But i want to please everyone And i can hear that conflicts quotWhy. We need China gamepads If we have Xbox 360 or PS4 gamepadsquot. For now. Not every TV Box supports PS gamepads, Because price for good PS4 gamepad is huge, But chinese gamepads are not very cheap too, But chinese gamepads can be more flexible. They can have crossplatform base In this TOP. We have gamepads up to 100 And we have some. That is about 100 i’ll show you Also all links for all reviews and sellers in the description Subscribe and turn the notifications on Not to miss our future, TOPs, reviews, etc And let’s start Look 5th place, Flydigi Apex, 2. Yes, i have no review on it or even for 1st version. I have it right here And you know why i have no review Because we had a conversation about it has problem with Android 11. Yes, it didn’t activate there. Apex 2 worked, all platforms we tested were working And i don’t talk about Sony, PS5 or PS4 I’m talking about something like GFN Or Android platforms, windows and Nintendo Switch It’s working there, But price 81. When we figure out all its features, we’ll make a review. Gamepad is a masterpiece And 5th place only because we didn’t fixed small troubles. We have quotroulette buttonsquot here To reconfigure. It Look over here, quotMovablequot 3 years of assurance And gamepad really cool. It has integral activator. It has own dongle for activation on some devices, Amazing gamepad, But for now we didn’t make a review We’re solving small troubles, But i really like it 4th place same old, Ipega, PG 9118, Now it’s really cheap 21.

77 with delievery from China, And i don’t recommend you To buy gamepads that costs less than 20 Because you couldn’t find something good. There was original Ipega 9089 and it cost 13, And we knew that it’s, not perfect. We have a review on this gamepad, Almost haven’t dead zones. This thing on cross is removable Here. It is It’s supported by IOS Android And you know …. It has LED buttons. This is very simple, gamepad, So link in the description, Btw it’s with Bluetooth 4. You can watch our review. We were glad about it. Its triggers work perfectly not like buttons And it’s good, Cheap and good gamepad. I can’t say that it’s best, but it has some cool features. So let’s see next. We reviewed GameSir T1S not long ago And it’s good enough. It has some troubles with quality, but its price is 30 And it’s really have crossplatforming. It can be used for Android, PCs Steam, GFN PS3, Great gamepad, It’s convinient to hold it with smartphone I’m in love with it. It has cool, LED buttons. Here it is 4 platforms and it doesn’t supported by Nintendo Switch. Here. We can see how it can be connected With Dongle. It can be connected to Android TV Box Windows, PC and PS3, With Bluetooth, 4 to Android phone tablet and TV Box, But its main feature. Its formfactor For big hands, it’s very good Gamesir – has app for remaping i’ve, downloaded old version, But it’s compatible with Gamepad Panda Pro.

So you can play and be happy for 30. I think on sale, it’ll cost 28 2nd place GameSir T4 Pro. I, like it very much, It has same platforms like T1S, but also Nintendo, Switch And also apple arcade support, So it has better crossplatforming It’s clear as crystal Btw. It has vibro, but on Android TV Boxes it doesn’t work, unfortunately, And one thing … Why? I, like Ipega, 9118 and GameSir T1S Their sticks placement I better like when they’re on the bottom line than like on XBox, But we have this on 2nd place. This can be true. It can be convinient for big hands. Here is Android, IOS, PC and Switch, And also it has special M1. M2. M3 M4 buttons. We showed it in the review. It has full LED light very beautiful. This is worthy 2nd place And on the 1st place i set GameSir G4 Pro. This is TECHNOZON choice. It supported by everything Let’s look. This video you’ll see all its cool features. We have a review on this. Gamepad Let’s have a look. This is a masterpiece from GameSir, It has cool clip, they all have btw. It has not usual configuration, but it’s. Very cool It’s, supported by GFN this buttons you can remove and place. Another I’ll show you that on pictures, This buttons can be removed, they’re have neodym magnets And you can place any buttons you need, AND also it has gyroscope. You have 3D gyroscope and you can just controle game like that.

This is REALLY cool. This is why it costs so much Of course, it’s compatible with apple arcades, It’s, very convinient, to hold it, And this is worthy 1st place. On my mind, This buttons are metalized. It’S using dongle for connection and bluetooth, If you like our work, give us like if not dislike. This was TOP 5 gamepads on Spring 2021. Show us your variants, we’ll buy and make the review, And we don’t talk about PS4, gamepads or XBox 360, because of price And because of absence of crossplatforming, But some people say that it works, but it works only in their case.