No me segue, l me segue agora, mano Jobs, que o primeiro que v, o Story e pegar vai ter um, ms de quem perde de graa, voc quer importante at para: quem tem, um, Xbox, mas ainda, no Se, no algum, no tem grana, para assinar Game Pass. Voc vai ter um ms de […]

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Initial Impressions – Goodbye iPhone?

Its been probably I dont know five or six months uh. Since the last video um, I mean its been its been a challenge to um start again and um, trying to find ways to make this work with the busy schedules and uh with my day. Job and everything else yeah. So today, actually […]

iPad 9th generation ‘BUYING WAIT 🙈

There truly two updates youd see over the 8th, gen ipad, the new at 13 processor isnt, one of them, indeed its quicker than the 12 in last years, ipad and unsurprisingly, its the processor from the to quite a while back iphone. Yet for the things you utilize, this unobtrusive tablet for being 20 […]

2022 October AMAZON MUST HAVE | TikTok Made Me Buy It Part 2 | Amazon Finds | TikTok Compilation

Next is a cover for your beauty blenders to keep them clean, while in your makeup, bag travel vacuum seal bags. This was perfect for traveling with bulky items it saved so much space and will be great for ski and winter. Trips. Next are my set of seven packing cubes, including bags for shoes, […]

How To fix Xemu Emulator So That it Recognises Your ISO Files & Eradicate Disc Message (Steam Deck)

It took me a couple hours to figure it out. But if youre having any issues with the xemu emulator and the issue is its not reading the iso and you keep getting that annoying disk error message and it just keeps on popping up no matter what you do well, you need not to […]

@328 CANGGIH !!! Intel ARC A380,A550,A780 arsitekturnya CIAMIK SORO

com channel kali ini, saya, akan, melihatkan, agan, agan, pertama, kali VGA, Intel arts yang saya pegang tuh waktunya di Unboxing, satu ada dua ada tiga ada empat totalnya, ada 10 sebenarnya Cuma yang 6 ada di toko ini, yang saya, buka ada di 6, pcs pesaingnya dari, Nvidia dan radio, untuk jadi, mulai, hari […]

Orange Pi 800 (Pi 400 Clone) I have one on order! It cost SO MUCH!

Uk cheap host UKs basic plan starts from only 58 Pence per month. Thats 6.99, a year cheapos UK was built to not only provide reliable hosting, but also to provide customers with a support system every day of the year and if youre needing a little bit more chipos UKs premium packages start from […]

RIP Intel But At What COST ! AMD Ryzen 5 7600X Review & Benchmarks

. This is AMD Ryzen, 5, 7600X and before I give the review or tell anything about it, make sure to like the video, because the like aim is 2000 Likes. And follow my social media handles links are in the description.. Obviously this is a 6 core. 12 thread. Processor, which is based TSMC […]


He llevado una sorpresa al ver que no eran ni, los porttiles Gaming, ni los ordenadores para trabajar sino que los que ms os interesan son los ordenadores para todo Es decir ordenadores para el da, a da de estos que se pueden usar tanto como para jugar, como, Para llevrtelos al trabajo sin dejarte […]

TOP 5: Best HP Laptops 2023

Well, have the perfect option for you all the links to find the best prices on all the products mentioned in this video will be in the description below the HP Specter x36014. Our pick for best HP, two in one, from its excellent battery life to its rechargeable pen to its high performance. The […]

AMD Chip 3nm& 2nm TSMC, iPhone Pro Max Ganti Nama, Logitech x Herman Miller Gen 2 | Tech News 80

Ultra untuk modal tertinggi di iPhone 15 yang akan dirilis 2023 mendatang pergantian, nama, tersebut dilakukan, karena, perubahan, besar, yang bakal, dibawa, iPhone 15, Ultra tak dijelaskan, spesifik, perubahan, besar, Apa, yang dimaksud, tapi, dipastikan Apple akan, mulai, menggunakan, port usbc, selain tipe, chipset, A17, terbaru tentunya, jadi, perubahan, Nama pada iPhone bisa dibilang bukan […]

The Best Touch-Screen Laptops for 2022 -Whole House Care

They also have bright, vibrant displays and are often mounted on a 360 degree hinge that lets them flip over to use his tablets. Now there are a ton of options available to you when youre in the market for a new portable PC with a touch screen and many of them rank among the […]