Surface Pro 9 e Pro 9 5G | Unboxing, Panoramica & Test

I servizi Microsoft.. Si sentito molto parlare di Microsoft, Surface ultimamente, sia per il festeggiamento del traguardo di 10. Anni di questo Brand che vi: abbiamo gi raccontato in questo, video sia per levoluzione del suo slogan, che passa da Originale per scelta ad un pi semplice Portatili progettati da Microsoft. Ma la notizia principale […]

✅ Best Affordable Drawing Tablet With Screen In 2022 💝 Top 5 Tested & Buying Guide

Here we are going to give you an impartial review to help you out to find the best from a plenty of irrelevant products. If you want more information and updated pricing of the products mentioned in the video be sure to check the links in the description below. So lets get started number one. […]

[REVIEW] Dell Inspiron 7620 2 in 1 (2022) – Ngon, Bổ, Rẻ NHƯNG… | LaptopWorld

No nh Vy th hm, nay s, mang, cho, em, nhng, tri, nghim, chi, tit, nht, v, chic laptop ny cn by gi, th bt. U thi y t t ch Vo xem, video th, em c video, mnh bn trn, ny ny c th, tham, gia game way: nh ang c rt, nhiu phn, […]


He tenido nunca una tablet. He probado varias pero nunca he tenido una como tal y yo creo que este es el vdeo perfecto. Para m para: poder probarla y podr, poder contaros, un poco, mi experiencia, a lo largo de varios das, as que voy, a abrirla porque ni, siquiera la he podido abrir […]

Perspective Exercise with XP PEN Artist 10 2nd Gen Tablet

When youre waiting for someone on hold on a phone call taking notes in class uh, just dont get caught, if you do, you didnt hear from me for this video Im actually going to be using this artist 10 tablet from XP pen because they were cool enough To send it to me for […]

All New [2022] Hp⚡⚡ Pavilion x360 2-in-1 Laptop 14-ek0074Tu 💯 Core i5-12Th Gen , unboxing & review🔥🔥

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Headwolf HPad 1 Android 11 Tablet (10.4 Inch)

4 inch android 11 tablet, which is sounding pretty nice. It features a 10.4 inch 2k display coming in at 2000 by 1200 pixels, a unisoc t618 cpu, a g52 3e2 core gpu. I dont know if thats a brand or not, but if thats the gpu has a massive 7 000 milliamp hour capacity […]

Apple MacBook Pro 16” Unboxing! The best laptop Apple released!!

This is another one with the M1 Pro Max, but it is with the M1 Pro chip has a 16 inch display. You can see right here, the Box, pretty hefty box, I would say – has MacBook written. There has a Apple logo all over the case, all over the box. It has the […]

Top 5 BEST Ultrabook Laptops of [2022] । Laptops For Students

So like comment, this video and hit the Subscribe button for more videos now lets get starting number five Asus Zenbook 14. Ultra slim laptop 14, full HD Nano Edge display the beautiful news and book 14 is more portable than ever. Its thinner, lighter and Incredibly compact yet includes HDMI Thunderbolt, 4 USBC USB […]

Alienware x14 Unboxing

This is actually a replacement model sent to me by Dell, the one I bought I got damaged during Transit after going back and forth with Dell thats it theyre gon na replace it for me so and then, after waiting for about one month, they said the replacement Part is not available, so I […]

MacBook Pro (14 inch, M1 Pro) Unboxing + Setup

This is an empty box heres, the real box, which is also empty because Im recording this bit three days later, just cue, the intro Music. So when I received my MacBook Pro, I had about two hours before I had to leave for work, so I decided to just record a sort of like […]

Redmi Buds 4 Pro: Vale pagar mais? (Review)

Pro custam cerca de 60 dlares uns, 15 20, a mais que os no pro os meus levaram 25 dias, para chegar, paguei, no boleto e, no fui, taxado, para quem; se interessar pela, importao, costuma, ser, um, tipo de item muito tranquilo de pedir, nunca fui taxado, em, Fones t deixando logo aqui embaixo […]