What's on MY Apple Products?

Sorry i pushed the desk over and today we’re gon na, be reviewing my apple watch series four and what i think about this apple watch after four years of owning it so i’m gon na pop it off of its little watch band, because i don’t care um. This is a watch band, go […]


Music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDbMgdwMrFs


Hoffe ja, auch los geht’s von der qualitt und von der verarbeitung ist der monitor wirklich sensationell wir haben hier in 27, zoll groen monitor mit 165 herz und waeco hd auflsung, an drei seiten, zero frame, bietet sich also super in einem multi monitor setup. An der monitor ist auch in der halterung wirklich […]


Only uh, i have an unboxing video, as you guys can see. Already i mean lenovo 11 gen, i5 uh dylan. Are you going to call me your still say break my shakers, you know let’s get this box like holding okay, okay, as you guys can see – maybe turkish so so – plastic […]

Cómo elegir una Pantalla/Monitor para ilustración – Cyan Orange Tech

Lo mejor posible aquella idea que deambul por nuestras mentes esa imagen abstracta que nuestra cabeza se presenta como una obra, maestra sin embargo, la realidad de la mayora de nosotros, los artistas es muy, frustrante, esas ideas, maravillosas terminan, convertidas, casi siempre, en un ‘pique’ feo en pasados Vdeos ya hemos hablado de otras, […]

MSI RX 6700xt Gaming X 12G Review: The New 1440P Champion?

This card certainly stands out from the crowd, with its own unique, take on value performance, ease of installation and generally all around fun with an msrp. That is only a few dollars. More than an amd, radeon, rx, 6700 xt and yet comes with premium features such as generally relaxed attitude towards maximum board […]

Making a Better PC Stats Display with a Raspberry Pi

Now i stand by that video modbro software is incredibly easy to work with and it’s a quick and easy solution for getting a decent, looking stats display. But in this video i’m going to show you how to create a different kind of stats display still using a raspberry pi, but this time using […]

Gaming/Editing Setup Tour! (150k Special Part 1)

A lot of you guys have been telling me to make another setup. Tour and honestly i’ve been procrastinating. It for quite a while, because i feel, like i constantly upgrade stuff in my setup. I don’t want to make another setup to her video and like upgrade something else immediately right after, but i […]

2021 HP OMEN Gaming Laptop

So if you guys notice, look at this beautiful little omen! Oh oh man! Now they have like a glass blueish logo i’m, not quite sure where it is, but it does have the old logo embedded in laser in there. So it’s kind of looks like a three dimensional aluminum base logo or something […]

Hướng Dẫn Tắt Vĩnh Viễn Ứng Dụng Diệt ViRut Trên Win 10

I vi nhng phng php thng thng m ti s dng qua th n; u cho mt kt, qu, nht, thi, l, khi m chng, ta bt li win hoc l, 1 thi, gian th, phn mm dit virus i10; n s, t ng, bt, li trong, th c; Mt ci cch, tt n gin, […]

Review Março

Do ms passado mas a minha defesa ti e, no desculpa t E a Msica mas Em contrapartida ningum se apercebeu que a miniatura. Do ms passado estava escrito Maro e eu lembrei me agora, por, acaso, fui, ver, o contedo do meu canal YouTube e vi que eu era de fevereiro mas o que […]

Corsair MM700 RGB Gaming Pad Unboxing

Now this is an extended cloth, uh fairly large gaming mouse pad. So for those of you that want something that’s going to cover again a wide breadth of area and then, if you’re into the rgb you’ve got it. This is a brand new offering from corsair, of course integrates with their iq software, […]