Hybrid slot for two SIM cards or memory cards.. There is no self discharge.. There is enough brightness.. The screen resolution is slightly better than 2K. Russian language. Naked android. 8 GB of RAM 128 GB of internal. Genshing Ipkakt pulls pubg and tanks. Fly. And, most importantly, I will play this tablet. Tube 822 Hello.. You are on the Benefit NET channel.. I am Sanya and I am telling you about the devices that interest me Most. I buy myself, some are sent to me. Without conditions and terms of reference., And usually I play them as a tablet. The conditions will be in the video.. Therefore, there are always a lot of draws. The conditions are in the description.. We subscribe with a like. And now 10 basic facts about the ALLDOCUBE iPlay40 tablet, of which, by the way, only one seller has already been ordered. 900 times 1. The packaging does not whisper. Like the kit., Everything seems to be there., But there is no cover included.. The stylus must be purchased separately.. The bundled charger is only 10 watts and not a very chic and long cable, quite a makeshift look., But chemistry does not breathe and that’s good.. You need to rip off the factory film from the screen right away. It is sad Even more., 2. The Alldocube iPlay 40 is equipped with a 10.4 inch display with a screen resolution of 2000 x 1200 pixels.. The company calls it in Cell technology and is a full featured display.

. The pixel density, despite the supported resolution, is rather sad.. Pixels in almost all games will be visible.. In addition, a maximum of 60 hertz and an ips matrix. At the same time on the street, the screen glows, so that, even if there is enough brightness, it will definitely be impossible to work on it in the sun. The response of the screen is super.. The pen is supported., The framework is not huge., Rounded corners.. Everything is pretty trendy. Pixel density 226 PPI Contrast ratio, 1200, 1, Brightness, 380 cd, m2 3 Inside you can place either two physical SIM cards or one SIM card and a memory card up to 2 GB, which is quite strong.. I checked how it catches, no comments.. No glitches., Although speaking on a tablet, is still a perversion.. The SIM card slot is not rubberized., No moisture protection and no support for 5G networks. 4G caught without problems. 4 Plastic housing.. You can see the weight and approximate dimensions on the screen.. It is convenient for me to hold it in my hands., But the back cover flexes quite a bit.. By the way on screen protection, I did not find information. 5. There are 4 speakers and the tablet screams loudly cleanly, but cheap. And Minnie Jack is gone.. Therefore, if you want to use wired headphones, you need an adapter or a DAC. As a variant of course, remember that we live in the 21st century and connect wireless speakers or headphones via bluetooth.

Bluetooth here is version 5.0., But the fact remains. The input for charging the type si is conveniently located at the top of the device, but there is no minnie jack By the way. The speakers do not wheeze. 6. The battery life is pretty good. 6 hours. The tablet freely takes out at maximum loads. In normal use. Everything can be done. 8.. A full charge with a standard unit takes on average, 4 hours 10 minutes. The battery capacity is 6020 mAh. No fast and European charging.. There is no quotmulti window modequot, as in the Huawei. 7 On board is a pure android.. Of course there is auto rotation.. The software is not adapted for a smartphone, the phone is written everywhere, Updates arrive, constantly. The last one came yesterday. No finger sensor. Face, unlocking, often jams. Wi Fi 802.11ac Bluetooth, 5.0. Dual 4G network support.. There is support for tracking geolocation, GPS and Bluedio. There is no glonas., But it does not work out. Badly. Wi Fi does not fall. Off. 8 By the main gland. 8 GB LPDDR4X operative 128 GB internal memory.. The processor can be said to know it.. This Unisoc processor is mainly installed in car radio tape recorders, but again for taste and color. Under the hood. There is a UNISOC Tiger, T618 processor, which is a new generation UNISOC eight core processor. It has 2 Cortex A75 cores with a clock frequency of 2 GHz and 6 Cortex A55 cores clocked at 2 GHz, as well as an entry level gaming GPU, Mali, G52 3EE.

. The tablet knocks out more than 210000 parrots in anttu.. In any case, he pulls all the games.. It is clear that genshing impact at minimum salaries. There are microfreezes in the fifth asphalt, but mobile pubg and tanks fly.. The touchscreen allows you to aim almost perfectly.. It is not very convenient for me to play on such large screens Only if in a strategy., I would like to refer to the special pluses as the Minimum heating under load., And so that you are not particularly happy. The amount of RAM affects mainly the number of applications running in the background.. The frequencies of the RAM affect the launch speed of these applications. And optimization rules everything.. So in such devices it is always a weak point.. Therefore, in Chinese tablets, almost always 30 percent of free RAM. For toys from processors, snapdragon is always better.. The tablet itself is not bad, but the software is crude and not adapted.. You’Ve already seen all the synthetic tests. Not bad for a tablet. 9 Camera., The main camera is 8MP. The front camera is 5MP. She’s here for furniture, but she’s shooting. Here is an example of her work. 10. The price on the link in the description for the video is around 230. With free shipping.. If there is a promotional code for a discount, I will add it there. And by the way, to win this tablet. It is enough to subscribe to my telegram channel with discounts using the link in the attached comment and leave your nickname in the cart in the comment.

Under this video. Participate and win., The drawing will be when there are 17000 people. In the group. – By the way there are already almost 15000 there. And do not forget about the drawing of five Mibands every month for a like subscription and any comment.. To summarize honest battery capacity, moderate power, consumption, Wi, Fi, stable performance, poor, sound, no minnie jack, no fast charging, no 5G., There is no NFC, which is not particularly needed in the tablet.. No moisture. Protection. Sloppy translation. It’s not very pleasant, to see a ram on a RAM. Of the tablets. I personally recognize only iPads., But they have a completely different price list with such functions.. So I advise you to win it from me.. Tomorrow is a review of the new hailou wireless earbuds. And in the evening there will be a roast rilmy 8 pro on the stream channel. Thanks for watching. Subscribe with like.