Macbook Air M2 Unboxing: Space Grey!

6 inch MacBook Air with the Apple M2 Chip. This one here is in space gray, also shows here includes 13.6 inch, MacBook Air USBC power, adapter USBC to Max save 3 cable. We have a pull tab right over here. Foreign put that to the side inserts here for the rubber feet that the […]

Huawei 10 SE (2023) | Unboxing en Español

Lo que necesitas saber de este nuevo equipo Pero por supuesto. Lo primero que tenemos que hacer es irlo sacando de la caja colores para esta versin gris, este como verde y uno, negro vamos, a dejarlo de lado, para ver qu, ms viene y es que aqu encuentras; Ah bien si viene un Case […]

Lenovo Yoga 6 2in1 (2022) | Still Worth It!?

Yo whats going on people smell, like Jammer, were out here with the Lenovo Yoga six two in one laptop thing in it, convertible thing now big shout out to the guys at Lenovo and 3mz, for sending this down for me to review Ive been checking it out For the past couple of weeks […]

I have the Apple MacBook Pro 14 2021! Should you buy the new M2 Pro???

This is the M1 version uh and ultimately, what Ive done here is. I made a decision to not quickly jump out and get the newer version of this computer, because this one is actually really good and also what Im going to show you in this video is a lot of times. Often often […]

🐍Razer Edge is HERE, RG506 & 35XX+ Buzz, KT-R1 Update!

Not only is it shipping to backers starting on the 27th, but we should have a review unit in sometime in the next few days here so Ill, make sure to get a video out very quickly for you all but heres. What came up so Verizon has a tie in so you can get […]

The Secret behind E-ink Displays – Durability Test!

Our very first e ink tablet called the Kindle scribe is the very first e ink tablet for both reading and writing and I did buy two of them. You know what that means. I think it even has a stylus inside which should be pretty interesting to see how that works. This video is […]

Best Tablet For Quickbooks of 2023

For this year, first were going to show you our five best picks then well talk about what you should look for before buying a best tablet for QuickBooks. You can find timestamps and links to all the products we mentioned in this video down in the description below lets get started. Are you in […]

ViewSonic ColorPro VP2786-4K Professional Monitor | Official Unboxing

So the vp86 series features our latest ID in the color Pro Line, including our all new Sleek metal stand once youve opened, the box youll be greeted with this information card on the right here. It shows you how to unbox the Monitor and put it all together. As well as how to construct […]

I'm Switching to Macbook Pro M2 Max

As some of you guys may know. If you watched the video I released a week or two ago, youll know that I had some issues with this guy, and this is my Asus laptop that I used for the last year, or so it ended up dying on me and I had a terrible […]

Apple iPad Mini3 Air2 Pro2 Used Tab Tablet Cheap Price ios & Andriod Saddar Mobile Market Amma Tower

5, m8, 2020, 8, 2020, 2, 6, 2, 3, 1, 2, 6, minipad, 16GB, 6470, 12500, 100, 10, 10, 15, 3, 16GB, 64, 16GB, 14500, 64, 17500, 10, 16, 32GB, 8800, 9.7, 100, 100, 16GB, 17000, 32GB, 18500, 32GB, 32GB, 16, 9.7, 7340, 64: 16, 64GB, 32000, 16, 1622000, 2017, 2018, 16.2, 5th, 16.2, 9.78, […]

M2 Max Macbook Pro 16 Unboxing and Benchmarks

Recently. We got the 14 inch and the 16 inch they both are specked out the same. They both had the M2 Max chip. They both have uh 32 gigabytes of unified memory, one terabyte SSD. We are going to focus on the 16 inch MacBook Pro M2 for this video and well get back […]

Review of the Lenovo V130 Core i5 7th Gen – What You Need to Know

6, 14.6, 14.6, I5, 7, 2.5, 2.70, 2.5, 2.