Everything has space for a hard drive up to 2 TB, large, the number of different wi fi ports of the sixth version of Bluetooth version 5.2 operating system immediately Windows: 11. Pro You can also roll other operating systems, which, of course, you can conveniently install it on the back of the monitor using the bracket vs. As you already understood about all this, the manufacturer tells us in the advertisement, but how? In fact, the situation is with a nuk gecom PC less than 11. I ll tell you now unpacking this compact PC is delivered in a black stylish box. It has the model name and brief characteristics. The packaging for me is excellent. In the kit, we ourselves until a letter of thanks fabric carrying bag is not better quality, of course, but thank you that it has a detachable power, cable, 1, HDMI, cable and a 65 W power adapter one and a half meters, long with automatic AC voltage regulation. Then there is a set of bolts, a quick guide and a vesa bracket with which the mini it11 can be mounted on the back of the monitor, which very conveniently weighs the device, 566 grams and dimensions 117 by 112 at 49 mm 7 reviews a week. I upload monthly 5 mi bands of the 6th series for a like subscription and a comment on any video. In addition to this, I have a telegram channel of discounts. There are already more than 85 thousand people, only interesting, only profitable telegram, channel of mutual assistance.

14 thousand people and my personal telegram channel, where I share the results of tests of various devices before reviewing them there more all draws on the 30th of each month on the stream Do not forget to subscribe. Lets move on to the Mini PC flew to purchase. This device can only be in a single race that you see on the screen. Design minimalistic looks for me. It neatly doesnt take up much space on the table, but let me remind you that it can be hung to the monitor. What is good to take it with you anywhere putting it in the same backpack, you can easily case It seems to be made of durable plastic inside there is a metal frame. Materials are good for assembling issues. Personally, I dont think it looks securely on the case placed the power button with indicator audio input, standard 3.5mm, minijack LED LED 3 ports, USB version 3.2 Agent, 2 ports, USB 4 SD card slot, consington xk, lock, power, connector mini display port Gigabit, port rj, 45 standard And HDMI version Oops 2.0, but not surprisingly, everything is fine in terms of ports, you can safely connect a wired keyboard and mouse to everything. One usb port plus will always be free.. The cooling system is answered by a fan that operates as quietly as possible, but under load. Of course, you can hear it change 1. 1 heated up within normal limits. I even during testing What is good and surprisingly, we fly further.

The processor in my case is installed from Intel, namely the 11th generation Core i7 1195 G7 with four cores 8 threads 12 MB cache and a base frequency of 2.9 GHz. It can be overclocked up to 5 GHz operating system in stock Windows. 11. Pro change 11 supports various operating systems such as Linux, Android, x86 Fight OS to everything you can install several operating systems on one such PC installed here. Dual channel ddr4 so dim memory with 16 GB RAM, but it can be expand to 64 GB by inserting two dies of 32 each one lexar N, m620, solid state drive is certainly not the best option, but in any case a reliable format is 2280 by 512. Gb, but it can also be expanded up to 2 TB, and you can also throw another 2.5 inch. Satash hard drive up to 2tb, as you already understood, change 11 is easy to disassemble and throw what you need and for such a PC format. This is a directly significant plus how everything is assembled with you. You can see for me a very good result and memory testing you can see on the screen In general. The results expected for the graphics are answered by Iris Intel XE, which is four times more productive than Intel HD silicone.. I have no questions for him. We fly further. I tested him in various usage scenarios, for example, for everyday use. 11T. Behind the eyes you can safely watch movies, videos and the like, by the way, when watching 460 FPS videos on YouTube, nothing slows down, and even at 8 to 30 fps in this use case, it showed itself well in the system.

Everything opens fast enough. If we talk about working in the same Photoshop, for example, with my simple tasks, he copes with a bang Im sure that if you load it with a large number of layers of the Mini 11t project, it will still show itself well to use it. For video editing, for example, in 1080p 60 FPS water Premiere Pro – You can also do 4K without problems.. A PC can also handle it, but you still need to take into account the power of devices you cant throw a lot of graphics. There. in games, for example, Evil Dead vgay can be played, but only on medium or lower settings, and that nod friezes heavy games. You wont play this fact. Then lets move on to small tests. Standard synthetics in aida64 changes in an hourly stability test 11 showed good results. You see on the Geekbench screen. Fifth showed volcano Score: 15183 single Core 1487 multicord, 4000 r23 in CPU Multi Core 1869, a in the CPU Single Core 1486 points cons. I definitely cant recommend it for games and I also think that the lexar drive is still slow so that everything flies. But it has a problem for me if we consider it for home use.. As for me, its certainly expensive, Although you can watch For whom, how are the prices you can look at the link in the description of the video., I remind you that if there are promotional codes or some super profitable offers, of course, in my Telegram, channel of Mutual assistance or discounts the whole thing will now by the way, seem to be still on sale And even if there is no sale again in the sale, there is nothing phantasmagoric on Ali, Yes, and not only Aliya is now posting, so we are subscribing subscribe to My personal telegram channel to know what Im suffering from what Im testing plus lets talk, discuss the piece of iron and the telegram channel of mutual assistance.

I summarize the computer as a geek mini ity 11 has an excellent design. A large number of ports, silent, cooling, good technical characteristics, the ability to attach it to the back of the monitor. But if you play games, then this device again is not an option for working more than again not for super complex tasks.. I think those who watch this video understand why Mini PCs are needed for everyone who leaves any comment for more than five words. Thank you very much. You know you help. We write the project in the comments so that you still want to see the reviews from me for the device unambiguous.