holding it like this, and then we also have speakers on this tablet. Four of them actually two on each side, but they are clamped up at the bottom part. The lower part of this tablet here have a listen Music, combining the lightweight tablet body, with this 13.3 inch gorgeous oled display with those speakers it converted this tablet into a fantastic device for content consumption plus. It also supports dolby, atmos and dolby vision 2, which you can find this utility pre installed in the laptop to configure it. However, you want and then comes the other accessory that comes in the box, which is this magnetic cover stand, so it snaps to the back of the device and it provides two different functionality, one in the form of the kickstand and secondly, in terms of protection. So this little kickstand here, of course, can prop up the device like this, but you can also extend it outwards a bit more and use it in vertical mode. So, personally speaking, i dont think ill be using this device with this magnetic thing detached because i can just use it like this. Whenever i choose so yeah ill, just leave it permanently attached to the tablet and now comes the detachable keyboard. So this little keyboard here just snaps to the bottom of this tablet real easily via magnets. If i can align it correctly, there you go and the keyboard itself feels very good to type on to the point where i would say, this keyboard is better than a lot of laptops keyboard.

Each key has a really nice rough texture on it, and the travel distance is also very well done. So, when im typing on this keyboard, i can feel the springiness and the feedback of it. It just makes it so fun to type on. While this is called the detachable keyboard, it also comes with a pretty big trackpad too. So this trackpad is large and centered to the keyboard area, and it also has pretty decent palm rejection overall, and i would just have to say that this trackpad is very similar to the vivobook pro 15 oled that we reviewed recently so check it out at the Top right corner there too, i just wish that asus tuck the trackpad underneath this, whatever material theyre using because tucking it under the trackpad, means that dust will not go inside the trackpad, which i think a lot of people will want that. And, lastly, is the asus pen 2.0 now im not an artist, but this pen here is actually quite good for note, taking and also for drawing diagrams writing equations all of those stuff and according to the website, this pen has 4096 pressure levels with 266 hertz sampling Rate theres also two buttons at the lower side here, one of it is for eraser another one is for right clicking and these two buttons cannot be customized and at the top of this pen here there is one button which is kind of reminiscent of the many Black pen, so this button here is fairly simple: you can configure it in the windows settings menu, so a single press will bring up the microsoft whiteboard and then double pressing.

It will bring up the windows snipping tool. However, if you do want to utilize this button here, you do need to charge the pen and pair it via bluetooth to the tablet and to charge it. You just have to pull this apart, and then you can find the usb type c port here. I find this to be quite a trade off compared to the quadrupole a battery solution that weve seen in the past, because a rechargeable battery is handy in case it runs out of battery and you can just plug it in and charge. But if the battery ever degrades, then youre gon na have a tough time changing out the battery and just a quick mention. I forgot where i found this cable when i unboxed the asus vivobolt 13 slate oled. This is a usb type, a to type c, both male uh. I cannot plug it into this tablet to charge the asus pen 2.0, so im not sure whats going on. I can plug it into this power supply, but uh do you even need 65 watts to charge a pen, and it also comes with this magnetic pen holder thing that just snaps onto the back of this tablets magnetic kickstand thing so how i use it is actually Quite fancy convenient, i would say so. If you see the whole thing looks like this, and then you can snap it onto the back of this tablet like this. So when i want to use the pen i can just rip out the entire contraption use it on the tablet.

Then, once im done just snap it back in and also please do not throw away the box of the asus pen 2.0, because inside there we have a total of three additional pen tips that we can choose from. We have h, hb and b pen tips. The two h pen tip has already been pre installed onto the asus pen and if you want to switch it, you have to use this piece of plastic that is included in the box. However, this piece of plastic is very flimsy and whenever i try to take out the included painted im very afraid of this piece of plastic breaking, because you can see how fragile and flimsy this piece of plastic really is. So now we got the entire device assembled and it just looks like a microsoft surface device. Right i mean i did review one of the microsoft surface device a while back, and i know those kind of form factors have a lot of weird quirks in it. It takes more space compared to a traditional laptop, and you need to use it in a completely flat surface, like what we have here on the table, and one thing good is that if i want to use the touchscreen because of the kickstand, this whole screen, doesnt Wobble and then comes the specs of the asus vivobook 13 slate outlet, as you might have realized. This is a very low powered device and that is why it doesnt come with a fan, so this device is powered by the intel, pentium silver n6000.

That has a base frequency of 1.1 gigahertz 8 gigs of ram at 3, 000 megahertz and 256 gigs of nvme ssd. Now i should mention that this particular variant that we have here is the highest end variant available. There is no way to upgrade this device at all, so everything is sealed off. I originally thought that this device is gon na, get a double whammy and severely hindered performance because of that chipset, and also that windows 11, which i think almost sounds like a recipe for disaster, and it takes a lot of patience to use this device. And originally, i was right because the boot times were agonizingly slow Applause, chrome pages, while loading any chrome page will pack the cpu at 100 cpu utilization and even making youtube videos go full screen. Gon na take like three five seconds like that, its just infuriating, and then i realized something. When i plug this power supply into the vivobook slate viewfor13 slate, then the performance gets a lot better and then i checked and my suspicion is also correct because it defaulted to best power efficiency mode. No wonder it lags so badly to the point where typing on google keep has a noticeable delay, so i immediately changed it to best performance and things got a lot better. The cpu ran about 2.2 gigahertz for most of the time, even though its on battery and those little annoyances with the lagginess that we mentioned earlier is now gone typing on google keep feels snappy, making youtube videos go.

