Okay and, as I know, the creators have a very good reputation, yeah and also have a good credit yeah. I think the most customers. They are trust and they they are support. The customers before you go, please give my mic Rons best gaming King by editing, PC videos, Applause, foreign, Music, Laughter, Applause, yeah. You come to Bangladesh after six months, six months, but last a few days, youre not available here. What is the reason? A big gap? You know the Kobe issue, so this is a main blocks for many uh almost one month before I come here another two weeks time and come back another two weeks time I saw these things. Uh uh make the business trip more difficult, so this is the main problem: okay, no problem, so yeah now you will come continue after six months. Okay, so as Ellen is here, I want to ask him some question. Yes, uh our audience also waiting for this type of question from you. Yes, uh, like uh gigabyte, is one of the best motherboard in Bangladesh already its very popular here. So why gigabyte, because of this warranty of this motherboard, is very, very good, and I just asking you to give us better warranty in future uh its definitely so you ensure the warranty. Thank you. So much and another question is our rural people who are not connected with the town city, which motherboard will be better. Then, actually a confusion is creation inside me, but maximum time I suggest them to build PC with gigabyte motherboard, okay and in my YouTube channel more than 1000 videos here and lots of video with gigabyte motherboard yeah.

If you want you can check it. I, as I know, the creators is a long term partner of diabai and uh, and we have already passed 15 years waiting. Yes, yes, I heard the uh creators, the uh, when the multiplan yeah star this uh Commander more. The Creator Is A Wasteland together. Growing till now, okay, and as I know, the creators have a very good reputation, yeah and also have a good credit yeah right. I think the most customers, they are trust and they they are support the customer okay, so I learned it you just see here. I just making a video Yeah here. The motherboard is also gigabyte, yeah and also the newest mother works also here. Okay, so thank you so much to give us the new new motherboard and new new card. Many people waiting for the graphics card price, flashlight, Music gift, its – maybe a rose, okay. Well. Thank you, okay! Thank you! Okay! Okay! Thank you. Okay! Thank you. Thank you, okay! Thank you. This is a very helpful gigabyte business. Okay. Thank you. Thank you.