6720W, 34 Hi RS, Audio 16 LED 4, USB type c. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftnnzNsqWVg

13-inch MacBook Pro M2: Long-term review and verdict

38, M2, 1569, 156, 60, 8, 3, 256, 256, 60, 7, 90, 100, 100, technishan, 4K, suniyega, 720p, nauchan, 15, 16: 67. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yt-Lbb4OEC4

Rovio 10 Tablet, Rovio 20 Tablet, Rovio 5 Tablet | रोवियो टैबलेट

5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdeWmqTSj-Q

Top 5 – Best Budget Tablets 2023

If you dont know some specific things to look for, you can end up with a tablet that wont work, how you want it to work, which is why I made sure to include tablets for all types of people. So, regardless of how you intend on using your tablet, Ill have the best, affordable […]

If I Don't Get a New Top Play I Uninstall osu!

One of the challenge I didnt get a single score. I literally didnt get one PP. It was honestly horrible really off to a bad start. I dont know I dont have any footage its just theres, nothing on day one, but it wasnt a complete waste of time. I think day one was kind […]

Apple Gen1 Bluetooth Keyboard Review

I just puts a track pad there for the looks its kind of cool um its amazing. How well Apple machine stuff like Precision its like freakish anyway, so gen 1 Ive dated it by the model number and its a 2009.? They first came out with the um Bluetooth, gen ones like this. In […]

Apple Magic Track Pad Gen1 Original Review

We have the Apple Magic track pad Ive been debating on getting one of these things for a few years now, because I dont even like track pads and laptops. So, generally, I get a laptop and I kind of set it up as a desktop hook. It up to a big screen play my […]

After 1 month use | Samsung A8 Tablet !Technical shanu

5, 11, 7040, 32, 14000, 4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ao_D_fMxtgk

MacBook Air M1 Unboxing in 2023 | Apple

3, 2, 720p, 3, 3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7sK1GnzB2U

The Best ZAGG Glass Elite VisionGuard+ Screen Protector for 11 inch iPad Pro & iPad Air 10 9 inch

So without further Ado in front of the packaging, we can see here that this is zags strongest ever glass screen protection. This is also their most priciest screen protector at 69.99, so were gon na see. If its worth that price tag, you can see here that it contains antimicrobial treatment that will protect […]

Earth In Trouble | Deliver Us Mars Let's Play Episode 1

If you have not played the Deliver Us the moon, a game, it is a really really cool, interesting story, driven game. I think you guys are gon na like it. So were gon na jump in Deliverance bars, just came out today and Im really pumped up to play it. I only played the […]

Tablet ultra barata – Onn Surf 10.1 Gen 2, unboxing

Ms y nada menos que de la Surf on tablet. Generacin 2. Dice desarrollada por Android 11 As que Comencemos Msica y bueno, Comencemos ya, la verdad me siento, bastante, feliz, porque, ya, es la segunda, tabla que ya hemos tenido en el canal, bueno aos, atrs, no habamos, tenido, ningn y hoy, ya, tenemos […]