Full screen is also much faster, even though its not the fastest, but the boot times are still slow, but im. Okay with that also do keep in mind that this power mode setting is in a separate page, independent from the power plan menu in windows. These are just some quotes that windows has and we have to live with it. So with that out of the way can we actually play some games using this tablet? Actually, it depends on how you define the word games because for me ill say: yes, because i can play games like later alligator, which looks absolutely magnificent on this oled screen, and i also highly recommend you to check out this game because it its kind of weird Quirky charming and you should check out these kind of indie developers and support them and then some other games like papers, please also works great. With this laptop and also using touchscreen to play papers. Place is like cheating, you can also run graphical novels and point and click adventures on this tablet. They all work perfectly fine and they also look amazing on this kind of oled panels. Thanks to how many of these games are available on steam and also each dot. Io, im gon na spend a lot of time using this tablet. Just for that purpose, and suddenly all of a sudden, the intel pentium silver n6000 seems like an adequate chip right well hold on a minute, because we need to talk about windows 11 and about that ram.

We are lucky enough to get this device with 8 gigs of ram because anything lower than 8 gigs is gon na be horrendous. So after a fresh boot in windows – and i made sure nothing else is running in the background – it already consumed 3.3 gigs of ram running chrome and spotify will check that ram usage up to 5.1 gig straight away and keep in mind that at this point i Have already uninstalled the mcafee antivirus software and removed a lot of the windows 11 bloatwares that came along with this laptop, so how i use this device is pretty simple. I also keep chrome and spotify running at the same time, and sometimes it will spike up to 8 gigs of ram, depending on what type of website im visiting with those type of usage. The battery life of this tablet comes with a 50 watt hour battery by the way at the best performance setting and at the screen brightness of 60. Because i want that dc dimming. I only got about five to six hours of battery life out of a single charge and that kind of divided an opinion in me, because it kind of depends on what perspective youre looking this device at so in terms of a windows tablet. I would say its pretty decent battery life overall, but if youre looking at it from an android or ipad kind of situation, then that five to six hours of battery life is absolutely horrendous.

But because of how i usually use a windows. Machine multitasking heavily with chrome and spotify running, at least, and then all of a sudden. Those kind of use case is not comparable to any android or ipad tablets at all, and we should also mention that once again, this power supply is a 65 watt power supply. It charges this device using usb type c, but eventually i didnt even have to use this, because i just used some: u green, gun charger that i have, then it charges this device perfectly. Fine also lets just do a quick highlight of the ports of this laptop because its pretty simple everything is placed on this part here, so we have a 3.5 millimeter combo audio jack. The afo mentioned double usb c ports for both charging and they also support displayport out mode and then another microsd card reader. I absolutely have no idea why this micro sd card reader is there, but at least its better than having an empty space there and as a quick mention. The power button is located here at the top right corner, and it also has that feature where it temporarily saves your fingerprint. When you press the button to boot up. However, i think that feature is not working for most of the time and number one. I dont know its because this button is way too flush with the tablets body to the point where i cant feel it and position my finger properly or the boot times are way too slow to the point where it just forgot.

My fingerprint was ever there and by the way, theres also a volume rocker at the immediate corner around this power button. Here its also very flush with the tablets body, and i didnt realize it – was there until im doing this review conclusion time then, from what i can find out. This whole set is going to price at about 600 us dollars before tax directly. Converting that into malaysian ringgit is about 2500, and i think for that price range uh. You need to know what youre getting into for me. Personally. I do think that the price is kind of okay, but also that is how i usually use a windows based machine, so the value i get out of this type of user experience is, i would say, kind of worth the money, especially for the oled screen for Media consumption as well, however, you do need to keep track of what kind of apps youre running, because the intel pentium silver n6000, with windows, 11 doesnt, leave much leeway in terms of how many tasks you can run at the same time, and so before we end This review, i got ta address one comment, thats pretty interesting, and that is asking us to compare this kind of device with a xiaomi or samsung tablet, and i would say its kind of not fair to compare it because of the one thing that is very important To me operating system and all of the apps that you can run on those operating systems, for example, even though this device, i would say, is not really that powerful, i still managed to run photoshop the full fledged version of photoshop on windows that is not available On ipad or android at all and thats, where the value of windows tablets come into play, but i also want to bring up the ipad pro for a moment, because if you combine the ipad pro with the apples magic keyboard, then it becomes a very compact.

Much more stable to be actually used as a laptop on my lap directly, unlike this device, which you have to use on a flat surface, i mean this kind of design is obviously parented by apple because they are like that. But yeah, i think apple, deserves the pattern, because this is a very nice design and they do deserve credit for their genius design sometimes. But that aside, though, we do have this unique little device with us and im going to explore some other operating systems for this type of form factored device, and i am going to try chrome os next, because i have a confession to make. I have not used any devices with chrome os at all so yeah. I will format this device change it to chrome, os and then do a follow up video to let you guys know how my experience with chrome os is going to be so yeah thats. All we have to share with you, but this video, the review of the asus vivobook 13 slate oled yeah. That naming scheme is gon na, be a bit difficult to remember so yeah, if you have any other questions, do leave them down in the comment section below and well see you guys in the next video, oh by the way. It also comes with this pouch, which you can hold it as a shield.