Renaisser Raphael 530: Decent Alternative for Surface Pen & Slim Pen 2

In other words, this is an alternative to the microsoft surface pen and in this video i will be comparing this with the original surface pen, as well as the microsoft slim pen too. First of all disclaimer. This is a review unit provided by the company, and this pen actually came with the reniser […]

Toshiba canvio basic 1Tb hard disk unboxing and first impression

You already know got it right because you see the thumbnail and then you delete my videos. So here you can see me. I am unboxing hard disk that I ordered from the Amazon during this sale, so I already started the video and now dive into it. Nothing can stop me tonight, Music, realistic […]

Qwertykeys QK65 Wireless Edition | Aqua Kings

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How do I Download or Save a YouTube Video to My Computer 2022

Many users want to download or save YouTube videos on their computer to watch offline view on other devices, capture a picture or screenshot of a scene or edit them YouTube does not allow you to download videos directly from their site. You need to use a third party servers, install software or get a […]

i hope the Raspberry Pi 5 is this good – Khadas Edge2 Pro

Of course, it does have some moderately impressive specifications, including an 8 core octa core arm CPU, with a Max clock. Speed of 2.25 gigahertz we have about 16 gigabytes of LP ddr4 memory and 64 gigabytes of emmc flash storage in the box. We have a couple Little Manuals here, including their uh. Oh […]

The NEW Surface Pro 9! Everything You Need to Know about the 2022 Surface Pro Leaks

Announcement with some cool and neat features So lets go over the raw stats. The Surface Pro is Microsofts premium 2 in 1. Laptopy tablet thats both super practical and super rad, with the 9th iteration rumored to follow suit, either having the same price as last years, model or being priced at 1200, which […]

How To Use iPhone/Tablet/Samsung – X Box Series X Retroarch Tutorial – #xbox #emulation #ps2 #guide

A lot of you have been requesting a tutorial guide on how to put the emulation on the Xbox series X, using your phone or a tablet. If you dont have access to a PC or anything so todays video Im going to show you exactly how to do it, but there are a few […]

The Smallest & Most Powerful SBC I've Ever Tested – Khadas Edge2 Pro

Today, in this first look, video were going to delve into the current state of Linux and Android software on this, and I think youre going to be impressed with what this board can do when it comes to emulation lets start with a quick unboxing. This is one of the smaller sbcs that Ive […]

Haryana government tablet Ko Normal kaise kare without pc and laptop 📲 govt-tab Ko Normal kaise kare

I am restricted fixed upon the web. I need to kick the habit that my mind is breathing in freak out.

Fixing the AMD Ryzen 7950X 1% and 0.1% Micro Stuttering Problem.

1 lows on the 7950x, where I had to delay my review. Unfortunately, because I was just having some really bizarre problems with this CPU and in terms of just getting those numbers to run right and what I was initially getting Ill pull up. Some examples on the screen was: I was getting one […]

Another Strange Leak Hits Sony And Overwatch 2 Has A Major Problem? | News Wave

Well yesterday we had another one of those gaming handheld Cloud devices announced this. One, though, is a bit different from that Logitech gcloud and seems like its going to be quite a bit more expensive. Well go over that here today. Also, we are going to be talking about a pretty big controversy. Thats […]

Samsung Flow

Dice Come connettere e poi vi, far vedere quali sono. I dispositivi che posso che sono compatibili non tutti. I Samsung Vi: ripeto questa guida fatta solo per telefonini, Samsung e tablet, Samsung su un dispositivo poi del PC del pezzo dal computer Windows, su Mac, Al momento, non ho; trovato nessuna, possibilit, Al momento, […]